In My Kitchen ~ October 2013

Irish Brick Cake It's What's For Breakfast

Now that Autumn is officially here, I feel like meandering through the woods — through my pantry — through this post.  (Happy Spring to all y’all in the Southern Hemisphere!)

In My Kitchen… simple, sumptuous fare is on the menu.

This Irish Brick Cake (by Maureen Shaw at Orgasmic Chef) is filled with apples and dates and it’s every bit as delicious as she described.  Thanks, Maureen!

Irish Brick Cake

Since there are only two of us in our household, I cut the recipe in half (still baked it in a 9″ round cake pan but reduced the baking time to 22 minutes), which resulted in the perfect amount for dessert that evening, plus a couple of breakfasts.

The Man Of Few Words took one bite, declared “I like the grain of this” and proceeded to devour two slices.  He ate another two the next morning!  Definitely a keeper.  (My hubby and the recipe.)


In My Kitchen… my microplane has come out to play.

Nutmeg… aaahhh.  I sprinkle it on everything from spinach to omelets to stew to baked apples.  It makes me feel cozy.

(Maybe I need to read up on the side effects?)

It’s also tasty in my Nutmeg Honey Butter as a topper for French Toast or pancakes or plain ol’ toast, although I’m generally not a breakfast eater.  (Blame it on my trucking days when coffee was “it.”)

Autumn always makes me reconsider breakfast.

Oven Meal

In My Kitchen… oven meals are making a come back.

I throw a hodgepodge into one pot or jockey various dishes and baked goods in the oven, shuffling them in and out at the appointed hour.  (Maybe I missed my calling as an air traffic controller?)  Whatever the case, I love the simmered, braised, roasted, baked aaromas that rival bonfires, crisp leaves, and starry night air.  Indoor Autumn!

In My Kitchen… a trio of stemware teases me.


They were a dime apiece at our church thrift store and I couldn’t resist.  Besides being lovely to look at, I get a kick out of ping-ing them.  Are you a “ping-er” too?  Their crystal reverberations are music to my ears.

Speaking of which… I’ve been ensconced in rehearsing for my concert this week and my commenting has been at an all time low — not my usual way of doing things.  Terribly sorry! I’m really looking forward to savoring (and commenting on) your posts once my fingers are less occupied with my “other” keyboard.

Many thanks for your patience! xo

Soon, those crystal goblets will be filled with pudding or panna cotta or a single, spectacular serving of dessert, but for now I enjoy playing with them when I’m not playing my piano.

Potential Risotto

In My Kitchen… rice = risotto.

Fall flavors…  Butternut squash.  Pumpkin.  Mushroom.  Sage.

Risotto is my reward for simmering (and freezing) homemade stock all summer and standing in front of a warm stove stirring is a pleasure during the cooler months — especially when it results in risotto.

Smoked Salmon

In My Kitchen… is Smoked Salmon.

Most likely it’ll end up in a penne pasta salad later this week (if I can wait that long), or I’ll enjoy bite-sized tidbits with cream cheese on a bagel, never mind that it isn’t technically “lox.”  Here’s a handy tutorial on the difference.

By the way, those are our fishing hats in the background.  (No salmon in our lake, but it’s fun trying to catch whatever’s in there!)

In My Kitchen is a monthly event hosted by Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.  Please visit her blog for a “look see” in kitchens around the world — and let’s see what’s in your kitchen!

Enjoying Autumn in all its glory… In My Kitchen,

~ Kim

58 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ October 2013

  1. Oh how I love Autumn and this post is everything autumn! And that brick cake looks crazy good! Apples AND dates. Yes, please! Now all I need to do is create a GF and vegan version…

    And I use nutmeg on/in so many things–that and cardamom. Oh and squash! I just love this post :)

  2. I love all the deliciousness in this one post! Squash, pumpkin, mushrooms, sage are my favorite fall flavors, too. And nutmeg honey butter. I’ve got to try that, along with smoked salmon with penne. In YOUR kitchen is where I want to be!

  3. Hi Kim, I enjoyed the peek into your kitchen shared in your post. I love anything with dates in it so I will definitely be trying the Irish Brick Cake. Perhaps I’ll bake it for my brother-in-law – he’s of Irish descent!

    • Marian, I’m so pleased you stopped in for a visit. Isn’t IMK fun?! I’m of Irish descent (partly) and Maureen’s “Irish Brick Cake” was pure heritage-inducing pleasure. :) Let me know how your brother-in-law likes it!

  4. I ‘heart’ risotto too! And the cake looks perfect as I have seemingly tons of apples to eat from our single tree, so any and every apple recipe is devoured, literally! Thank you for the kitchen tour :)

    • My pleasure, Claire. It must be a bumper crop year for apples! The ones I used were given to us by an elderly friend who had more than he could eat. It was a delight baking with them!

  5. Thanks for sharing your beautiful Autumn kitchen! I love this season- and the cake sounds good- I just made a French apple cake- I think I will try this one next.
    I am a ping’er – and those glasses are lovely!

  6. I was all set for autumn and then summer came back as a tease. So, out came the lighter fare again while the kabocha squash and pomegranate in the fridge beckon me with an expectant glance. Oh the seasons. Enjoy your “other” keyboard this week.

    • Sue Ann, cooking during seasonal transitions is like trying to pack a suitcase for a trip. You never know what to throw in, but it sounds like you have the bases covered, from light to hearty.

  7. You have some lovely things in your kitchen, Kim. I love the glasses you picked up in a thrift shop. What a great find. I hope the concert goes well but I can appreciate the amount of time you must have to dedicate to such an event xx

  8. I am definitely a ping-er! Love the glasses, and hot smoked salmon is one of my favourite things :) All the best with your concert – how exciting!

  9. Thank u for dropping by and leaving your lovely glad to discover you! Its great isn;t it how this virtual world has become a sanctuary, all in the name of good food! I love your kitchen knick knacks youdisplayed here:-)

    • Jehanne, so true… there’s a sanctuary to be found in cyber world when good food is the common denominator. Not only that, but the love and good will behind every post! Thank YOU for following up — much appreciated.

  10. I love those crystal glasses, they look fabulous and actually I’ve been searching for something like that to add to my prop collection :)
    p.s. good luck with your concert :)

    • Thank you, Gourmantine! The beauty of shopping thrift stores is that there’s always an affordable surprise and I often end up trading out pieces I’ve on my blog used for new ones. (I don’t have much storage space!) Just came home with some adorable ramekins today (after I donated the plates in the “Brick Cake” photos and a bunch of other miscellaneous items)… coming soon to a post near you. ;) Happy Prop Shopping!

    • Joanne, I truly appreciated your comment about feeling welcome here. That’s something I aspire to (in real life and on my blog) and I’m tickled you felt that way. The IMK community has been equally as welcoming. I never thought I’d feel that way about the internet! ;)

  11. Kim, so many gorgeous photos from your kitchen. I love them all. You truly are an inspiration…in your words, your pictures and most of all in being you. p.s. I have kind of an obsession with my microplane….I know it’s even weird for me…I feel like I am neglecting my scoops ;)

    • Isabelle, I honestly didn’t own a scoop until you recommended them! Because of that, The Man Of Few Words appreciates my “scooped” cookies more often than you know — and more often than I use my microplane, ha! Love you, too. xo

  12. You know I love everything in your kitchen!! And, I just know that you have the windows open, the cool breezes flowing in, a hot cup of coffee or tea in hand and warm smiles and intense satisfaction in you soul…lovely, my dear, lovely xoxo

  13. Kim, I’m smiling because I read Maureen’s cake recipe on her blog, and now can see it made on yours! Autumn is such a lovely time, and it sounds like you really enjoy it! I love the idea of popping things in the oven for a slow braise and yes, I’m a crystal pinger as well. Just yesterday, my bone china bowl made the most gorgeous pure note and we all just sat there and enjoyed it for a second. It’s hard to walk the fine line with the teenagers between, “be careful with that bowl!” and “Oooh, doesn’t that sound beautiful!”.. :) Hope the performance goes brilliantly!

    • Celia, your description of the sound your bone china bowl made gave me the shivers… “the most gorgeous pure note.” I can totally identify with that. Still smiling about the “fine line.” :) So true! Do what we ‘say,’ not what we do, lol!

    • Uru, I think we’d have a terrific time scoping out local eateries ala your undercover alter-ego… or dining on the deck! In the meantime, Maureen is closer to you… maybe she’ll make you an Irish Brick Cake to tide you over until you can come stateside. ;) xo

    • Lail, thank you so much for your comment. I enjoyed your guest post on The Cooking Doctor and also your rosemary infused honey syrup for grilled fruit. Even though it’s autumn, grilling (everything) is the best way to make the most of the seasons!

    • Lizzy, that sounds like a wonderful lunch menu! It’s an every-once-in-awhile treat for me, but I could eat it every day — I love it, too! (I’m making a pasta salad with smoked salmon & asparagus as we speak.) The glassware has innumerable possibilities… new life in old things. Yup, we think alike!

    • Lisa, I’m glad you brought that up. (I added a “Happy Spring” afterwards — hadn’t thought about that from your perspective!) Hope you’re enjoying some lovely Spring weather while I’m relishing Autumn! ;) Looking forward to reading your IMK post.

    • B Gourley, the name has to do with the layers being “pressed down” before baking, but even then (although it sounds compact and dense), it’s definitely not a brick! Thanks for your complimentary observation — hope you try it. And thanks for stopping by the lake. :)

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