A Trifling Matter

Blackberry Cabernet Trifle

I see things in a different light.  Life.  Art.  Food.

Sometimes I take things seriously.  (Maybe too seriously?)

Other times humor prevails.  (Okay, most of the time.)

For some reason, this trifle reminded me of Prom.  Remember those bouffant nylon net “floral arrangements” pinned to your shoulder (or strapped to your wrist) while you danced under a disco ball?  (Anybody?)

Prom Corsage with Disco Ball

Prom Corsage with Disco Ball

My first Prom date was a polite (and cute) young man who showed up at the appointed hour with corsage in hand.  He’d obviously put a lot of thought into it — it matched my dress perfectly.

Being new to all-things-prom, I didn’t realize I was supposed to reciprocate with a boutonniere.  His tuxedo lapel sadly went without.  To his credit, he didn’t say a word about the oversight and treated me to the night of my life — or as much of a “night of my life” as you’re allowed at age sixteen with chaperoned supervision.  All I remember is that we swirled around the dance floor to the strains of “Summer Breeze.”

Under a disco ball.

Blackberry Cabernet Trifle sunny side

Blackberry Cabernet Trifle

Pound cake, sliced into 1 inch cubes

Blackberry Cabernet Sauce (recipe to follow)

Blackberry Swirl Topping (recipe to follow)

Additional fresh blackberries for garnish

Blackberry Cabernet Sauce

3/4 c. fresh blackberries

1/2 c. Cabernet Sauvignon

1/4 c. freshly squeezed orange juice

2 Tbsp. honey (or to taste)

In a small saucepan, combine blackberries, Cabernet, orange juice, and honey; bring to a boil.  Lower heat; simmer 25 to 30 minutes, stirring occasionally, until reduced by half and liquid is syrupy.  Remove from heat; mash berries with a fork.  Set aside to cool.

Blackberry Swirl Topping

(inspired by this recipe from The Orgasmic Chef)

1 c. whipping cream, divided

1/2 c. Ghirardelli white chocolate chips

1 Tbsp. sugar

1 tsp. vanilla extract

Place 1/2 cup whipping cream in a small saucepan; heat until hot (do not boil.)  Remove from heat; stir in white chocolate.  Allow to soften, then whisk until smooth.  Cool to room temperature, then chill.  Beat with an electric mixer until soft peaks form.

Beat remaining whipping cream in deep bowl until soft peaks form.  Mix in sugar and vanilla; beat again.  Do not overbeat.  (Reserve a small amount for garnish, if desired.)  Fold together whipped cream and white chocolate mixture until combined.  Add half of the sauce and “swirl” it around.  (Reserve remaining sauce.)

To serve:

Place pound cake cubes in the bottom of two individual trifle dishes.  Drizzle with reserved sauce.  Dollop generously with topping.  Garnish with fresh blackberries and whipped cream.

Blackberry Cabernet Trifle

The forgotten boutonniere?  A trifling matter.

These days, I know how to treat my date.

Enjoying just desserts,

~ Kim

20 thoughts on “A Trifling Matter

  1. You write so well that I could almost imagine you back in the prom day… I have never been to a prom (in Japan we don’t have such thing. Sigh!) and all I have seen is from the movies. I enjoyed your story and the beautiful trifle!

    • Thank you so much, Nami! In between piano rehearsals, I’ve been toying with “stories”… hoping the details that I “see” in my head will transfer to written words on the page. Your comment was a blessing to me. xo

    • Purabi, so glad you enjoyed this! Was thinking, if you want to skip the Cabernet (for your kids), just use the juice from the canned blackberries to make the sauce. Hope you/they like it!

    • Isabelle, it used to be a big deal — the social event of the year, as well as an opportunity to show that you learned some “manners” along the way. ;) Now that everyone’s “mobile” — epecially kids — I’m not sure if it holds the same mystique or relevance. You really didn’t miss out on much… just a bunch of gangly teenage girls in gowns and ackward teenage boys in tuxedos in a “contrived” social setting, lol! Thanks for the compliments, love. xo

    • P.S. I’ve been reading up on all the G+ photography tutorials lately, trying to “improve” little by little. Thanks for noticing. xo (You should see the ones that didn’t make the cut, LOL!!!)

    • Me n’Donna Summer, Shirley… LOL! I went to some disco clubs back in the 70’s (wearing platform shoes and a halter dress!) but I wasn’t one of those “spotlight” type dancers. If it had a good beat, I danced to it — no break-dancing or fancy moves for me. :) Thanks for stopping in… yup, I can hear the music from “Saturday Night Fever” now! xo

  2. I can just see you in your 1960s gown, crinoline and all…and the wrist coursage that matched your dress…you looked like a princess. Then dancing the night away under the glass ball, was it John Travolta playing or that could have been the 70s…anyway, I’m sure that feller didn’t mind one bit being boutineerLESS as he had the purrrdiest girl on the dance floor! It’s so great to have food evoke these memories, Kim….I feel like I read poignant ‘poems’ w/your emotion-filled posts…xo ally

    • Awww, Miss Ally, thank ya kindly. :) It was the early 70’s and Gunne Sax dresses were all the rage. (“Vintage” ones are selling on Ebay, lol!) ‘Poems’ & precious memories — we all have ’em. Thank you for reading mine. xo

    • Thanks, NYC Style Cannoli! I can’t do “big desserts” anymore — used to make multi-layer version trifles back in the day and loved ’em — but sometimes all that’s needed is a taste of the idea. :)

    • Thank you, LFFL! It appears we have similar philosophies — “Loving Food Fashion Life!” (Well, I need to check up on some fashion pointers…) ;) Thanks for coming by the lake!

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