An Off The Cuff Post (and Best, Easiest, Tastiest Grilling Recipe So Far This Summer)

Green Things

One of the things I love about summer is the spontaneity inherent in the season.  Grab something and throw it on the grill!

(Even better if it’s flavored with an impromptu compound butter…)

In this particular case, I was trimming haricot verts on the veranda when my step-son mentioned his “pork chop packets” — fresh green beans, carrots, and compound butter, topped with a boneless center-cut pork chop.  Oh my!  I took it a step farther and seared the chops before encasing them in foil.  Sorry, no “after” photo… they were devoured in a heartbeat.  (Vegetarian version expounded on below…)

Summer Veggies with Compound Butter

As for the compound butter, anything goes.  Key words:  have at it… spontaneous… impromptu!

This batch included softened butter smashed with sliced green onions, basil, parsley, garlic, thyme, and freshly ground pepper — but use whatever tickles ya or whatever’s on hand.  Throw it in the fridge in plastic wrap for a bit to let the flavors “marry,” then add a dab to the packet before adding the veggies (to keep them from sticking), top with a seared chop and a generous dollop of compound butter, seal, and you’re good to grill.

(Note:  Be sure to seal the foil packet well.  Turn once during grilling.  If in doubt about “doneness,” test chops with a meat thermometer before consuming.)

Compound Butter

Regarding the off the cuff portion of this post, I’m finally home again.  Missed ya bunches.  Couldn’t resist writing.  Plus, I’m making these again for supper tonight.  So, so good.  I also imagine they’d be good with chicken.  Or salmon.  Or steak.

Or, just veggies for my vegetarian pals. :)  Use your imagination…

On a personal note, I need to restructure myself and my blog a lil’ bit.  So many ideas, so little time — up until now!  After spending the equivalent to two months away from the place that makes me happiest since January, I’m feeling out of sorts.  Off my game.  Sluggish.  Can we say move it or lose it?!  (Photos may or may not be forthcoming, lol.)

More good things to come though, including the winner of my giveaway later this week.  (Giveaway is closed.)

Happy grilling and stay tuned for transformation…

Enjoying unpremeditated meal planning, writing, and rediscovery,


23 thoughts on “An Off The Cuff Post (and Best, Easiest, Tastiest Grilling Recipe So Far This Summer)

  1. Kimmie!! I love these ideas!! And, we have the same colander! Mine was my mom’s…it’s dented and at least 70 years old…tell me about yours!! xo

    • Ally, I took these photos while we were in MN so I can’t claim ownership on the colander — but I love vintage cooking utensils, too, and dents only add to their charm!

  2. Welcome back! Those two months do seem to have gone by very quickly. That’s a very lovely summer’s meal. My blog needs an over-haul too – so overdue but like you say, where’s the time? xx

    • Charlie, I think your blog looks great (this coming from someone who’s barely changed a thing in two years, ha!), but beauty is in the eye of the beholder — or technical support staff. I’m at the point where DIY has no appeal and change is inevitable — but I think it’ll have to be assisted. Maybe they’ll give me a senior discount? ;)

    • Shary, the nice thing about “being away” is the perspective you get on what’s important to you. (Absence makes the heart grow fonder, yes?) That step back allowed me to “see” my blog the way I want it to be… now I just have to figure out how to do it, lol!

    • Thank you, Maureen! Remember the “hobo packets” that were popular back in the day? Same concept — but with garden fresh veggies & compound butter, the flavor was “kicked up a notch.” ;) Hear, hear for easy clean up. (Forgot to mention that!)

  3. I enjoy the flavours of compound butter & the varieties out there in the supermart. Well, this recipe is certainly good for anyone to handle. I can smell it from here :)

    • Shirley, I want to shop at your market — I’d be permanently parked in the compound butter aisle! Glad you enjoyed the aroma from here to there. :) Looking forward to a catch up session on your blog today. xo

        • Shirley, you still are (and will always be) on my Delightful Reads list. I recently switched to a “random” format where it lists 10 at a time to shorten up my sidebar a bit — now I’m convinced I don’t like it and am going to change it back! All is well with the world, including our friendship. :) xo

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