No Comment

Crane on the Lake

There are times when words simply do not suffice — when they’re a mere reflection of a thought or emotion already expressed.

That’s how I felt about the comment section in my previous post.  Believe me, I intended to reply to every one of them (and normally I do), but there was something special about them… something decrying further comment.

Simply stated, there wasn’t one word I could add to each beautifully, eloquently, heart-shared sentiment without detracting from them.

So I didn’t.

An anomaly, perhaps?  My life is full of them.

Take this crane, for instance.

Crane on Top of the Lake

At first glance (from the deck), he appeared to be walking on water.  (My life is full of miracles, too.)  I grabbed the camera, zoomed in, and discovered an optical illusion of sorts…

Crane Reflection

To me, it proves that you can’t improve (or surmise) on a good thing.

Leave it alone.  Relish it.  Savor it.  Be grateful for it.

Thank you very much for your genuine, deeply shared (and deeply felt) comments on my last post.

Enjoying blog world’s finest thinkers with thoughts (and hearts) of their own,

~ Kimby

14 thoughts on “No Comment

  1. Kimby, that picture with the crane is beautiful! Kimby, you are not only a great cook, you describe “life” so well in your words…you’re a wonderful person by heart and I am lucky to have you as one of my closest bloggy friends!

    • Purabi, I’m sooooo honored by your comment. There’s a core group of us who started as “fledglings” around the same time… so tickled to see where that’s led! I’m delighted to count you among “one of my closest bloggy friends,” too! xo

  2. Your crane reminds me of the pelican we had on our pontoon out back today. He was there for 4 hours cleaning his feathers and napping. I wish I’d have some fish for him. John said it made no sense to go to the store to buy fish for a pelican. drat. :)

    Lovely photos

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