Rhapsody in Blue V

Feb 14 Sunrise 2014

This morning’s blue-tinged sunrise reminded me that I hadn’t penned a Rhapsody in Blue post in awhile. Here’s one of my favorites. While I realize Valentine’s Day has an entirely different color scheme (rife with flowers and heart-shaped boxes of candy), I gratefully accept treats of any sort, in any color.

Including these…


Last night The Man Of Few Words came home with his adorable boyish grin, two jars of olives, and an explanation: “I wasn’t sure if you could eat chocolate yet.” (Apparently, my recent gluten & dairy experimentation has made an impact on him.) Next year I may have to start waxing on about the merits of ‘high percentage’ quality chocolate and/or cocoa nibs in mid-January (lol), but truthfully, I thought it was the most thoughtful Valentine gift I ever received. Gotta love that man!

(A favorite photo from the archives… he keeps the home fires burnin’… and mine.)

End of The Day

Additional cause for today’s blue Valentine was the recent acquisition of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue!

Rhapsody in Blue

Several area thrift stores have “vintage” music bins and I could spend hours thumbing through them. (They just don’t write ’em like that anymore!) On this particular outing, I happened upon two versions of the same song. One was a simpler arrangement for the sheer joy of playing that gorgeous melody without having to ‘work’ at it…


And the other was a “concert level” rendition, which I aspire to play someday.

Be still, my heart…

As blue as this Valentine’s post may be, I hope it brought you JOY. (I’ll be smiling about those olives for at least another week!)

Here’s another glimpse of this morning’s beauty…

Valentines Day Sunrise

Wishing you a lovely, thoughtful Valentine’s Day. xo

Enjoying unconventional colors and gifts,

~ Kim

What’s the most memorable (or out of the ordinary) gift you ever received?

27 thoughts on “Rhapsody in Blue V

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  2. My grandparents were very poor. When I was little, my grandma gave me a dime-store ring. A couple of years ago, I decided to wear it, and lost it. I am glad I wore it for a while, and I will always remember that ring.

  3. That was such a thoughtful gift. What wonderful photos of your beautiful home. Loving it! Sorry for the late response. Just catching up on my mail. Happy belated valentines day. Jeanne

    • Jeanne, I’m just now returning home, too. Oh my goodness, if the snow in MN is any indication of what you’ve been dealing with all winter, I feel for ya!!! Glad you got away for a bit. Gotta love those lil’ reprieves in life. :) xo

  4. Fantastic shots & so hard to get such beautiful colors in the winter. I really love that first one. I have to say, that’s is the most unique Valentine’s surprise I’ve heard of – but I love it.
    I’m smiling that Rhapsody in Blue is vintage because it’s used by so many competitive skaters for their programs. I believe Ilia Kulik skated to that when he won the Gold Medal in Nagano.

    • Diane, I’m tickled you enjoyed the photos! Thank you. I also think competitive skating has exposed more people to music styles they might not have listened to otherwise; paired with fluid lines and exciting leaps, it’s a memorable experience. You’re right — Rhapsody in Blue is as compelling now as when Gershwin first wrote it. I don’t think that song will ever go out of style!

  5. MOFW’s is a rare find, indeed! My most unusual gift from my valentine of 38 years was a Styrofoam cup of fresh ensilage (ground hay, molasses & grains). I once commented that the smell brought memories from my childhood.

    • Marla, I love your “love in a cup” story! Simple gifts are simply the best, aren’t they? Although… I love the story behind your favorite necklace, too — an extravagant gift full of effort! I think it’s safe to say that we just plain ol’ love gifts from our guys and the LOVE they’re wrapped in. :) xo

  6. Dear Kim,

    The view from your wooden deck is absolutely stunning. I could start my morning with a hot Japanese sake out there.

    I once read that George Gershwin single-handedly “saved” America with his works during the Great Depression years. I believe our world will not be as beautiful in winter, spring, summer or fall had he not blessed us with his music, not forgetting Ira’s intoxicatingly beautiful lyrics too. Gershwin remains dear to my heart whenever I sit at the piano.

    • Dear ChopinandMysaucepan,

      Thank you for the inspiring history on George & Ira. Their melodies and lyrics are among the most memorable songs from that era and ‘S Wonderful to know you enjoy playing them, too. ;) I also like your idea for a hot sake on the deck! Thanks again.

  7. That’s very funny, Kim. I love how he tried his best to get you something but no, I’ve never heard of anyone being given olives for Valentine’s Day. I love the images in your post – that’s a very pretty backyard you have xx

    • Shirley, I LOVE that — a refrigerator! That’s a gift that “keeps on giving,” thinking of all the tasty food you cook! My olives are long gone, but the memory will last forever. :) xo

    • Maureen, yup, he’s a keeper. :) I grew up playing my Mom’s sheet music from the 40’s & 50’s and I love those arrangements. Anytime I can add to my stash of oldies but goodies, it’s a treat!

  8. Kim…the blue for V-Day is so reflective of YOUR Boho spirit and soul…you are unconventional and see things through different lenses, and I LOVE LOVE the MOFW gift of olives…how stinkin’ adorable is that! Color me happy! xoxo

    • Ally, a dozen roses couldn’t compare to those olives! They’ll also be precursors to tonight’s dinner (as if I haven’t already munched more than a few, LOL)… shrimp Alfredo for him & pan-seared salmon for me. (Aha! ‘Pink’ will show up after all!) Happy Valentine’s Day to you & Ben. xo! Loved your phrase “Color me happy!” LOVE is the universal color, be it through rose-colored (or blue) lenses — or whatever else color tickles ya!

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