My Third Annual State of the Blog Address

Moon Set

Like the colors that subtly usher in each season, this post always sneaks up on me. One minute it’s March of last year and the next it’s March right now. (Almost April!) Has it really been twelve months?

Recap-wise, my year could be summed up in five words:

In transit or in transition.

I spent a lot of time away from the lake. On the road or in the air… leaving and returning… packing and unpacking… settling in again. (Necessarily so.)

With each successive journey, I felt like the shoreline moved farther away and close friends became tentative ones — not on purpose, but because that’s the way it is. Aren’t we always making adjustments? Part of being a grown-up is realizing that nothing ever stays the same, no matter how much we want it to.

Life. Relationships. Food…

One of the challenges I faced last year was getting it through my thick skull that no, you can’t eat gluten unless you want to suffer for an untold number of days. Old habits die hard, but you can teach an old dog new tricks — and I kinda favor positive thinking. While it’s not my intent to become a gluten-free blogger (and I’m greatly indebted to those who are) there’s been a radical shift in my cooking, grocery shopping, and eating. I probably won’t bring it up again… ’nuff said.

This year’s advice? Listen to your body.

Speaking of canines… one of the reasons I haven’t shared more photos (or posts) in recent months was because I was attacked by a stray dog. While I was out snapping pictures one day, Cujo decided to assert his Alpha male-ness. Thankfully I was wearing cowboy boots and my favorite Levi’s, and my Jeep was ten steps away, so the chunk he attempted to take out of my leg was foiled. I ended up with fang mark bruises on my calf for a week though… ouch.

Normally I’m a carefree and trusting soul (and I love dogs), but it never occurred to me that I could be in danger while I was out appreciating Nature through my lens. I’ve become accustomed to lizards and scorpions and snakes (oh my!), but stray dogs not so much — especially when they’re almost as tall as me. That incident shook me to the core and forced me to take refuge until Animal Control apprehended the random offender. To date, I’ve only told a few close friends (including the lake), but I’m feeling much braver now… and I carry a big stick.

Home, Sweet Home… or prison?

Another thing that influenced my writing (or lack of it) was an overwhelming feeling of being ‘housebound’ for most of the winter. Following yet another snafu with TMOFW’s ancient pickup — and despite his best efforts to fix it — he finally took it to a shop. “Nope. Ain’t gonna happen. Best bet is to haul it to a junkyard and scrap it out for parts.” That meant my Jeep went into full-time service as the hubby’s work vehicle, and yours truly has been wheel-less. (Been there, done that.) However, public transportation wasn’t an option this time with Cujo roaming about.

So, I’ve stayed home. And home. And home…

After awhile I didn’t feel like going anywhere or writing anything — nor did I have anything to write about. Mild case of agoraphobia or depression? Your guess is as good as mine. Whatever it was, I was a mess. (I love Southern euphemisms.)

Thankfully my friend (the lake) started kicking up its heels about the time I was ready to hit bottom. (I may write about it someday — or not.) Although I’m no stranger to pain, I’m also mindful of yours.

We can only take so much at one time.

Wild & Windy

Here’s to colors, cohorts, and confidence…

In case you missed my first and second annual musings, they’re here and here. And though this stretch has been a bit tumultuous, life is still good at the lake.

Heartfelt gratitude to you for reading and commenting on a little lunch. I appreciate it more than you know… xo.

Enjoying Spring on the horizon at last,

~ Kim

© 2011-2014 Kim Bultman and a little lunch.

12 thoughts on “My Third Annual State of the Blog Address

  1. Wow! What a very big year you’ve had thus far. Without a doubt, the most challenging things are sent to test us out of the blue and often! I must add that I love your pictures and the sense of tranquillity.

    Hope you’re in your happy place now, if not mentally, then physically of course!

  2. I’m so glad I can comment again. It must be the new browser. What a winter you’ve had! But you write about it so eloquently. Even with the pain and confusion it makes so much sense! Here’s to Spring and of course, “Here’s to colors, cohorts, and confidence,” a sentiment I absolutely love.

  3. So good to hear from you again Kim. My husband just asked me if I had “heard from my girl”. At that moment I told him no, now here you are! Absence from blog writing can translate to many different things. Thanks for sharing your journey, and I’m thankful that the spring is giving you the desire to muse again. I still go back and read my emails from time to time, which always causes me to smile! So glad you are who you are! Lol.

  4. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about the attack! I can imagine the pain. Ouch!

    I’m a dog lover too & own dogs all my life. I would’ve been scared to death, Kimby. Luckily you were weren’t wearing a skirt. Hope you’re well now.

  5. Hi Kim: As always, I love reading your thoughts and hearing about your life. You express life’s ups and downs so beautifully and with such feeling. I too launched my blog on my birthday (coming in 2 wks.) nearly two years ago. Last year I did an annual post as well and am planning on one this year. It is good to reflect on the past year and sharing for anyone who wishes to read. Look for mine in a couple of weeks. Hope it is as good a read as yours. Sending love your way. Jeanne

  6. Gosh, you’ve had a year and so many things that I can relate to. I think this winter’s been a fun sucker for a lot of people & I just get so frustrated waking up to another cold, sleeting morning. I’m very cold sensitive but am also going to be having a hip replacement so getting out & about has been almost impossible & it seems that when I do, that it’s only to a doctor’s office.
    What a scary experience with Cujo. I love dogs and cats & they seem to love me but I still remember being bitten by a very large German Shepherd when I was young. In those days, in our little town, a dog had to bite 3 times before they were required to restrain the animal…and I had to walk by that house every day to my school bus stop. Hopefully you won’t have that problem again though.
    Yes, spring really does have to be just around the corner.

  7. Another captivating blog, Miss Kimmeee…I’ve said it so many times that you make me delve into my head as I read your words…can identify w/many of the things (been there, done that)…Spring is here, the colors will be vibrant and glowing soon, you’ve weathered a big storm w/that dog (had a girlfriend who was attacked by a rabid cat…yikes, series of rabies shots and more)…love you girl!!

  8. I hope you are feeling much better my friend, mild agoraphobia is better than normal! I am glad to see you are getting out of that sense of a prison – press on sweetie :D :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  9. I love the idea of a State of the Blog post – might have to pinch this for my 4th blogaversary in a few weeks. Bugger about gluten – I’m facing similar issues with wheat, but am in total denial still. Glad you’ve recovered physically at least from the dog episode. Dogs scare me.

  10. Oh no, Kim, what a winter. I am so sorry you had to go through all that to get to the other side. I can only imagine how shaken you were by the dog episode and yes, by all means, carry that stick or, perhaps, some pepper spray? I’m so glad you’re back. Sending you a HUGE hug. xxxooo

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