Sharing Is Caring (Blueberry Cinnamon Rolls)

Blueberry Cinnamon Rolls

Every once in awhile an idea comes along that’s so astoundingly simple, I whack myself on the forehead and exclaim, “Now why didn’t I think of that?!”  Blog world’s many creative cooks have made my kitchen (and neighborhood) a much tastier place.

A few years back I started a new tradition, baking homemade cinnamon rolls for our neighbors on Labor Day Monday.  I believe each one of us is blessed with talents, tools, and time to bless others — plus, it makes me happy sending my delivery boy (The Man Of Few Words) to their door with a plateful of oven lovin’.

Who doesn’t like warm cinnamon rolls accompanied by a friendly grin?

If there’s one thing food bloggers exemplify, it’s the spirit of sharing — lives, hearts, homes, and recipes — and it’s a delight to pass on what I’ve learned.

Sharing is caring.

A few weeks prior to this years’ tradition, I discovered Closet Cooking’s Blueberry Maple Pecan Cinnamon Buns (thanks, Kevin!) and “knew” they were the ones I wanted to share.  Not only did the blueberries add an enticing  fruit “pop,” the dough was one of the loveliest I’ve ever worked with — soft & silky — and it baked up beautifully.

Cinnamon Roll with Blueberries ready to eat

For the Labor Day version, I omitted the pecans (wasn’t sure if the neighbors had food allergies) and made more of a “frosting” than a glaze, but I highly suggest following Kevin’s recipe to a T.  Simple, scrumptious, spectacular.

The neighbors loved ’em!

Plus, I had leftover blueberries to munch on.  (Win/win.)


Are you a food “sharer?”  What’s your favorite thing to give?

Enjoying the spirit of sharing,

~ Kimby

28 thoughts on “Sharing Is Caring (Blueberry Cinnamon Rolls)

  1. Nothing beats homemade baked goodness, like these cinnamon rolls, Kim. Your neibours are so lucky to have you, as I am sure they are often blessed with different types of delicacies made by you. I wish I could have lived in Oklahoma too. Anyways your cinnamon rolls speak of your perfection in the kitchen. Loved these! And really true, I completely agree with you that food shared brings joy to everyone. Hugs!

  2. I really love your homemade cinnamon rolls and blueberries are my favorite. They are getting so expensive these days but I am still looking for them every time I shop. I really like that the cinnamon rolls have blueberries in it – make the rolls even lighter with fresh fruit. I’m going to check out Kevin’s recipe now. It’s time to make my own too… Looking so delicious! And yes, sharing is caring and I must teach that to my children well. :)

  3. I once tried offering one of my neighbours some oregano from my over-performing plant. The response I got was “What’s oregano? Is it a herb? No thanks”. I reckon they would have taken your cinnamon rolls though ;)

  4. What lucky neighbors you have! These cinnamon rolls look incredible. I do love to share food, but only dessert. I will do a casserole if the situation calls for it, but I’m always good for a sweet! :)

    • Veronica, your dessert recipients are blessed indeed! That’s my favorite thing to give away, too — especially things folks don’t (or can’t) make from scratch anymore… pies, homemade sweet rolls, etc.

  5. These look wonderful, how good of you to share! Our increasingly Autumnal weather is making comfort baking like this seem very appealling.

  6. I have 3 neighbors who are gluten intolerant and it’s often so difficult for them so every time I find a gluten free recipe people rave about, I make it and split it 3-ways. I love your blueberry cinnamon rolls – I wish I was your neighbor!

  7. Kim, you can throw me all the pecans you have! There’s blueberries in my fridge too right now, But sadly, I’m not as much of a baker as you know; I only bake once a year, & that’s during our Chinese New Year where I would bake my special Pineapple Tarts to give away.

    Travelling to Israel? That’s totally cool! I was once head-hunted by an Israeli company during my years as an Office Manager & they wanted me to visit their HQ in Tel Aviv. I didn’t take up their offer at the end cause hubby didn’t want me to travel there due to safety reasons. I would love to visit Jerusalem tho.

    To those food bloggers visiting Israel, have fun & stay safe!

  8. Ally, that is just so cool that you’re going to Israel! (I’m long overdue in congratulating you… slowly catching up.) I didn’t know Kevin was, too. What a fabulous coincidence! He’s a gifted cook, too, and caring blogger. While you’re poking around his blog, try his Buffalo Chicken Hotdish (casserole?) (my Minnesota is showing, lol) — love the stuff! (And you!) Have fun on your adventures. xo

  9. Kim…I just know your neighbors look forward to every Labor Day! What a cool tradition you’ve started. The pictures are gorgeous and the recipe sounds fabulous…I have to try the sweet dough bread! Now here’s the KICKER…when I went to the link and looked at the name of the blog, it registered w/me…I know this blog…low and behold, this is one of the 7 bloggers I’ll be joining in Israel for ‘Taste of Israel’…soooooooooooo, in honor of YOU and Kevin, I’ll be trying this recipe!! xoxo You never cease to amaze me!!

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