Tapenade Dancing (Three Olive Tapenade)

Tapenade Dancing I

I’ve always admired dancers.  Not just for their grace, but for their lithe, lean bodies — stretching, leaping, and sculpting themselves into willowy figures.

Mine, however, seems more amenable to sitting. 

Hips that endure endless hours at a desk.  (Writing and various secretarial jobs come to mind.)  Stamina able to withstand the rigors of a steering wheel.  (Which reminds me… I have about 10 years’ worth of trucking adventures languishing in a file… was thinking of publishing excerpts here in an upcoming series?)

Sturdiness borne from settling into “me” — with no regrets.  Or ballerina slippers.

Willowy I’m not, but I can drive (or sit) 12 hours at a time without flinching.  Not that I didn’t give dancing a go in my younger years.

For anyone old enough to remember Lawrence Welk, I used to emulate “Bobby & Barbara.”  (They were “the” dancers before Barbara’s replacement, Cissy.)  After watching them glide across the dance floor, I’d bust a few moves and convince my sister that it was perfectly fine to recreate a few aerials (with Mom & Dad’s double bed serving as a safety net in case I missed…)

Body-shape notwithstanding, this particular recipe prompted an outright Fred & Ginger fest in my kitchen.  I started tap-enade dancing after one bite!

Although a warm baguette would have been optimal — or pita chips — Club crackers sufficed.  Then, I began searching for the perfect “dance” partner…

And ended up serving it with a spoon and my favorite counterpart in the kitchen (or on the dance floor):

Tapenade 1

Whatever shape you’re in (or whatever your shape is), celebrate the art of the dance… especially on your taste buds.

Enjoying the “tap”enade,

~ Kim

24 thoughts on “Tapenade Dancing (Three Olive Tapenade)

    • Maureen, I hit the half-century mark 5 years ago ;) and grew up with Lawrence and his “musical family.” Glad to know this post put a lil’ “ana one, ana two” in your step!

  1. I love the thought of you tap dancing in your kitchen. I do a lot more dancing in my kitchen than cooking, but this recipe seems like something I could handle. Yum!

    Looking forward to your “on the road” stories!

  2. I feel a little like you. I would dance around but oh the inertia. And I think as bloggers we do seem to spend an amazing amount of time sitting. I love your tapenade and it would be great at the end of the day with a cracker and a glass of vino xx

    • Charlie, you know the ol’ principle about “bodies in motion tend to stay in motion.” I apply the laws of physics regularly or my posterior begins to take on the shape of my computer chair! However, sitting around at the end of the day with vino & tapenade in hand seems like an “equal and opposite reaction” for the mental exertion I’ve expended, don’t you think? :)

  3. I love your flair for writing and drawing paralells between two different things (in shape, your shape, dancing bodies, dancing tastebuds), it’s so cool! I’d love to hear your trucking adventures! And just more about you in general! I want to know about your kids too! This recipe looks wonderful. I’ve never had anything like it so I shall have to try it!

    • Veronica, it was music to my ears to read your assessment of my writing — thank you so much! I didn’t “discover” tapenade until later in my cooking life, but I’m so glad I did. Let me know if/when you try it!

    • Thanks for the encouragement (or shall I say “drive?!”) ;) and for sharing your trucking dreams. I didn’t hit the road until I was in my 40’s (!), but they were some of the best years of my life! Follow your heart… :)

  4. Haha I used to dance and still love blasting music when no one is around but lithe? Nope, nada, never, a bit unlucky that way :P
    But dance on! :)
    Your tapenade looks so delicious, I would dance with it too!

    Choc Chip Uru

    • Yay, Uru — “dance on” — that’s the spirit! I’ve decided (in my “old-er” age) ;) that the only one keeping me from dancing is myself. Never mind if anybody is looking — go for it!!!

  5. Oh, yes, my dear Kim, I, like you, faithfully watched the ‘Lawrence Welk’ show every week…’uhh one an uh two an uh…’ w/his little baton in his hand! I would be dancing w/you in the kitchen w/this ‘TAPanade’…and, I’ll bring the hot crusty bread and vino!! Love always your joire de vive in life!! xoxo ally

    • Ally, one of your loaves of rustic bread would have been perfect with this! (Vino, too!) Our list of “things we must make to share on the deck” is growing… :)

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