A Toast To Trucking

Martini 1

In case it seems odd to propose a toast to trucking, I did it on purpose.  Drinking and driving don’t mix!

(Please bear with my mini-soap box.)

Back when I maneuvered an 80,000 pound vehicle down the freeway, highway, byway, or city street, I was mindful of the responsibility of having a CDL (Commercial Drivers License.)  The same goes when I’m driving my Jeep nowadays; on four wheels or eighteen, I value human life — mine included.

Please celebrate responsibly!

Ok, nuff said… I enjoy a good cocktail or a great wine now that I’m off the road.

To everything there is a season…

Speaking of which, it’s almost summer here and cocktails, beer, wine, and/or alcohol-laden concoctions are often a part of it.  For those of you who don’t imbibe, you have my utmost respect and permission to skip this post — but you’ll be missing out on a trucking story or two later. :)

For those of you who do tip a glass now and then, Martinis are on my mind.

Martini 2

I searched high and low for the perfect Martini recipe (mostly on Google) and was confounded by what I found (mostly controversy!)   Gin or vodka?  I prefer the latter.  To stir or not to stir?  I like the James Bond version — “Shaken, not stirred.”  Olives or lemon peel?  I enjoy the former.  How much Vermouth?  A splash does me fine.  (Have I lost you yet?!)  Just call me “The Queen of Parenthetical Thought!” (Lol.)

Anyway, to add to the ambience of this classic cocktail, I recently went in search of a Martini-making set and “spied” one (pardon the James Bond pun) at Libbys in Eufaula.  That’s where I got my very cool red double boiler, too.  I love the stores in this town!  By the way, Libbys features Picasso-like clothing combined with vintage cooking items and antiques — one of the many delights of shopping local, when I have occasion to shop.

Okay, I might as well throw in those trucking stories now, since one of them relates to being thirsty. :)


Martini 3

(Excerpted from an August 2006 letter)

Livingston, Tennessee was the place I heard my first genuine, bonafide “HOOO-EEEEE” from a Southern fellow by the name of Robert.  He came to unload our trailer, took one look at the huge generator we were delivering, scratched his head, and let out a Jed Clampett sounding expression that tickled me pink!  It was 100+ degrees outside, and humid, and by the time he was done unloading, Robert worked up a powerful thirst.

He went inside the office building, scrounged up the largest “water glass” he could find, and came out drinking ice cold H2O from a flower vase.  Driving around is a pleasant part of our job, but it’s the PEOPLE who really touch our hearts.


There’s another fellow I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention him (excerpted from a January 2006 letter.)

This past week our trucking trip was an adventure from the start.  We left early Thursday morning to pick up a load headed to Salt Lake City and the first person we encountered was “The Kissing Bandit.”  We hadn’t been in the terminal more than two minutes when this grizzly-looking fellow climbed up to Russ’s window and asked, “May I have permission to kiss your wife?”

Russ’s answer was: “You’d better ask her.”

The gentleman ambled over to my window, held out his hand, and revealed two Hershey’s kisses.  As it turned out, The Kissing Bandit carried a pocketful of chocolate kisses and enjoyed handing them out to the ladies. ;)  That’s one of the reasons I love trucking — ya never know when you’re going to meet a character, and God provides such a variety of people along the way.

Martini Set

Well, I’ve worked up a powerful thirst… and it’s time for a cocktail.

Like trucking stories, one (or two) will do.

Have a great week!

Enjoying vintage storytelling (and Martini sets),

~ Kimby

18 thoughts on “A Toast To Trucking

  1. Dear Kimby,

    This post is definitely Casino Royale “James Bondy” because you have a beautiful lake setting. I would so dearly love to knock back a few of those martinis during happy hour in your wooden deck. And yes, the recipe confusion might extend to what brand of Vodka, Gin and Vermouth makes the best martini. I prefer Vodka too as I find Gin can be a little sweet for my liking. Cheers!

    • ChopinandMysaucepan, I did a lot of research on martinis before settling on “the recipe.” Seems like there’s a lot of controversy over the “perfect” martini, but most of it has to do with flavor preference rather than technique, although die-hard James Bond fans always insist on “shaken, not stirred.” :) Cheers to you, too!

    • Hi, Veronica! Sorry for the confusion — yes, The Man Of Few Words’ name is Russ — should have clarified that at the beginning of my post! Now you “know” for future reference. :)

  2. Hi Kimby! Your stories are always so interesting to read! Wonderful Trucking story…I agree, it’s so interesting because you meet so many kinds of people on the way! Well, I also got to know that Martini can be made better with vodka (and shaking, not stirring!), although I don’t drink!

    Kimby, thank you so much for your kind and encouraging comments, as my website was getting ready. You are really so sweet!! Hugs! :)

    • Purabi, I was hoping my post wouldn’t offend my non-drinking friends… thank you for looking past “the drink” to the stories I shared. I’m grateful we have choices and I respect your choice! I’m also glad I chose to share a few snippets from my past… sooooo many stories yet to tell. :) Your new website looks GREAT!

  3. Kimmie…your trucking days make you one wickedly fabulous woman! And, on top of that you’re a dang good martini shaker! Ben likes his like you, so when we all finally meet, it’ll be stories and stories, great food, and savagely scrumptuous martinis!! xo

    • Ally, savagely scrumptious describes a Martini to a tee and stories and food are the ideal garnish! Apparently, I committed a no-no on this one — NO foreign objects (i.e. plastic cocktail picks) are allowed to adulterate the concoction. Further research is deemed… ;)

    • Uru, it’d be even classier with the traditional martini glass, but I tend to spill things even when I don’t have a drink, lol. (I “talk with my hands” — picture enthusiastic gesturing!) This short stemmed version was the perfect compromise. :)

  4. I’ve never had a martini. I’ve always thought of them as being very potent. Certainly James Bond made them very well known and I guess when I do try one, I’ll have it, ‘shaken, not stirred’. xx

    • Charlie, they are bracing indeed. Unlike 007, who tosses a Martini down his gullet like water before dashing off to his next hair-raising adventure, I “sip” — and the most pressing thing on my schedule is bedtime, lol. If you do order one at a restaurant, make sure someone else is driving!

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