In My Kitchen ~ August 2013

Basil Butter

Have you ever felt the singular-ness of your pursuit?  Been entirely happy with what you’re doing, yet experienced the human heart need to connect?

Today I was scooting around the house perfectly content with my hermit-like lifestyle — writing, rehearsing, yada yada — when I stopped to check my email.  (I still allow myself that much “technology” during my self-imposed internet hiatus.)


While I’m not an on-line junkie by any means, sometimes a post will attract my attention… inspire me to get out my camera… make me want to share.

(Even if it means usurping my previous intentions.)

Enter Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.  Each month Celia hosts a delightful gathering of bloggers who open their hearts and homes and kitchens.  (By the way, she’s been doing this for a long, long time… discovery is a delight, even when it’s belated.)

A trip through the links in Celia’s sidebar is like gathering with good friends over coffee.  Trading kitchen secrets.  Finding out what makes each other tick.  Just plain feeling good.

And a lil’ less alone…

Here’s my contribution to August’s “In My Kitchen.”

Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes ripening on my windowsill, glowing like rubies… and my heart.

Lace Curtain

…tempered by a lace curtain.

(Sometimes Oklahoma sunshine — and my enthusiasm — need that soft perspective.)

Garlic Toast To Be

Remnants of a day-old baguette awaiting transformation into garlic toast for dinner.

(Metamorphosis is my specialty!)

Yesterday, a friend and I enjoyed Bruschetta (Round 2) on the deck with a glass of wine… such sweet times.

Then there’s mustard… I like mine whole grain.  By the spoonful.

Maille Mustard

Tonight, however, it’ll likely end up mingling with the basil butter (first photo) to spread on the aforementioned baguette — or to serve as a stand-alone next to a really good steak.

Omaha Steaks

(The Omaha Steaks are courtesy of my Mom, xo; photo cropped to be mindful of my vegetarian friends. xo)

Don’t you just love their motto?  “Blend with laughter.”  Ah, yes…

All of this kitchen activity reminded me to remind you… be kind to yourself!  My body recently cajoled me (recalcitrant upstart that it is) that I’m not as young as I used to be — especially after standing umpteen hours in my kitchen.

Time for new mats and/or rugs…


My feet have appreciated the investment ever since.

Last but not least, love your surroundings.  See with new eyes.  A new appreciation.  A little less singular-ness.

Remember who you’re cooking for. .. and why.

Clothes Hung On The Line By The Man Of Few Words

Clothes Hung On The Line By The Man Of Few Words

Hope you enjoyed my first foray “In My Kitchen.”  A brief recap…

Care to join in?  Click here.

(Thanks, Celia!)

Enjoying cyber connections in spite of myself,

~ Kimby

P.S.  I made it a third of the way through August, which is a tremendous feat considering the appeal of your posts.  Thanks for bearing with my spontaneous, creative soul!

54 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ August 2013

  1. lovely to see a bit of your kitchen – and I always love to see the view out the window – love the socks. I share your love for mustard but I love no curtains on my window so I can see the curtains on the neighbour’s window – oh the irony!

    • Johanna, you made me giggle about the neighbor’s curtains — no need to have any on your windows if theirs tickle your fancy! Sounds like a win-win compromise. I can hardly believe September IMK is just around the corner…

    • I’m so, so happy my post made you feel like “slowing down.” The first half of my life (50+ years, lol) I rushed around, but I’ve finally learned to STOP. Savor. Enjoy. Let it go. Cook! SHARE the serenity. That’s what life is all about. (Or at least that’s my conclusion.) I’m looking forward to “kitchen snippets” w/u in September, too! xo

    • Thanks, Serena! Cherry tomatoes do tend to “take off” don’t they? As you said in your IMK post, seasonal cooking is something to look forward to and I do, too — I also liked the idea of adding them to the ham & egg cups you posted… yum. ;)

    • Thank you, Sandy! They’re oldies, but goodies (like me, ha!) and they have a bit of history behind them… treasures that settled into a new place… somehow I know you’ll understand that completely. Many thanks for visiting my kitchen!

  2. I discovered you through Ally and found your wonderful blog filled with down-to-earth goodness. I’m an Okie but not from Muskogee, living in Texas. Maybe someday we’ll connect-you’ve got a kind spirit and lots of down-home talent. glad I found you.

    • Paula, I’m tickled to meet you, too! Oklahoma has been the best thing that ever happened to me (next to meeting The Man Of Few Words, of course) and Ally has been a cyber-breath of Southern fresh air. So nice to discover a kindred spirit! Had to bookmark your blog for later perusing… so many good things going on there. Thank you for taking time to visit!

  3. I enjoyed this a lot. I too have just discovered in my kitchen, a long way away in north Wales, up a hill and living a life from a couple of generations ago (with internment obviously so cheating). Isn’t the world a big place?

    • Elizabeth, it’s a pleasure to meet another “first timer” at In My Kitchen (there are several of us!) Your step back from corporate life was exactly how I felt when I took the plunge… aaahhhhhh. Thanks for visiting here — delighted to poke around “there.” ;)

    • Kari, thank you. I’ve given up my aspirations to be a “regular” blogger (posting regularly, that is… ha!) and I prefer to write (and take photos) when inspiration strikes. Glad my tomatoes & lace tickled your fancy!

    • Mandy, I agree with you — Celia’s idea is totally fun! I needed a lil’ spark in my blogging adventures and peeking into everyone’s kitchens (and reading such marvelous posts) inspired me to participate. Definitely a once a month deal! Tickled you enjoyed the look-see! :)

  4. Hi Kim, have thoroughly enjoyed your first IMK post, hope it’s the first of many :) Do you pick the toms green and they ripen on the window sill? I’ve always wondered if that works, I have a tonne of green tomatoes!

    • Lisa, the cherry tomatoes were pale orange when they showed up “In My Kitchen.” I’ve read (and attest) that setting them stem-side-down encourages their ripening. Haven’t tried it with green ones… most of those end up as Fried Green Tomatoes here in the South! You wouldn’t happen to have a couple of extras to spare, would you? ;)

      • P.S. My Grandma used to make the most marvelous green tomato relish with late-in-the-season unripened ones. Let me know if you’d like the recipe. (Or one for Fried Green Tomatoes!)

  5. I loved your photos and, even more, your philosophy.- I think I will make your aim : “Remember who you’re cooking for. .. and why” into my motto.

  6. Kim, thanks for popping into my kitchen and for your kind words! Great to meet new cooks and food enthusiasts through IMK… so, welcome to our bunch guided by the lovely Celia. Great post, lovely pics and lots of good things, mustard included!

    • Lizzy, your description of this community is most apt: “food enthusiasts!” Even the most unlikely ingredient (unavailable in this area or what not) is fascinating. Plus, it’s just plain fun to peek. (With permission, of course!) Enjoyable reading, too. Thank you!

    • Maureen, you’re not a horrid person in the least! I cook for myself, too (and sometimes a separate meal for The Man Of Few Words, in case mine doesn’t appeal) — different people, different palates. Thankfully, he’s willing to “try things.” ;)

      I guess my reference was to “blogging” (hurry up & photograph it & hopefully eat it before it gets cold phenomenon) — I needed to take a break from all that and make a few meals that I/we enjoyed without taking a picture of it. By the way, I’d love to hang out in your kitchen, too!! Also, thanks for the “intro” to IMK — what a neat idea and a great group of bloggers, yourself included!

  7. Bruschetta on the deck with a glass of wine sounds like absolute heaven! We’re starting to work our way out of winter here, and I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to be able to sit and eat and drink lots of wine outside again…

    • Jas, one of the delights of this “international” forum is that we’re experiencing different climates half a world away. (Talk about a small world!) I look forward to celebrating fall and winter as much as you’re looking forward to summer. FYI, tonight’s “deck date” includes the Perseid meteor shower between midnight and 5 a.m. — not sure if you can see it from there or not, but I’ll raise a glass and wish upon a star in your honor. :)

    • I was just admiring the goodies in yours, Tandy! Lindt chocolate, Tanqueray, and those gorgeous lead crystal glasses from Glenfiddich… so much to enjoy. (The diversity in the IMK group was a huge factor in my joining in.) The nice part is that everybody appreciates everybody, life-loving lot that we are. ;)

  8. Lovely post. :) I’ve been enjoying my homegrown cherry tomatoes as well. Aren’t they the sweetest thing? How sweet your mom share the Omaha steaks with you. Must be yummy!

    • Amy, the cherry tomatoes were a gift, too — even sweeter! I was away from home much of this year — wasn’t able to plant a garden :(. But I love Farmers Markets and folks who graciously share. :) And yup, the steaks were wonderful! Thanks so much for stopping by the lake to visit.

    • Isabelle, I had to smile over his “clothes hanging technique,” too. (It’s actually pretty efficient and it was mostly towels & wash cloths — why not?!) ;) I’ll take all the help I can get. Lol! xoxo

    • Joanne, it was an unexpected pleasure finding the IMK group. The once-a-month pace is just the right amount of artistic/culinary inspiration I needed, plus I love seeing what y’all have going in your kitchen! We enjoyed those steaks last night… :)

  9. thanks for sharing your kitchen- and your clothes line!
    I have mats in my kitchen, by the sink, oven and counter- and a higher chair to sit on when I can get away with it ( stirring, stirring).
    Your photos are beautiful!
    And I love the ruby cherry tomatoes!

    • Heidi, those mats have been indispensable — pretty as well as “comfy.” Thanks for the tip on the chair, too. I’m definitely going to steal your idea! ;) Thank you (and everyone IMK) for welcoming me so warmly.

  10. Everything seems to fall in nicely, Kim! I appreciate the effort that u took bringing us behind your kitchen & that yard. I’ll be painting my apt sometime end of the mth & I’m gonna be busy again………

    • Shirley, with your sense of style & design, I take that as a huge compliment. Thank you! Have you picked out your colors yet? I’m sure it’ll be absolutely beautiful! Will catch up with you whenever you (or I) play in cyberland again. :) xo

    • Marianne, I’m tickled that you enjoyed “seeing” my lil’ corner of the world. I’m also grateful for your chicken recipe — it sounds divine with the roasted vegetables, too! Looking forward to next month’s IMK already.

  11. How lovely to peek into your kitchen all the way over the other side of the world! Thanks for playing, Kim! :) I’ve added you to our list, and I have to say it all sounds very peaceful and enchanting in your kitchen – love the glowing tomatoes and lace curtain, and you’ve made me feel like bruschetta for breakfast now.. :)

    • Celia, thank you for the invitation to play. (And, bruschetta for breakfast is good.) But then, so would anything made with your coconut cream or mega-stash of chocolate! ;) Thanks again.

  12. I feel like I’m right there, Kimmeee…I love this post…the tomatoes, the lace curtains, the foil w/bread ready to be re-fashioned…and most of all, the clothes hanging on the line…all of this talks to me, tells me who you are, what ticks in your heart…it’s a reveal of special proportion…thank you, my friend…as I sit here and type this, I smell the leftover lamb that I’ve fashioned into stew simmering, it’s raining and chilly, summer is ’bout over here in CO, but there’s always a warmth that comes the the screen each time I read your posts…xoxo ~~ally

    • Miss Ally, this felt more personal to me, too, without impinging on privacy. (I’m ever mindful of Mr. MOFW’s less enthusiastic stance on computer-related “sharing.”) But sometimes a gal’s just gotta have girlfriends over for coffee or yak over the counter while cookin’ up somethin’ good! A happy compromise. I found that same “homey” feeling in the other “In My Kitchen” posts — really a lovely bunch! xo

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