In My Kitchen ~ February 2014

The Hill

In my kitchen things have been a tad slow, primarily because we’ve been stranded at the bottom of “the hill” three times since the first of the year. Sitting around waiting for the snow to melt doesn’t work up much of an appetite. This last snowstorm took us by surprise, and consequently there’ve been no trips to town to restock the larder — but, no worries. That’s when things get creative in my kitchen.

A playful attitude goes a long way, too.

When life hands you snow, make snowmen!

Snowman... in Oklahoma?!

Or blackberry cobbler…

Blackberry Cobbler lookin pretty

In my kitchen is the comforting coziness of fruit mixed with spices (cinnamon and freshly ground nutmeg to be precise), dolloped with biscuit-y goodness. Usually I make “pie crust-style” cobbler, but this one served the purpose nicely. Though I’m generally a seasonal eater, I don’t have a moment’s hesitation about pulling out a previous season’s bounty to cajole it for all it’s worth.

We’ve also enjoyed sweet ‘n’ sour meatballs, homemade macaroni & cheese, antelope tacos (!) and a terrific Spicy Black Bean Soup, among other things. It’s amazing what you can make for dinner when you set your mind to it.

Normally it doesn’t snow this often (or this much!) in Oklahoma, but I can’t complain. While The Man Of Few Words and I play Scrabble, I’ve been simmering stuff like crazy and we’ve been watching bald eagles soar overhead from our living room windows. The wood burning stove is also staying ahead of the cold. Life is good.

A pair of eagles

A pair of eagles

(Unseasonably cold… but good.)

Snow on Deck Feb 2 2014

In my kitchen are fresh bread and blackberry jam. Every bite tastes like summer!

Did I just say summer? Picnic, anyone?

There's even more snow than the last time!

There’s even more snow than the last time!

If you’d like to join In My Kitchen or peek into delightful kitchens from around the world, visit Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial who oversees this event each month. (Thanks, Celia!)

Enjoying cobbling things together,

~ Kim

© Kim Bultman and a little lunch.

40 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ February 2014

    • Nancy, our kitchen views certainly are opposites, aren’t they?! We spent a lot of time in major cities (L.A., Chicago, NYC, Dallas, DC, etc.) when we were over-the-road truck drivers, so the quiet has been a welcome change for us. Home is where the heart is — whether it’s in the middle of a big city or stuck at the bottom of a hill. :)

      P.S. We finally made it to the top after 6 days and all the snow has melted now. Woohoo!

  1. Blackberry cobbler mmm that looks good and how wonderful to eat it while you watch bald eagles soar above. You can keep the snow though – this year I’m happy to just look at other people’s snow. We have enough water here and don’t need snow too! Hope you’re not snowed in for too long.

  2. I have never seen snow, let alone been snowed in – it is all beautiful though. I am very much a summer baby so am grateful our winters aren’t that cold although I would love to experience snow.
    You are certainly very organised and had some wonderful meals while being snowed in.
    Have a super day.
    :-) Mandy xo

    • Mandy, we’re “summer” people, too — love it when it’s hot! This storm actually dropped snow in places where it never snows. My son’s friend’s Grandma (in Louisiana) got to see snow for the first time at age 80! Never say never… :) Have a wonderful day, too!

  3. Hi Kim, I can’t imagine snow at all, let alone that much snow. To my mind, (I hate summer) it sound wonderful. Oh … to be sitting in front of a fire eating cobbler. I couldn’t think of anything better.

    • Glenda, we moved to Oklahoma so we didn’t have to contend with snow — surprise, surprise! (Wish I could’ve shipped you some!) The weather seems to be extreme or unusual everywhere this year.

    • Joanne, I’m soooo far behind on peeking into everyone’s kitchens this month (including yours) — had a few writing deadlines and a speaking obligation to attend to first. Will pop over asap and see how you’re handling the heat! Glad the snow “felt” good. :) xo

  4. Kim, what a post! I can’t imagine being snowed-in, but you sound like you’re very organised, so I guess we don’t have to worry for you. But to sit in such serenity and watch eagles soar…oh my. Your food all sounds hearty and delicious and warming, and I love the view of the lake from behind your snowman. Does it ever freeze? Thanks for sharing a view of your world with us.. xx

    • Celia, things were getting pretty sparse, but I can always come up with somethin’ for dinner. :) The lake actually had a thin layer of ice on it this month (clear out to the driftwood trees) — second time that’s happened since we moved here — but it’s melting, it’s MELTING! (Hallelujah!) It’s been fun to watch the seagulls “standing” on the lake, too, and ducks floating in the open spaces. Always something to see and appreciate. As I mentioned to Diane above, I just added a photo of the eagles so you can “see” ’em, too! Thanks again for this opportunity to share my corner o’ the world. xo

  5. The view outside my windows looks very much the same although we did get another foot of snow this past week. Really, spring must be around the corner…just not sure which corner though. My taste buds are going crazy just looking at that cobbler. A fire and scrabble – just the thing in this weather. Oh, I wish I could see the eagles though.

        • Diane, I’m very respectful of them and don’t want to scare them off, so I cracked open the living room window & used my longest telephoto setting. So glad you got to see them in their natural habitat now! I also admire zoos who rescue birds, animals, etc. — totally loving folks! Thanks again.

  6. Kim…you always create in my senses and my brain a Norman Rockwell setting…I can smell the fire burning and the scent of the spices (not to mention that cobbler looks killer!)…and, I can just see you and Mr. MOFW, steely eyes and determination, going head to head in scrabble…oh, what freedom of mind and soul … thank you for sharing xoxo

    • Ally, after all those years of being cooped up in the cab of a semi, we truly enjoy our “space” — together, and in separate parts of the house. Scrabble is our common ground. Good times, yup! :)

    • Heidi, the eagles “winter” here — don’t see ’em very often in the summer — so we’re really relishing that. It’s a blessing to see so much nature out our windows! Thank you for poking around my kitchen, too!

    • Liz, our sweltering days are a comin’! I guess that’s why I don’t mind snow so much (even if it’s in Oklahoma — not typical!) Hope you’re finding some relief from the heat. Thanks for coming by!

    • Catherine, I remember “real” winters when I was growing up in Minnesota — snow drifts as high as the telephone poles (back when there were telephone poles, ha!) and having to ride 1/2 a mile on the back of a tractor to get to a school bus waiting at the corner on the “county road” (a larger, more frequently maintained thoroughfare than the tiny rural road we lived on.) Your girls will have something to tell their future families… remember the winter of ’14? :) Glad to hear you’re taking advantage of the time to write!

    • Debi, our winters are usually wet like yours, too — that’s why we moved here from Minnesota. ;) But “wet” winters can sometimes be colder than white ones, so I’m wishing you warmth! Looking forward to reading your IMK post soon. Take care and stay warm!

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