The Next Howard Hughes? (A Tribute To The Man Of Few Words)


It’s not every day you come home to a man building a boat on your back porch — not because he’s intent on building a boat, but because (eventually) he’s going to build an airplane.

(Something to do with testing the tensile strength of mahogany before he constructs the wings?)

If you haven’t already discerned, I admire and love The Man Of Few Words (hereafter referred to as TMOFW) and his ingenuity.

Howard Hughes may have built the Spruce Goose, but TMOFW dreams of flying the Mahogany Marvel.  A few weeks ago, I asked what he’s going to name his future aircraft and he replied, “Airplane.”  (As for the boat, it’s dubbed the “Hope She Floats.”)  Such is my practical man.

With a little sweat and a lot of common sense, I have no doubt he’ll be airborne one day.  If Howard Hughes (and the Wright Brothers) can do it, so can he!

Not only does TMOFW continue to work on his dream, he grants huge leeway for my musical/writing aspirations, for which I’m entirely grateful. Someday he hopes to soar (literally), or at least float until our ship comes in.  I’d love to help fulfill his dream.

(Wishful thinking, I know — but ya never know.)

Day by day this patient craftsman builds dreams.  (His, mine, and anybody else who asks for his help.)  Just yesterday I witnessed TMOFW patiently attending to a lovely lady with the onset of Alzheimer’s who needed his expertise on some “fix-its.”  The gentle smile on his face said it all.  His heart’s in the right place… but it’s still on the ground.

As I continue to putter away on my novel and compose music in bits and pieces, TMOFW diligently works on his dream and has something to show for it.  (Once he even painstakingly devised a scale-model aircraft out of a cereal box!)  But, the legacy of service he’s constructed exceeds those of his aviation aspirations — and speaks for itself.

Such are the life and times of one who learned from the “Old Masters,” as he modestly testifies.  No fanfare.  No pretense.

Simply the day-to-day application of what he’s learned on the quest to fulfill his vision — while helping others along the way — including me.

All that lies between his dreams is the deep blue sea…

Deep Blue Sea

Which I expect we’ll be adrift on any day now — in the “Hope She Floats” — catching fish.

Next up, the wild blue yonder…

Of that, I’m confident.

Enjoying ingenuity and dreams,

~ Kimby

15 thoughts on “The Next Howard Hughes? (A Tribute To The Man Of Few Words)

  1. Wow! I’ve only seen on TV how to build a boat, and it requires lots of patience and skills to do it. I can already see the beautiful shape of boat and I hope you will share the final product when he’s done (or even better if you share the progress!). How nice that both of you are busy with what you feel passionate about. I can’t wait to have little more time… My current life is chaotic… >_<

    • Nami, one of the nice things about this stage of life is looking back on the “busy years.” They go faster than you realize, but when you’re smack dab in the middle of them, they don’t leave much time for projects or perspectives! Hang in there, kiddo… :)

  2. TMOFW is the embodiment of all any of us can do…get up each day, break out our tools, and get busy creating. It’s nice to have such a tangible expression of one’s work as he has with Hope She Floats. I’ll have to remember that as long as I’m plugging away every single day, it’s all good. BTW…I think he needs to consider renaming airplane to Hope She Flies, that is unless he is certain she will. ; )

    • Good one, Denise! He also has plans to build a one-seater helicopter, which I volunteered to “test fly” over the lake — but I’ll hold off until “airplane” shows itself flight-worthy. ;) I loved your analogy about breaking out our tools to create.

  3. I do hope your novel is coming along well. And how wonderful of your MOFW to have dreams and interests and skills. I do hope you show us images of the finished project xx

    • Charlie, I’m still typing away on the novel — just went to a writers’ workshop last week that explained the in’s and out’s of acquiring an agent, so I feel like I’m moving in the right direction. :)

  4. I adore and love TMOFW, Kimmie! You two are a perfect match…comfortable in your respective skins, supportive of each others’ dreams, non-intrusive and non-demanding, but loving and connected through your love of your loves~~what a gem and what a couple…great tribute to him, and, yes, he’s very talented like his Mrs.!! xo

    • Ally, I loved your summary of our marriage! As with any relationship, there’s been a lot of give and take. It’s when we reached the point of “give and give” that our dreams began to grow. xo

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