Bite Sized Caprese Appetizers

Sometimes life comes in bite-sized chunks.  Appetizers of things to come.  Tidbits, if you will.

Rather than one grand, glorious meal, it’s served on small plates.

It also serves as a lesson in patience and perseverance.  Most days, I have a platter mentality.  I want it all now, please.

Or dessert first. ;)

While there’s nothing wrong with craving the completion of a project/dream/insert your unfinished business here, tidbits provide flavor to life, one bite at a time.

  • A sentence that leads to a well-written paragraph.
  • A measure of music that puts a tingle down your spine.
  • A photo you gaze at again and again just for the joy of it.
  • A day that feels good in spite of obstacles.
  • A soul-filling satisfaction that emanates from giving a little and knowing it was enough.

Tidbits serve a dual purpose…

They simultaneously appease your hunger and whet your appetite for more.  And, when they happen to come in edible form, yeehaw!

Last week I was going through the ol’ picture file and ran across some photos I’d forgotten about.

Tasty!  Fun!  Why didn’t I post these earlier?

I’ll tell you why.

Because they were waiting for the “idea” of tidbits to appear and my brain finally caught up.

Be patient with yourself!

Polenta in progress

By the way, there’s no need to labor over these Crispy Fried Polenta Bruschetta as pictured.  (From Ally’s Kitchen — many thanks, Ally!)  They’re entirely delectable, per the original recipe, like Caprese with a Southern kick.

I just happened to downsize them with an apple corer and cherry tomato slices so I could play with some new cocktail forks!

(Some days I just need to fuss… ever feel the same way?)

Ah yes, good things happen exactly when they’re supposed to — in exactly the “size” they’re supposed to occur.

Turn life’s tidbits into a party!


There’s no “one size fits all” — do what’cha need to do.

Downsize.  Upscale.  Adapt.  You’ll know when it’s right for you…

Because you’ll be smiling.

Enjoying life’s hors d’oeuvres,

~ Kimby

.  .  .

22 thoughts on “Tidbits

  1. Oh, how I love tidbits, tapas, mezze whatever you call them. They are so much more fun to eat, are they not? Even if it’s just a casual evening tidbits can make it a little more special and you’re look so pretty. Happy Easter :)

    • Gourmantine, I second what you said. So true — and fun! I could probably live the rest of my life entirely happy by taking “tastes” of things instead of sitting down to a meal, lol. Wishing you & yours a Happy Easter, too!

  2. I love your blue forks. They’re gorgeous. Yes, you are so right – sometimes life just comes at you in bits and pieces instead of in the full package. Happy Easter xx

    • Happy Easter to you, too, Charlie! It’s funny, I never was a “blue” person until we moved to the lake… guess the colors of nature grow on ya and are reflected in my choice of serving ware. :) xo

    • Aren’t those grazing days wonderful, Maureen? I love your phrase “bits & bobs!” Can’t think of one “bad” thing about it… might resort to it for supper later this evening. :)

    • Thank you, Purabi! I imagine your patience is tested more often than mine these days, with your children’s needs edging out your creative projects on a regular basis. Looking back to when my kids were young, that’s a “tidbit” too — the early years fly by fast! Somehow I suspect you savor every morsel. xo

    • Paula, thanks for stopping by! I was just about to beat some browned butter into fluffy-ness for your pound cake. :) (That’s a great idea to use a corer on plums, too!) It’s such a joy connecting with folks the world over — a spirit of friendship and “community” abounds in blog world! Thanks again.

    • Shirley, I’m with you on small bites — lots of variety instead of one plateful of the same thing. And you’re right, these would make a great deck snack. I think we’d have a marvelous time visiting and munching! :)

  3. Kim! You are so perfectly right about the metaphor of appetizers and tidbits and the small things in life that help you move on to the bigger goals, dreams, projects…whatever. One size does not fit all…and, I LOVE and delight in the way you’ve taken the polenta and downsized it to just a taste, just a tidbit of flavor knowing that more good is coming…your creativity is a damn hard act to follow…but, the inspiration and motivation I get make sit all worth while!! love you, girl! xo ally

    • Ally, your creativity is an inspiration to ME! Plus, I think life’s stage is big enough for a variety of acts (and actors) and that’s what makes it interesting. ;) Thanks for adding so much flavor to my life!

    • Uru, I hope you’re enjoying tidbits in between all of your studies — food-wise and life’s lil’ moments! Thanks for taking a moment out of the busy-ness to come by for a visit! :)

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