A Totally Unedited Post (okay, a couple of times to proofread) and an Appeal…

6 December 2013

Dear Ones,

I’m sooooo at the mercy of my creative soul. (Inspiration comes in the most unlikely forms and at the most unexpected times.) Thanks for bearing with me, blog world pals and new friends! xo

Take our recent snowstorm, for instance. Some might view it as an inconvenience, but I look at it as a break from life… and blogging.

A much needed break. (Back at’cha next weekend.)

I’m talking slow-simmered, re-evaluate as you go, throw another log on the fire, take a NAP, think it over twice before you hit the “send” button (except now), and give it some serious consideration first.

Why are you blogging? What do you want from it? What do you get from it? What do you give? (Emphasis on the last musing.)

In this online world of pretty pictures (some? all? enhanced…) as opposed to the very real world of poverty around me, it gets to be a bit much at times. The dichotomy of it digs at me — deeply.

Folks are starving here… and not just here.

Frankly, I plain ol’ don’t care if my pictures are food photo worthy (or not) or if my recipes are on the cutting edge of trendiness. (Well, I do to some extent…if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy; refer to “creative soul” above.)

What I care about more is that hungry people are fed.

Staring that statement in the face, I guess that’s why I’m here.

No. I know that’s why I’m here.

To feed your soul (hopefully)… as well as the stomachs of those in hunger.

I love having a purpose!

Between the surreal (albeit blessed) world of posting about my latest kitchen paraphernalia (and/or recipes) versus the real need of donating to our local food shelf, I might just make a difference to someone somewhere. It’s not for naught.

My efforts matter… and so do yours!

O Christmas Tree

During this holiday season (often fraught with excess), please choose to make a difference to someone in need. Step up to the plate — not just those with artful backgrounds — and donate generously to your local food pantry.

That’s it. Thank you. Love y’all!

Enjoying more blessings than I can count,

~ Kimby

26 thoughts on “A Totally Unedited Post (okay, a couple of times to proofread) and an Appeal…

  1. Great thoughts Kim! I too sometimes wonder as I blog… my blogging has been limited this season due to volunteering my time toward missions programs with the school. (A good cause, woohoo!) We likewise count our blessings and give to those with little. This year it was not food, but clothing. And my children were able to watch these families in need pick up their gifts and let me tell you! They were so overjoyed by the simple gifts of essentials; while my kids were feeling a new kind of love. The gift of giving. :) Merry Christmas Kim!

    • Andrea, thanks for sharing that! It’s so much more meaningful when they can see the end result (not that donations don’t count), but this will impact them for the rest of their lives. What a feel-good story with tangible results. Thanks again!

    • Purabi, this is the busiest time of year for me (Christmas concerts, playing for special events, etc.) and I was feeling a bit stretched thin trying to do music and writing at the same time, but it’s all coming back into balance again. (Thanks for thinkin’ about me!) I can only imagine how busy you are with your wee ones! Merry Christmas to you and your family, too.

  2. Dear Kimby,

    This is a very thoughtful post. I often think about ‘why I am blogging’ so I dedicate a page on my blog just to remind me of the purpose behind each piece.

    If we are guided by a bigger purpose, that purpose gives us strength to keep writing and “to make positive a difference”. If we could do that, whether it’s home-made recipes, music or travel to far away places, I think we would have succeeded in our own little way.

    • Chopinand, I remember reading your “why I am blogging” when I first happened upon your blog (years ago already!) and thought it was wonderful that you made a mission statement. (Just went back and re-read it now… moments of peace and joy… music… food for body and soul… ah, yes.) You’ve identified the most important “why” here — being guided a bigger purpose. It’s not just for us, is it? Thank you, my friend.

  3. Hi Kim,
    This post is looking so beautiful with your lovely thoughts! It is a giveback time as well besides always taking from nature…Thanks for sharing awesome posts!
    I enjoyed browsing through your other wonderful recipes. It was a real delight to see and learn so much from your each and every post. Hope to see more of your creative endeavors in the New Year. Have a wonderful Holiday Season and stay Warm !
    Thanks & Regards, Sonia

  4. I admire you for writing such a sincere post. Your thoughtfulness and care clearly appear in the post. Thank you for reminding all of us about more important things in life. Enjoying this special time with family and friends (I REALLY need to listen to this one as I have been giving excuse that I’m very busy with work), and giving help to those who need. I always feel my heart is warm when I read your posts! Wish I can join you at the warm fireplace! :)

  5. Yes, truly more blessings than we can even count~~why bestowed upon us? For greater responsibility to others~~thank you, my Kim, for always filtering through the layers of ‘stuff’ that can get us way off track~~ xox love you girl

    • Ally, I’ve always liked the saying, “God blesses us so that we can bless others.” To me, that’s the best (and “funnest”) kind of giving there is — Christmastime or year-round. Love you, too! xo

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