In My Kitchen, November 2013

Pretty Popovers

(Hover over the photos for their true colors… I love surprises, don’t you?)

In My Kitchen… I can’t remember the last time I had a complete set of dishes. After multiple moves over the years, their numbers diminished one cracked plate, chipped cup, or broken bowl at a time. At best, I was down to a half-dozen or so “blue plate specials,” fortified by odds and ends brought home from my forays to the flea market and thrift store. Color-wise, they blended well with our lake surroundings and I’m grateful for their longstanding service — thirteen years and counting. Still, my heart yearned for a matched set.

Then, along came these…

Color Scheme Dishes Close Up

An incredible gift from my sister. (Thanks, Sis! xo)

Notice their resemblance to my favorite time of year?

Color Scheme

I’m soooo excited! (Couldn’t resist showing you another peek…)

They fit perfectly in my hutch (aka repurposed entertainment center) — meant to be! As if that weren’t enough, the ochre-colored vessels were recent gifts from my daughter. (Thanks, Bebe Girl! xo) I’m loving this vibrant corner adjacent to my kitchen.


In My Kitchen… are (were) crispy, airy popovers baked in a popover pan from my Mom. (Thanks, Mom!) I enjoyed mine with gravy (ala Yorkshire pudding) while the Man Of Few Words slathered his with butter and jam. For this batch, I used King Arthur Flour’s Gluten-Free Multi Purpose Flour (my first attempt at gluten-free baking here’s why) and was entirely pleased with the results. (That’s not an endorsement, nor sponsorship — just my opinion.)


In My Kitchen… is the cutest lil’ step stool made by The Man Of Few Words. He crafted it many years ago for his Mom who is, shall we say, “vertically challenged.” In his typical humor, he wood-burned this on top: “Mom, now you can reach the silverware drawer!!!” (Worn thin from decades of use, but the sentiment is still there.) I can’t recall when she passed it on to me, but it’s been indispensable in my kitchen, too. (Thanks, Mom!)

Step Stool

In My Kitchen… is a birdseed jar (part of the new set) that will come in handy in a few weeks. During the euphoria of my recent blessings, I took leave of my senses and volunteered to lead a craft session (yes, moi) for tiny tots at our church. It involves making bird feeders out of pine cones, peanut butter, birdseed… and a whole lot of messy fun. How could I resist?

Birdseed Jar

The other 364 days of the year, it’ll serve as a cookie canister.

TMOFW's favorite cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies for The Man Of Few Words

In My Kitchen… it’s time to have another cup o’Joe, gaze at the backyard beauty before it’s gone, and count my blessings… over and over and over.

Lawn Carpet of Leaves 1

Each month Celia at Fig Jam & Lime Cordial hosts In My Kitchen and it’s a pleasure to take a peek at her ingredients, utensils, and musings about life, as well as those from contributors around the world. Do hope you’ll join us!

Enjoying colorful blessings,

~ Kim

51 thoughts on “In My Kitchen, November 2013

  1. Oh I do so love the dishes – what vibrant colors & beautiful pattern. I don’t think I had a complete set of dishes either & have used the excuse that coordinating rather than matching is supposed to be in. It’s great that you have such a gorgeous hutch to show off your favorite things.
    Love that step stool, it’s a treasure.

    • Diane, I think “coordinating” is fun — coming up with new combinations, etc. — and I plan to keep doing that, too, even tho I have a set of dishes. Creativity is always in style! Thanks for your lovely comment.

        • Oh noooo!!! Diane, I loved your new granite counters & floor, but hadn’t thought about the implications of fumble fingers. :) Sounds like creativity (and “crashing”) are the order of the day. Go with what works — or is still intact. :)

  2. I know what you mean by things getting broken through multiple moves! I barely have two wine glasses that match. I love the look of your popovers and yes, I think they should be served with rare roast beef and gravy – very British! And what a gorgeous new dinner set – it’s colours are gorgeous xx

    • Charlie, I wish you could see my wine glass stash — we both have “unmatched sets!” ;) I agree, the British version of that dinner is unparalleled — there’s something about roast & gravy & Yorkshire pudding that satisfies the most savage hunger. Thank you for coming by to comment… I’m sooooo far behind on IMK commenting this month!

  3. Dear Kim,

    Autumn is my favourite season too, especially when I can think of hearty stews while enjoying the brilliant red, crimson and gold foilage around us. The Man Of A Few Words is a treasure to behold for crafting that cute little foot stool for his mum, The signficance behind its obvious utility is even more special.

    • Dear ChopinandMysaucepan,

      The ol’ saying goes, “You can tell a lot about a man by the way he treats his mother.” I’m one blessed wife. Thanks for your vibrant description of Autumn, too!

  4. Thank you, my most precious friend, for inviting me into your kitchen and sharing w/me the treasures from loved ones…you always have a way of warming my soul and spirit with beauty and meaning~~I’m ready for a warm popover with some butter and jam…xoxo you!!

  5. Beautiful pics as always, Kim. You capture things beautifully in photos and your words. I just returned from Colorado where Fall has lost all color and the mountains are topped with snow. A different kind of beauty for sure. Spent a long weekend with family beside a rushing river and surrounded by purple mountains majesty. Can’t complain about that. Life is good.

    • Jeanne, I’ve never seen Colorado on the cusp of winter, but your description brought a beautiful picture to mind. Sometimes those transitions are as breathtaking as full blown seasons. Thanks for that!

    • Anne, that’s one of the things I love about IMK posts… the diverse worlds in which we live (local dialects and “lingo” included), tied together by our common love of cooking. Thanks for the smile for the day!

  6. Hey dear, totally love the hues of your new crockery that matches the autumn season. Always wish to own a huge kitchen to stock up these beautiful collections. I haven’t seen your entry for my Giveaway, Kim. Why don’t you try your luck & get lucky this x’mas!

  7. I loved hovering over your photos that is such good fun. And such beautiful colours both inside and outside of your kitchen – no wonder you are counting your blessings I would be too.

    • Catherine, here’s the link to the recipe I used:, and here’s the recipe I usually use (my Mom’s): Preheat oven to 475 degrees F. Beat 2 eggs, 1 c. milk, 1 c. flour and 1 tsp. salt until smooth. Add 1 Tbsp. melted butter; mix just until combined.

      Pour batter into well greased popover pan (deep cups) until each is half-full. (You can also use custard cups or a cupcake tin, but they won’t be as tall.) Bake at 475 for 15 minutes; reduce heat to 350 and bake another 20 to 30 minutes until golden brown. (If using smaller cups, check after 10 to 15 minutes.) Remove popovers from tins and poke the side of each with a fork or knife to let the steam escape. Serve while hot.

    • What fun! I’m thinking it was Christmas morning — either way, it was a true act of benevolence and I’d be hard pressed to give mine up, lol. Thanks for bringing that scene to mind!

    • Gintare, I keep picking up one-at-a-time plates, etc. for photography, but I donate them to our church thrift store when I finally decide I can part with them! ;) (I’d run out of cupboard space in a hurry if I didn’t.) I’m happy with treasures for a time, but that new set is here to stay and “lovely” is the word I use to describe them, too. Thank you so much! xo

  8. What beautiful colours in and around your kitchen, no wonder you love autumn! I love your re-purposed entertainment unit, you’ve done it up so well, and it looks beautiful with all your gorgeous plates and vases and pretty things on it. Amazing!

    • Jas, that was the first piece of furniture I ever bought. (That, and my “sturdy farm kitchen table” purchased with the proceeds from our first and only “owned” house… built to last!) We have a hodgepodge of accoutrements given to us (and made use of) over the years and I’m grateful for all of them, but the ones earned by the sweat of my brow have an enduring place… or a new place! Tickled you saw and appreciated my “vision.” ;)

    • Joanne, thankfully we live in a secluded spot where I can spend more time looking at leaves than raking them — unless they’re so thick I can’t get to my deck chair, lol. Bet you remember jumping in leaf piles! It’s so fun trading memories and present life perspectives with you. :) xo

  9. I love your autumn colours, both inside and out. The autumn leaves are so fleeting and you are so right to enjoy them while you can.

    Your stool is definitely an heirloom and I’m sure you treasure it.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Pat, I was already thinking ahead as to how my “autumn” plates will fit in year-round… green salads in the Spring, sizzling stuff off the grill in the Summer, vibrant color in the dead of winter… I think they’ll work out nicely! That lil’ step stool seems to be a hit this time around (with good reason) — yup, an heirloom and humor and a “family story” all in one. :) Thanks for coming by again this month — much appreciated!

  10. Kim, this was so much fun to read! I’m so glad you have a matched set again – years ago we decided to only use white crockery for eating on, which makes it easy to match, but I have to say, there are many times I’ve wished for something as beautiful and colourful as your new set! The little stool is a treasure and an heirloom, and that last photo is simply glorious! Happy Autumn! xx

    • Celia, it’s been such fun putting together IMK posts — thank you again for creating this venue! Subdued dishes photograph better for “food,” but the new set really expresses my heart for “daily life.” :) Glad the backyard photo tickled ya, and the lil’ step stool! They’re both gems.

    • Thank you, Rebecca! There’s something so appealing about popovers, isn’t there? (Or maybe it’s their propensity for being “fill-able?”) Jam, gravy, honey — ahhhh…

  11. Loving the colors on your post- especially the bright and lovely dishes!
    Sisters are the best givers- they know just how to touch your heart!
    And the kitchen stool- that is on its way to being an heirloom, no?

  12. Aw, that carpet of leaves is just splendid, I would count that among blessings for sure. :) I know what you mean about chipped dishes, just did it again the other night loading the dishwasher. Ugh. What a beautiful set from your sister! And the repurposed hutch — pure genius!

    • Judy, thanks for noticing my “hutch” — we had to rearrange when we installed the woodstove and I racked my brains thinking of how to “recycle” it. (Funny how those inspirations finally find their place.) Glad you enjoyed the leaves, too! And those chipped dishes.. ugh, yes. :)

    • Elizabeth, that step stool is so much sturdier than those fold-up contraptions, plus I’m not in danger of pinching my “piano fingers.” Do you have a woodworker in your family? (Christmas is coming!) Thanks for enjoying my dishes with me… rich, indeed.

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