BLT Bruschetta (Among Other Things)

BLT Bruschetta

Have you ever made a batch of something and it (and the mess on your kitchen counter) kept… growing?  Goulash and potato salad come to mind.  I’ve never been able to make either without total kitchen counter chaos and enough to feed a family of ten.

Summer is a the perfect time to slow down, scale back, and simplify.  Yes?

One afternoon I decided to make bruschetta.  (Thanks for the how-to, Claudia!)  Since my kitchen was already heating up, I made mine on the grill.  (They’re delicious either way.)

After tending to the thick slices of browning baguette (the whole loaf — no sense firing up the grill for two pieces of bread), I came inside with visions of “BLT’s” dancing in my head.  Bacon, lettuce, and tomato.  Simple enough.

Fried the bacon, sliced the tomatoes, rinsed/drained/patted dry the arugula, dotted the assembly with mayo, drizzled olive oil, and ground some black pepper over the top.  Good to go.

But, there were still six slices of bruschetta left.  (By the way, Bruschetta means “to roast over coals” — gotta watch ’em closely.)  Just sayin’.

How about portobello mushrooms, roasted red peppers, olives, and baby spinach — with Balsamic vinegar?  An armload of ingredients and another trip to the fridge later and more slicing, layering, and drizzling ensued.

(The crispy critter on the left is mine.)

Portobello Olive Balsamic Bruschetta

At this point, my cutting board was teeming with bits of leftover produce and there were still three empty bruschetta.  What to do?  I diced all of the above (sans bacon for a vegetarian version), sliced green onions (after another trip to the fridge), mixed the aforementioned in a bowl, added olive oil and balsamic, spooned it onto the bread and grated Asiago over the top.  Done deal.

Except to clean the kitchen.

Asiago Green Onion Bruschetta

May I sit down now?  Please?  Before summer’s completely over?

Deck Dining

Ahhhhh… yes.

Some days the dishes can wait.

Enjoying bruschetta adventures,

~ Kim

P.S.  During the month of August I’ll be devoting serious time to my piano.  Can’t be in two places at once (simplify…), in case you don’t see me around the block.  Have a great rest of the summer!

19 thoughts on “BLT Bruschetta (Among Other Things)

  1. Grilled Bruschetta is something I would love to eat. The BLT topping is just fantastic. I loved the portabello idea too!

    I slow down at summers too and I make a lot of mess in the kitchen! And my hubby makes even a bigger mess, you know! Anyways, enjoy your break and best of luck for your piano concert!

    • Purabi, it seems that both of our loving hubbies are slightly less tidy in the kitchen — but that’s what’s so endearing, isn’t it? No two “cooking personalities” are alike. Plus, I’m glad he gives me a break now & then — I bet you are, too — even if it means cleaning up afterwards. ;) Thank you for your enthusiastic compliment re: my bruschetta. xo

    • Barbara… so tickled to learn you’re a piano player and that you were inspired by these Bruschetta. Food does that to me, too. Many a happy rehearsal was prompted by a “taste” or an “idea.” Inspiration comes in all forms — and thankfully food is in the top ten. Top three? ;)

  2. I like cleaning the kitchen as I cook, but when my husband starts bbqing, oh boy, the kitchen gets piles and piles of stuff! He put the plastic wrap that he used on the counter, and he just pulls everything and don’t put it back. I kind of know what you mean about the mess, if you are talking about similar situation (trust me, his mess is far worse). ;) I love cleaning more than cooking, I think. Ok I’m off topic… Love your bruschetta three ways! And perfect dish to serve them too!

    • Nami, you made me smile about your hubby’s cooking “style” — mine, too. I can always tell when he’s been in the kitchen from the trail of crumbs on the counter, cupboard doors & drawers left opened, and whatever else shows up in the wake of his cooking inspirations! Generally, I clean as I go, too, but when a perfect summer day beckons, I opt for outside NOW and kitchen cleaning later. ;)

  3. They all look wonderful, Kim! I make a mess equalling to post war in my kitchen all the time, it’s one of the perks :)
    I think it’s great you are taking time for other passions and I wish you the best of time :)

    • Thanks, Gourmantine! After a week of concentrated piano practice, it was time to jump back in here for a moment — such a pleasant surprise to learn I’m not the only one who makes a mess in my kitchen. :) You’re right — it really is a perk. The dishes (& bowls & pans) on the counter tell a story of love, food, and food lovingly prepared!

  4. I would like a plate of all three! Looks fabulous! Hope you get some quiet and well deserved piano time! Don’t forget to enjoy a nice glass of wine while practice….I know it makes my playing sound better (Ha! what am I saying I don’t play the piano!) so maybe just as a reward a nice glass of wine is in order….yep that’s sounds pretty good to me!

  5. Dang! I love the way you think and do!! That’s purrrzackahlee how I do it…it’s like ‘Oh, heck, why not…” Love all these versions, Miss Kim Delicious! Exxxxpecially the BLT! And, that shot on the deck banister w/the vino, glasses, and three bowls just invites me to come sit, taste, sip and spend wonderful time w/my precious girl!! xo

    • Miss Ally, I fell asleep early last night and didn’t get my commenting done before “radio silence” so here I am! (I love being flexible.) Had a sneakin’ suspicion we have the same modus operandi in the kitchen… dream up, “taste in our brains,” throw it together, SAVOR! xo

  6. All three look good to me!
    Also, my kitchen it currently dirty. Just the way it is sometimes. Okay, MOST of the time for me.

    I will miss you in August, but I do understand the need to be away. Though I am bad to remember things, I’ll try to shoot you an email during your hiatus.

    Happy piano-ing!

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