If Desired…

If Desired Salad

A phrase that pops up frequently in recipes is “if desired.”  (Add x, if desired…)  I like that.  I like that a lot.  Not just as a cooking term, but for the myriad possibilities it presents in life.

Generally, I make choices because something needs to be done.

Laundry or dishes?  Vacuum or sweep?  Some days it doesn’t feel like a choice at all!

What if I added “if desired” to life’s lil’ recipe?

Vacuum, if desired…

(That just inspired me to tidy up the house, ha!)

But first, I desire salad…

If Desired Salad

“If Desired” Salad

Assorted greens (add baby spinach, if desired)

Cooked chicken breast, coarsely chopped

Avocado slices, sprinkled with fresh lime juice

Red onions, thinly sliced

Cherry tomatoes, quartered

Bleu cheese, crumbled (or Feta — whatever cheese you desire)

Freshly ground pepper & sea salt

A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil

How to… layer ingredients on a plate.  EAT!

.  .  .

A few other things on my “if desired” list…

Finish my novel (which requires even less time online…)

Write a song that doesn’t repeat the chorus 400 times (lol) and continue to write “symphonic music.”  (Workin’ on it.)  I LOVED what I learned in the recent songwriting class, but sometimes music can’t be expressed in 26 letters of the alphabet. (!)  Notes without words… aaahhh.

Eventually share some of my music here.  (Also workin’ on it!)

Rid myself of “winter weight.”  Aarrggh!  It seems my metabolism has changed (again) and my penchant for pasta and baked goods MUST be curtailed…

Write with a pen and paper more often than I spend time on my computer.  Hoohah, it’s deck season!

I don’t consider it an indulgence to write in front of a scenic vista, because I worked long and hard to get to this point (trucking comes to mind, as do a multitude of other jobs) and I’m grateful for this blessing.  I desire to write here, as often as possible…

“Office hours ala Spring”

Spring at the lake

Most days I don’t mind making decisions, but when I desire to do things, life’s a lot more fun!

How ’bout you?  What would you do, if desired?

Enjoying myriad possibilities,

~ Kimby

26 thoughts on “If Desired…

  1. Dear Kimby,

    Some salads are best with throw together ingredients and a new recipe is created! Good luck with your endeavours and that last pic is just absolutely beautiful. Just reminds me of Lake Como in James Bond’s Casino Royale :)

  2. so I’ve kept this in my email box for a while…I have read it several times. Somehow it hit a nerve. I am having a difficult time responding to it but I want you to know I think it is perfect. I do desire so much, unfortunately life has gotten in the way and I need to snap out of it. If desired….feel free to delete this comment!

    • Isabelle, sometimes those “nerve hitting” experiences happen smack dab in the middle of “life” and there ain’t a doggone thing you can do about it at the time! (I speak from experience…) Patience, my sweet — the right time will come to follow up on your desires. In the meantime, define what you want and the right opportunity will present itself. xo!

  3. Right now my life is busy. If I had my “if desireds,” I would be still for a few moments.

    The salad looks delicious! I can’t wait to hear some of your music.

    • Thanks, Elizabeth! Every day I get a lil’ closer to understanding the technical side of things — will keep plugging away. In the meantime, I hope you’ve followed up on your “if desired” to be still… xo

    • Purabi, thanks for your lovely assessment of my salad! I still have your “Baked Pasta with Chicken & Vegetables” recipe on my fridge for the next time my pasta cravings get the best of me. :)

  4. What a cute post! Your salad looks great, I totally desire. :) I would love to hear your music and am so glad you’re working on sharing it. If desired, I would read a book. Haven’t read one in a long time, so I desire.

    • Veronica, I hope you’re reading a book as I post this reply. :) My reading goes in streaks, too, especially when I’m writing. (Don’t want to be inadvertently influenced by others’ words… but inspired at the same time!) Carve out some time between cupcake batches and do it for YOU! xo

        • Yay, Veronica! Glad to hear you followed up on your desire to read & found an inspiring book! I just read an excerpt & had to smile… obviously I’m married to Mr. Steady. :)

          • I’m only three chapters in so I don’t know anything about the “mr. steady” reference but I have to agree, TMOFW does seem like Mr. Steady! I was searching for an excerpt to see what you meant and found some very critical reviews.Yikes, looks like I’m in for some stuff I wasn’t expecting. We’ll see if I still like it when I’m done. But so far, it’s awesome! :) We don’t have any marriage problems, just wanted to tell you that in case you thought I was seeking a solution-lol. It was recommended to me by a friend who is trying to apply it to her own life. And I don’t mind admitting that I can be a better wife!

            • No worries, Veronica! My initial thought was that your husband is blessed to be married to you! :) As for the “reviews,” don’t let them influence your opinion of the book. It used to be that books were reviewed by professional reviewers; now pretty much anybody can post a “review.” My opinion is that good books stir up controversy now & then. :)

  5. The new writing venue is so serene…I desire to someday come sit w/you, sip wine, talk about everything from trucking, music, food to things we’ve never touched upon…Kim, your ‘if desired’ is ‘my inspired’…I’ve tweeted to the world, well, my 902 world! xo Ally

    • Tamika, housework can be drudgery or it can be a dance, but I completely understand.. “dance steps” are a little trickier when you have two lil’ ones to step around, undoing as fast as you do! Glad my “if desired” thought tickled ya! :)

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