Finger Food (Zombie Halloween Party)

Finger Food

After five months of rehearsals, my concert came and went (successfully, whew!) but now there’s a huge vacuum in my brain where Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart previously took up residence.  Let’s just call it creative space.  The serious side of me was also in desperate need of fun.

Enter Catherine Hackman.

“Would you like to contribute a recipe to my Zombie Halloween Party?”

Of course!  It sounded quirky and amusing, plus I enjoy her stories tremendously.  (You can read her latest short story here.)

The last time I did anything Halloween-like was a few years back when we were invited to a party at a friend’s house.  My hubby preferred not to go.  When I showed up at the door all by my lonesome, the hostess inquired, “Where is he?”

I gestured to my side and replied, “Right here.  He’s The Invisible Man.”

In the spirit of fun, I’m bringing a few “no brainer” appetizers to Catherine’s party — food fit for zombies — or for folks who recently worked their fingers to the bone.

Finger Food

Bony Fingers (String Cheese Appetizers)

(Recipe credit:  Spoonful)

Mozzarella string cheese sticks

1 Tbsp. cream cheese, softened

1 yellow bell pepper, cored and seeded

Cut string cheese sticks in half.  With a paring knife, shape each stick to resemble fingers.  Cut an indentation for the fingernails and carve “knuckle wrinkles.”

Spread a small amount of cream cheese in each indent.

Cut fingernail shapes out of the bell pepper; affix a “nail” to each fingertip.  Chill, covered, until ready to serve.

These are yummy all by their lonesome, but if you’re feeling adventurous, try dunking them in Blood Curdling Scream Dip.

Blood Curdling Scream Dip (Roasted Red Pepper Pesto)

(Recipe credit goes to my Mom, who cut it out of a magazine and sent it to me.  Holler if it’s yours and I’ll give credit where it’s due.)

1 c. roasted red peppers (I used jarred ones due to my zombie-like state)

1/4 c. walnuts

1/2 tsp. cumin

1 Tbsp. balsamic vinegar

1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper (see note)

Drain peppers.  Place ingredients in a blender or food processor; pulse to desired consistency.

Note:  The original recipe didn’t call for cayenne, but in my opinion it’s a scream-worthy addition.

Chill, covered, until ready to serve.

For a spooky presentation, serve “fingers” and dip on a blood red plate… or in a ghoulish light.

As for the lil’ zombies lurking about, the credit goes to my Sis.  Her skill with a needle and thread rivals Dr. Frankenstein.  (Thanks, Sis!)  She credits her inspiration to Zombie Felties.

Zombie Halloween Party

For additional party ideas, please visit Catherine’s Zombie Halloween Party post… and while you’re there, be sure to haunt her latest short story.  It’s a thriller!

Catherine has a gift for connecting with teens and young adults through her writing.  She also throws a great Halloween party!  I guarantee the serious side of you will smile.

Enjoying creative space,

~ Kimby

26 thoughts on “Finger Food (Zombie Halloween Party)

    • Thank you, Amy! They had just the right amount of “friendly” to them and believe it or not, they’re healthy, too. (I think they may actually qualify as vegetarian — a first!) Happy Halloween early. :)

    • Shirley, I’m full of surprises! Yup, this isn’t my usual sedate, serene style, but it was fun. ;) I’m glad you saw the ‘entertainment’ value in it. It’s like TV — if you don’t like what you see, you can change the channel and check again later. I’m still smiling over your opening sentence, tee hee. You are SO fun and funny!

      • I hope it’s alright to post a reply to your comment, too, Shirley. Your opening sentence caught my eye, and I came over to Kim’s sight specially to read your comment. I think the “fingers” are fabulous, and I especially love the “fingernails.”

        • Catherine, the more comments, the merrier! Shirley has an awesome sense of humor (and a teenage son) — check out her Luxury Haven link on my blog roll. xo to you both! By the way, the “fingers” (and dip) tasted great, too. :)

  1. I love how we all get to be kids at Halloween. Congratulations on your concert… I know it’s a lot if hard work getting ready but it’s so worthwhile. Will you be doing another soon?

    • Shary, I was invited to do a repeat performance after the first of the year and another concert for a fund raising event in the Spring. That’s often enough to stay in practice and far enough apart to allow time for writing, which I’ve been missing. The best of both!

  2. Yum! Halloween parties are my favorite. Such an opportunity to bring some creepy creativity to the table. I used to throw a big one with lots of food, but I’m out of college and all my friends have moved off, so nowadays I typically turn off the porch light and soak my feet in what used to be the candy bowl :p

  3. Delighted to know that your concert went successful :)
    Your “finger” food looks kinda cute…not spooky at all :) And the red pepper peso sounds and looks exotic. Sensuous :)

    Loved the adorably spooky recipes :)
    Hugs. Peace. Sunshine.

  4. oooooh creepy fingers! I would have loved to share this lovely creepy dish with you my sweet Kim! My husband is also the invisible man when it comes to parties….especially Halloween Parties! Have a delicious day :)

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