Kaleidoscope Cooking


Did you ever play with a kaleidoscope as a kid (or as a grown-up…) and marvel at the changing colors? I seem to have latched onto that multi-hued fascination without realizing it until now.

Some nights dinner consists of a subdued (albeit tasty) palette, followed by a several-night streak of blast your eyeballs, popping off the plate color.

(Twist… click; twist… click.)

It finally dawned on me that I’m a kaleidoscope cook.

When I was a young ‘un, I used to dig through Grandma’s toy box in search of that cardboard tube with the plastic lens. Then I’d carry it to the nearest window and rotate the cylinder to my heart’s content. (The Man of Few Words still asserts that I’m easily entertained…)

Somehow that toy ended up in my recipe box, and I’m glad it did.

Whether mind-blowing or bordering on blasé, food (and colors) bring me great delight, and a childlike mindset keeps things interesting on our plates.

Now go… play with your food!

Enjoying kaleidoscopic cooking,

~ Kim

© 2011-2014 Kim Bultman and a little lunch

12 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope Cooking

  1. What a great way to describe your cooking! Just like you: full of color and subtleties! I too am easily amused (often with myself!) Have a delicious day my gorgeous colorful friend.

  2. Hi Kim: I have a kaleidoscope in my grandma toy basket. Beautiful food. It is approaching the season when produce shopping excites all the senses. Can’t wait. It is a rainy week here and a bit chilly but the landscape is greening nicely and the damp will bring the morels. Hope all is well in your part of the world. Keep writing. Jeanne

  3. I used to own quite a few kaleidoscopes too, Kimby! Never failed to be amazed by the colours & patterns. Like you, I think I’m a kaleidoscope cook too, & I enjoy playing with the different colours in food presentation! Awesome post! xoxo

  4. You have hit the nail on the head…I LOVE IT!! Kaleidescope Cooking!!! LIsten, child, you need to TM that…really! It says it all~~that’s what food should be full of colors that shimmer, shine and dazzle~ As a boho sister, we know that, but other folks might not…oh, Kim, how your way w/words and food dazzles me~~ xox

  5. Dear Kim.

    I do remember my kaleidoscope from childhood and wish I still have it. Vibrant colours definitely make food more appetizing especially that beautiful caprese salad with the colours of Italy.

  6. Kaleidoscopes are endlessly fascinating! I can remember wanting one of my own as a child and I never had one. Maybe I’ll have to give myself one now. I love your photographic version of the kaleidoscope effect. Now I’m hungry for tomatoes!

  7. Ah Kim, I loved my kaleidoscope and always seemed to have had one! Thank you for a lovely post and a reminder about how vibrant good food can be!

  8. Oh Kim I am heading up to the attic to find my kaleidoscope…well I guess it’s my daughter’s but still. I remember getting one for Christmas and being fascinated with it. I also remember taking one apart because I was so intrigued with how it worked – pretty basic actually.
    Your food IS beautiful and I’m going to try to perk up my meals more. I forget what I made last week but when we sat down I said to my husband “oh dear, this is such a brown meal”. Of course he had no problems with it because things that are red scare him.

    • Diane, I soooo appreciated your thoughts, particularly the one about heading to the attic to find your kaleidoscope :), notably the one about your husband’s ‘brown’ comment (my hubby is colorblind and has no sense of smell so the merits of my meal-prep-efforts often go unnoticed — I pretty much cook to for myself and he comes along for the ride) and especially for the one about red things scaring him. TOO FUNNY! Thank you for adding your honest, humorous dimension! xo

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