My Life Compared To Chicken Salad

‘Tis the last day of 2013, and while I considered doing a “best of” post (fun reads), I decided to sum up the year in Chicken Salad.

Many days were flavorful (think toasted pine nuts, scallions, red Anjou pears, and Bleu Cheese, with shredded roast chicken nestled on a heart of Romaine and drizzled with Balsamic vinaigrette), while others were the monochromatic amalgam of daily living — your basic “chicken, mayo, and onion” version. Both satisfied and both had their merits.

Then there were jewel-like days when life was flat-out a party.

Chicken Salad

(This was a “thrown together” salad with Honey-Dijon-Lemon-Mayo — sorry, no recipe…)

Some days are like that.

I’m also old enough to realize that not every day will be brilliant and not every day will be bland, but circumstances can’t prevent you from celebrating life… your life!

At 12:01 a.m., we’ll all be handed an empty plate. What will you fill it with?

And, which food best describes your year in review?

Enjoying chicken salad perspectives,

~ Kim

P.S. Happy New Year!!!

22 thoughts on “My Life Compared To Chicken Salad

  1. I love how you used your Chicken Salad as metaphor for your life! So creative! ;) Your “thrown together” recipe looks wonderful – it doesn’t look like something you just “throw together”, really! I’m inspired to make something similar by guessing how you made. :)

    • Nami, it started with leftover chicken (roasted/stuffed with garlic, rosemary, & lemon), tri-colored pasta, red grapes, & diced celery… whatever was in the fridge! The dressing was mayo based (your Japanese mayo would be fabulous, but I used “the store-bought kind”) seasoned with Dijon, honey, and lemon juice to taste. Let me know if you try it!

  2. My year in review would actually be a meal–Thanksgiving. The LORD showered so very many blessings upon my family last year, it still takes my breath away. And my family and I are still thanking Him continually–and will be forever–for one in particular. I am also thankful for my friend Kim who co-blogs with me from time to time–we make a great team!

  3. Thank you for your New Year’s blessings, ChopinandMysaucepan. Life at our humble abode could best be described by my “other” moniker: The Queen of Leftovers! Even in the midst of want (and waste), God appoints us to be good stewards. I know you have a heart for others, too, and you’re mindful of “making the most of” what’s been provided. I’m SO glad our paths crossed during this span on the planet. :) xo

  4. Dear Kim,

    Your ‘thrown together’ chicken salad looks delicious. The extent of how elaborate our daily food is relative and I am conscious the less fortunate would be thankful for some of my least indulgent meals.

    Cooking and eating well in our country with such an abundance of food need not be an expensive affair. What I always strive to do is to appreciate the fresh and beautiful ingredients and try never to waste food.. Blessings to you and The Man of A Few Words for a great 2014 ahead!

  5. While you’re still pondering, it’s nearly 10:30am on New Year’s Day here in Australia and frankly it looks the same as 2013. I have all sorts of goals but no real plans so maybe that’s how I should spend day one of 2014.

    I’m so glad we’re friends! Happy New Year!

    • Maureen, your statement about 2014 looking the same as 2013 (time zones notwithstanding) gave me even more to ponder… what a profound revelation! I, too, need to be more “definite” this year — so easy to muddle along from one day to the next — “goals but no real plans.” (Aha…) I’m tickled we’re friends, too! xo Blessings to you and yours in 2014!

    • Jeanne, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you, too. I’m glad our “mutual friend” mentioned their visit and the fact that you’re a blogger, too — I love what you write and cook. xo Happy 2014!

        • “D. D.” (as in N & D D. from MN) — I think they visited you last summer or fall? (Think music and laughter — fun folks! — we used to work together back in the day and they’re godparents to my daughter.) Sorry to be so cryptic, but you know how it is with online privacy. :) Thanks again, Jeanne — I’m tickled you enjoy your visits here!

          • OMG. Small world. I didn’t realize that is how you found me. I am so glad. Am I wrong in thinking you now live in Oklahoma? We did have a great visit w/ them this past year. Sweet.

            • Jeanne, yes I live in Oklahoma now. (Got tired of shoveling snow and scraping windshields, ha!) Thank goodness for email, blogs, etc. to keep in touch with friends (or meet new ones!) — it truly is a small world!

            • I know what you mean about the snow, etc. Moved here 15 years ago from Northern California. Why? Long story but my husband is from the MN and WI areas. Still dread Winter and all it offers up. Not enough sunshine for sure. Today, however, the sky is blue and sun is shining even though the ground is a blanket of white. I’ll take it! Have a great day.

    • Ally, I laughed when I read your comment! Only folks who have “tread the path” of a hen house yard bordered with chicken wire to a coop full of feisty, pecky hens to gather eggs can truly appreciate your statement. ;) I did! Yup, there’s good in every day. xoxo! Happy New Year!

    • Heidi, your “plate” immediately took me back to the days of yore when our sons were young. “Hot dogs and little boys” was a perfectly delightful description! Thank you. Have a wonderful New Year!

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