“A” is for Artichokes

Artichoke with Japanese Mayo

My friend, Carlene, gave me the cutest lil’ serving dish awhile back and after thanking her profusely, I tucked it in my pantry to await artichoke season.  Clarification:  I tucked it next to a 6 inch stack of recipes waiting to see the light of day.

Every time I vow not to save/print/bookmark another recipe (until I cook the other 9,482* recipes in my file), there’s one more begging to be tried.  A flavor that appeals.  An idea that intrigues.

Quite honestly, I could cook something new every day for the next 14 years without ever reading another food blog.  (But we all know that’ll never happen.)

*This figure may be grossly underestimated

A is for Artichoke

Actually, artichokes have been on my agenda for awhile.  I like how they look.  I like the process of eating them.  I like the fact that they’re really giant thistles.  (But don’t let that avert your attention.)  Once you’ve tasted those tender leaves, you’ll be glad you moved them to the head of the line, too.

Previously, I’d eaten them dipped in melted butter laden with garlic (heavenly), but I was in the mood for something subtle.  (Okay, something new.)  Leave it to foodie friends to provide the inspiration!   Below are links to everything you’ve always wanted to know about artichokes, as well as Japanese mayonnaise.

Artichoke B & W

Many thanks to…

Toni Dash | Boulder LocavoreYour tutorial on “The Art of the Artichoke” was fantastic!

Nami | Just One Cookbook — I’m so happy you introduced me to the wonder of Japanese mayonnaise. :)

Quick aside.  I grossly overestimated how much one person can consume (The Man of Few Words wasn’t as ardent about artichokes as I was…), so here’s a terrific recipe for Fresh Artichoke Spinach Dip, along with an alternate version using canned artichoke hearts.  (Thanks Nicole | Foodie McBooty!)

Artichokes with Japanese Mayonnaise

One of these days (in the next 14 years or so), I’ll get back into the creative swing of things and post some of “my” recipes, but in the meantime, it sure is a pleasure trying yours!

Enjoying artichoke adventures,

~ Kimby

16 thoughts on ““A” is for Artichokes

    • Many thanks, Nicole! Unfortunately it’s a thing of the past (along with everything else we lost in the fire) but I’m thankful to have pictures of it. And, I can still enjoy artichokes. :) Good to “see you” again!

  1. Firstly that is such a smart dish!! and I’m with you on the 15,749 recipes on my to-do list :) Oops it’s going up all the time…. I’m off to check the Japanese mayo recipe…..

    • Maureen, I’m going to print off this post and comment section for Carlene to show her what she started worldwide! (She’s 81 and a sweetie!) Thank you for the term “bowl envy” — made me smile and I know it’ll make her smile, too! :)

  2. I absolutely adore your artichoke dish! SUPER cute! I’ll be so nervous putting in the dish washer or even hand wash… what a precious dish! You can tell how much I love artichokes. ;) Thank you so much for the kind link in the post, Kim!

    • Nami, I’m extra careful washing that dish — I love it (and artichokes), too! I’ve tried other homemade mayo recipes (very good), but Japanese mayonnaise was the “taste” I was looking for. Thank YOU!

  3. Kim, u’re keeping so many recipes seriously?? I’m amazed! I know the many goodness of artichokes especially when Dr Oz introduced them, but I just haven’t gotten around to appreciate its taste. Mmmmm….. maybe I should start off with your dip :)

    Hey dear, u’ve been rather active recently which surprises me. I thought the Oklahoma incident would’ve kept u busy instead. Saw the news just the other day again, & I’m really glad u’re alright. Take care, Kim!

    • Shirley, the term “artistic license” applies to that figure. ;) I have a lot of recipes — maybe not close to 10,000 — but a LOT. Also, your knowledge of health benefits continues to amaze me… nice to learn that artichokes are doing me some good!

      Re: Oklahoma, the clean up will take a long time. Our church is sending teams to help with the ongoing effort and I’ll be part of that when I return from MN (leaving Sunday to spend time w/my Dad…) I guess I was getting all the “writing” out of me before I go! That, and it does my heart good to hang out with friends. :) Thanks for your TLC, xo!

      P.S. Donations to the Red Cross and tornado relief funds are still needed and much appreciated.

  4. Oh my! I am so jealous of your gorgeous artichoke serving dish! I feel the same way about all the recipes I want to try, make, invent, re-invent, taste, gorge myself with….and on and on! Well said my friend.

    • Isabelle, it’s funny — that dish doesn’t go with a single thing I own (other than my Grandma’s pink depression glass plate & glass) — and yet, it found a place in my post… kitchen… home… heart! You & I are kindred souls as far as “imagining” how something might taste (with re-inventive tweaks allowed) and the most unlikely additions to our “props” become dear friends. xo

  5. A fabulous post, Kimmy!! The photos are stunning and the post ever so artfully written (does that surprise me??? NO!)…we had several dinners and antipastas while traveling that had luscious artichokes!! Love love ’em!! xo

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