In My Kitchen ~ May 2014

Baby Basil

In my kitchen… a garden is trying to grow. Allow me to rephrase that: I’m trying to grow a garden!

Since I’m not a green thumb by any stretch of the imagination (and I seriously underestimate the time it takes from planting to plate), I went to the local “feed & seed” store to get some plants that were a little further along in the nurturing process. Then the outside temperature dropped 60 degrees and I was forced to keep them alive indoors.

Group hug?

Whatever Works

Once the weather warmed up again, everybody got their own special place on the “picnic table garden”…

Picnic Table Garden 1

… mostly because the actual garden was in sore need of weeding, pruning, and everything else I meant to do before I bought the plants.

Mission accomplished!

Back Porch Baskets

In my kitchen (or close to it)… these obviously not homegrown herbs are nestled contentedly in their hanging baskets. They also seem to put up with frequent leaf stealing and dinner tastes all the better for it.


In my kitchen… are coconut sugar and coconut flour — my latest gluten-free “experimental” ingredients. I love coconut, therefore it stands to reason that I’ll love these, yes? (Or am I just nutty?)

Two Degrees Food cherry almond bars

In my kitchen… is my new favorite snack. Not only are these Cherry Almond Bars delicious, they’re benevolent. I like that in a snack.

Musical Flowers

In my kitchen… is a musical bouquet that’s been cheering me on as I do the final rehearsals for my concert tomorrow. They wish you a melodic Happy Mother’s Day!

Whatcha Cooking

In my kitchen… is one of the irises from my last post — and a curious one at that. Looks like it’s asking, “What’cha cookin’?” (Or what’s in your kitchen?!)

This world-wide hodgepodge of kitchen goodies is hostessed by Celia of Fig Jam and Lime Cordial — and it keeps growing!

(At least something is.)

Enjoying trying…

~ Kim

© 2011-2014 Kim Bultman and a little lunch

45 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ May 2014

  1. I’m woefully behind in my IMK reading this month. Lovely to see your herbs nestled in their newly prepared garden bed. I, too, have coconut sugar and flour in my kitchen, but am doing an elimination diet at the moment that prohibits me from eating them. Group hug? So funny. Enjoyed your post. x

  2. Love your kitchen goodies! Fresh herbs are the best….I hope they are behaving for you! Im keen to see what you use the coconut sugar and flour too. Im such a conservative cook so these alternatives are great ‘healthy’ options…thks for sharing!!!

  3. How special living right at the waters edge! Your herbs look like they are very happy and flowers are always a great way to cheer up our kitchens. Your Cherry Almond Bars look scrumptious and what a great way to help.
    Have a wonderful weekend ahead.
    :-) Mandy xo

  4. I’ve also got some coconut flour and sugar in the cupboard ready for experimenting, but I haven’t quite got around to it. Thank you for your lovely post.

  5. I love your new garden additions – regardless of whether they are indoors or out, they are looking very healthy! Those 2 degree bars sound fantastic too, and I hope you enjoy experimenting with coconut flour and coconut sugar. It took me a while to get used to the former but now I really like it – generally mixed with very moist ingredients or added in a small component to traditional baking recipes. I am yet to play with coconut sugar though!

    • Shaheen, it all started with a friend’s “rustic” muffin recipe with coconut flour included… hope to show the results in my June IMK post… I’m as intrigued by coconut flour as you are. (And I’m looking forward to your next IMK post!)

  6. Your garden and herb pots look so happy… it must be the group hug. Love your picnic table and I am a big fan of all things coconut but have not used coconut flour. Beautiful musical bouquet. :)

  7. I like seeing all your herbs do a group hug. :) Having baked a little with coconut flour I’ll tell yousomething I wish I hadn’t had to learn the hard way – it’s a thirsty flour and needs more liquid than other flours. Recipes with coconut flour tend to use a lot of eggs and when I didn’t use extra because I just didn’t understand why, eating the resulting cookies dried up all the water in my entire body and made me so thirsty! lol

    • Veronica, I can’t thank you enough for your coconut flour comment! I battle dehydration all the time and that would be disastrous for me. Will definitely pay heed to your hard-learned experience!!!

  8. You are so lucky to live by a lake! I miss living by the lake…
    Cute pots for the herbs. Herbs in hanging baskets; I might have to try that instead of the flowers. I usually dry or chop and freeze my extra herbs.

    • Manuela, I tried planting my herbs in the ground a few years ago, but the bunnies ate them all — so hanging baskets it is! Thanks for your help on how to preserve the extra. I also read a tip to chop them fresh and freeze them in olive oil (in ice cube trays) — it’ll be nice to have a supply of herbs next winter, dried or in oil! Thanks again.

    • Fiona, I truly appreciate your hints on baking with coconut sugar & flour. LOVE the prospect of that “smoky depth” — now you’ve made me eager to get baking again!

  9. Your herbs look so healthy and tasty! And what a beautiful view you have too. I’ve seen the coconut flour in the health store but I haven’t used it yet. I’d love to know how you go with it.

    • Tina, I’ve been looking forward to some “coconut flour experimentation” and have received some great tips, feedback, and encouragement here, including yours. Thanks!

  10. I am behind on the herb situation here but I am still hopeful. Please let us know what you end up making with the coconut flour. I have the coconut sugar, use it in my coffee and I have a can of coconut milk in the fridge so I can make coconut whipped cream soon. I know all about the coconut obsession. Those Cherry Almond Bars look like something I’d like as well, have to hunt them down…

    • Nolita, I still haven’t tried the coconut flour (or sugar) yet… it’s been a busy couple of weeks (months?!), but I’m finally getting back into cooking/baking mode. Thanks for sharing your coconut whipped cream idea… mmmmmmmmm!

  11. Kitchens and gardens are just made for each other! It is satisfying to be able to snip some herbs and add them into the mix. Yours will do wonderfully well, I am sure :) Thanks letting me walk around your garden and peek into your kitchen!

    • Anne, I LOVE your sentiment about kitchens and gardens being made for each other! It’s a joy to walk out the back door and snip some fresh herbs to add to whatever’s simmering. So true! Thank you.

  12. I love the tour! I think your herbs are doing really well and it looks like you’ll have a great harvest very soon. I’ve also planted some herbs but they’re being choked by weeds – I need to do some gardening urgently. I love the idea of that chocolate – that every time you buy one a child gets a meal – that’s fabulous. Good luck for your concert, Kim, I know you’ll do well and I’m looking forward to hearing all about it xx

  13. What beauty has emerged from the long cold dreary winter! Your littl’ piece of heaven is going to burst w/more glory in the next few months! I know you had a wonderful Mother’s Day and that your performance was stellar (as usual)!!! xoxo <3 you!!!

    • Ally, I love your phrase: “burst w/more glory.” Anticipation is half the fun, and noticing the present glory is a blessing! Thanks for your encouragement on my concert and Mother’s Day hugs, too! xo

  14. Kim, it must be glorious to live so close to the water. Like being on holidays all the time! All your plants look lush and green – we’re pretty rubbish at raising seedlings too, which is why we always ended up buying them, although now we’ve just taken to throwing seeds on the soil.. :) I still haven’t tried my bag of coconut flour – the comments about how much liquid it needs (heaps and heaps) have put me off a bit. Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! xxx

    • Celia, I give thanks for that view every day and we feel sooooo blessed to live here! (Happy to share it with you!) Thanks too, for the tip on coconut flour… I’ve read that the recommended “replacement amount” is 1/4 of the main flour you’re using… will have to monitor the liquid situation and let you know if I end up with a LUMP. LOL! Thanks, xo.

  15. Dear Kim,

    With your summer fast approaching, that pot of basil is looking good for some hearty Italian recipes. Your musical bouquet appears to be cheering you with The Lonely Goatherd from the Sound of Music :)

    • Chopinand, leave it to you to comment on the musical ribbon! :) You made me curious enough to plunk it out on my piano, and at fiirst glance it does look like The Lonely Goatherd, but it sounds like Mozart. (Not sure which piece.) Too fun!!! I love the Lonely Goatherd scene in The Sounds of Music though… as well as basil-infused Italian dishes. Thanks so much for the smile!

  16. Love your picnic table garden…hope you get lots of basil, tomatoes and peppers. And, good luck with that coconut flour – not the easiest thing to work with. Let us know how you get on with it. And, yes, I agree…irises have funny face that just seem to talk to you!

    • Thank you, Liz! My Mom gave me a set of three… basil, parsley, and chives. They’re cute as can be! At this point, I’m thinking of them as “microgreens.” ;)

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