A Day In The Life (Mushroom Soup with Bacon)

Mushroom Soup with Bacon 2

Diaries are a dangerous thing. (At least that’s what I thought when I was growing up.) Some of them came with a lock and key (remember the ol’ Woolworth’s variety easily pilfered with a paperclip?), while others resembled the “journal” advocated today.

Fair game for anyone who stumbled upon them.

Either way, sacred thoughts were but a page turn away from being revealed and thus I resisted the trend to tell it all… until I started blogging. It amazes (and amuses) me that anyone, anywhere can read whatever I choose to put out there.

Perhaps the key word is choose?

November 4, 2013

Woke up at 6:30 (or so) a.m. wondering what time it was. Hello, Daylight Saving Time… (Question to self: “Is it really possible to save daylight?) Check cell phone clock. Check computer clock. Open curtains. Ask hubby.

Coffee. More coffee…

Wandered about the house until caffeine caught up. (FYI, much of my morning exercise regimen consists of locating the cup I sat down somewhere, and caffeine — though labeled a drug and a vice — is part of my DNA after this long.) My blood type is “C” for caffeine… and chocolate.

Hubby laughs at my antics. (So predictable, but somehow he still finds it adorable.) Blessings…

Check outside thermometer. Check inside temp. Check woodstove.

“Want bacon for breakfast?” (No thanks.) “How ’bout eggs?” (Nah, not hungry this morning, thank you.)


We’ve pretty much decided we’re on our own when it comes to appeasing hunger, but I’m compelled to offer anyway.

Hubby leaves for work. Rush to living room window to wave goodbye and blow kisses. (TMI?)

Opens fridge…

Generally I’m not a breakfast eater (see above), but I couldn’t help myself from indulging in another bowl of the mushroom soup that I made last night. It was that good. (Side note: check woodstove again.)

Mushroom Soup with Bacon 1

I can’t thank Queen Jeanne’s Cuisine enough for sharing this recipe! (click here). For a fascinating glimpse on why Jeanne does what she does (and is a culinary instructor, to boot!), please follow up here. Thank you, Jeanne!

For those of you wondering if I rankled the recent dairy-phobe nature of my physiology, I went out on a limb and added the heavy cream. (So far, so good.)

I foresee cheese in my future, hoohah!

Did I mention bacon? Mushroom Soup with Bacon? Breakfast of champions.

Mushroom Soup with Bacon 2

Fortified by the unconventional sustenance at that hour, I grabbed my camera and jacket (cooler today) to take shots of the undulating lake. In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been fooling around with my blog background. The previous one reminded me of tire tracks and trucking (ala lake colors), but the effect was somewhat dizzyfying… not quite what I had in mind to imbue the peacefulness of this place.

Wave shots, check. Try not to fall in, check. Fall foliage shots and whatever else tickles my fancy, check.

(Bacon does that to me.)


Downloaded photos into my computer. Seared roast for tonight’s dinner. Peeled potatoes, onions, and carrots. Scoffed at the slippery slope toward revealing all… and laughed long and loud!

(Some days are like that.)

Particularly today…

Enjoying adjusting to DST,

~ Kimby

16 thoughts on “A Day In The Life (Mushroom Soup with Bacon)

  1. Dear Kim,

    That mushroom soup with slices of fresh mushroom and crispy bacon looks truly awesome. An ex-girlfriend once taught me to have mushroom soup with few drops of Tabasco chilli sauce with each spoonful and till this day, I have not forgotten how beautiful she is and how good that tastes!

    Muck about with the background but just don’t change that image of the lake on your blog header would be my little request.

    • Dear Chopinand,

      I’ll have to try your Tabasco sauce suggestion — sounds delish! Thanks, too, for your ideas about my blog background — I was starting to feel swamped (or adrift) looking at it. ;) Subtle suits me better and the header photo is here to stay. You’re a gem!

  2. This looks incredible Kim. I adore mushrooms (so does my husband, I think he was Frodo Baggins in another life) and the addition of bacon makes it even more drool-worthy! Breakfast (or dinner, lunch or snack) of champions indeed! xx

  3. I just checked the recipe and love how it uses several kinds of mushrooms. As a mushroom lover, I can’t miss the chance to make this. Love the bacon on top. We often put the bacon on top of soup. :) Creamy mushroom soup… this is a must make, very soon!

    • Nami, I especially enjoyed the “creamy” aspect of this soup — the pureed mixture thickened it wonderfully and next time I may even leave out the cream. Mushroom lovers unite! :) Hope you and your family enjoy it!

    • Uru, you are so open-minded and encouraging about ideas that differ from your food lifestyle and that’s one of the reasons I love reading everybody’s blogs — yours included! xo

  4. Ooohhhh, Kimmmee, you make a normal everyday day seem so mesmerizing and romantic…I love that about you…the simple and unexpected, like the ripples and waves undulating, become a gift, unexpected at that. And, like you, I find random coffee cups {some w/sludged-like black coffee!!) around the house~~in closets, on steps, bathroom~~as I say hello to my day and the glorious caffeine! xoxo

    • Jeanne, normally I wait for the “politically correct” week or two to blog about someone else’s recipe (and apologies for bucking the trend, but I couldn’t help myself.) This mushroom soup is the best I’ve EVER tasted!

      • No worries. I appreciate the mention. Besides it was Anne’s recipe already available for public view. You helped market us both. Thanks again. Raining like crazy here. Off to teach a class on Holiday Side Dishes. Wish me luck.

        • Jeanne, by now you’ve conducted your Holiday Side Dish class and I’m sure it was a resounding success! Smiling about your marketing comment… I look at “links” as an opportunity to connect folks who need to know each other. ;)

    • Many thanks, Mike! I relayed your sentiments to “TMOFW” and he grinned. I’m thankful he puts up with my blog antics and I’m tickled you saw his character within my musings. :) “Hi” to your lovely wife!

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