My New Laptop II

Still Typing Away

Awhile back I wrote about my trusty ol’ typewriter (a gift from my friend, Ruth) and afterwards I printed off that post (and your comments) and mailed them to her.

A week later I received her handwritten reply.

“I never would have expected so much nostalgia — especially on typewriters. So glad you enjoy my Olympia.  Just one correction — I went to college in the 40’s. Got out of Graduate School in 1947 — 66 years ago. You weren’t even a gleam in your Mother’s eye yet!”

(Thought you might get a kick out of that.)

Ruth and I have been writing back and forth for decades and I’ve come to expect her shoot-from-the-hip, laced-with-humor, honest observations. There’s no editing in our friendship — or correspondence.

Another “state your business” writer I admire is cyber-friend and fellow-Oklahoma-blogger, Elizabeth-Michelle. “Must read” features on her blog are Sunday Morning Coffee, Wordless Wednesdays (photography), and her highly entertaining random “lists.”

Good writing is worth passing along, handwritten or otherwise.

In the meantime, I’m still typing away.

And loving it.

Enjoying thoughts in every format,


10 thoughts on “My New Laptop II

  1. Wow, Kim, that typewriter looks wonderful. I always thought that using one has a certain lost poetry to it, which sadly would do little for me… autocorrect becomes addictive and eventually irreplaceable, without it I don’t think I’d advance further than a page :)

    • Gourmantine, I love your thought about poetic typing! (Will remember that the next time I’m plunking away.) I agree, there are convenient features on modern devices (for me, “word count” is one of them — for you, “autocorrect”) — best of both worlds! :)

    • Shirley, what kind of typewriter did you have? The Man of Few Words used to have a Royal (I think) even more ancient than this one — wish we still had it, too. One of these days I’ll get up to speed, lol!

  2. Hi Kim – I love that you still use a typewriter. I still have my trusty IBM Correcting Selectric III from our CPA days. It’s big enough to be a boat anchor for most yachts! But it is handy when I need someone to be able to read what I write! When my granddaughters were younger they thought it was the neatest thing use to write songs. Not sure I understood that, but they spent a lot of time pounding away and singing together. Computers are nice – but can be extremely frustrating at times. I never had my beloved typewriter crash or lose my work. However, I do have to admit that the computer is a better speller.

    Love from the North Country,

    Marian in Minnesota

    • Marian, I always loved the “sound” of a Selectric — neat that your granddaughters were inspired to write songs on it! The biggest plus re: the manual for me is that it requires no power (other than my own.) ‘Tis the season for ice storms here… :) I also discovered that it sits on my deck railing quite nicely for less inclement weather! Great to hear from you. xo

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