In My Kitchen ~ June 2014

Simon & Garfunkel Chicken

In My Kitchen… is Simon & Garfunkel Chicken.

(Try saying that fast 3 times!)

It all began with my burgeoning crop of herbs. I couldn’t help but sing a lil’ tune as I stuffed this organic bird with parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. ;)

The next day it led to this.

Scarborough Fair Salad

In My Kitchen… is Scarborough Fair Salad.

This impromptu plateful included sliced chicken, red pears, gluten-free tri-colored pasta and a sassy vinaigrette with the aforementioned herb quartet adding grace notes — colorful and carefree, like going to the fair. The flavor was downright melodic, too!

I love it when food sings back to me.

Sorry folks, no recipe per se… just an “oldie but goodie” concoction consisting of Dijon mustard, a smidge of honey, balsamic vinegar, EVOO, fresh herbs o’the day, sea salt, freshly cracked pepper, and capers to taste. Whisk away!

In My Kitchen… not a whole lot has been going on.

Hello, summer!

I’ve been outdoors more than in, spent more time cooking other folks’ recipes than my own (future post material) and haven’t added any new kitchen toys or gizmos, other than this plate, bowl, and utensils from the local Goodwill Store — shown here with Bacon & Créme Fraiche Quiche Lorraine, thanks to my friend Gintare’s fabulous recipe — and a lil’ Spanish rice ala moi. ;)

Welcome to breakfast in Oklahoma!

Bacon Quiche and Spanish Rice

(I foresee more flea market shopping and friend’s-recipes-cooking in my future.) ;)

Between all of that — or lack thereof — I’m perfectly content with the status quo — which may help explain my fascination with In My Kitchen.

Each month Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial hosts this forum with links to posts from around the world (see the side bar on her blog) where you & I can ogle or add to every gadget & goodie imaginable… sorta like window shopping, only with real-life (and wonderful) writing and photography!

Thank you, Celia, and everyone who participates in IMK. You appease my foodie soul during the dry spells, and that’s definitely something to sing about!

Speaking of which…

Do you sing while you cook?

Enjoying oldies but goodies — sung or otherwise,

~ Kim

© 2014 Kim Bultman and a little lunch

39 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ June 2014

  1. What delicious treasures you must produce when you are busy in the kitchen! These dishes look sensational. It is a grey and drizzly day here in Melbourne Australia, so get out and enjoy that Summer sunshine :)

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  3. Kim I may listen to music when cooking but singing is not my thing, I am sure my food would not taste as good if I did. Love the parsley, sage rosemary and thyme theme… now say that three times! Listened to S & G’s music many times as we had some of their records in my younger days. Thanks for your cheerful post and delicious looking salad.

  4. Outstanding! I used to listen to my iPod while cooking, until the time I was singing along with Bob Seger. I pulled the mic close to my face — then pushed it away and caught the headphone wire. The iPod came out of my pocket and crashed to the floor. :-)

  5. I won’t try to say that three times, for a Brazilian-American it would be torture.. ;-)

    So you blog from Oklahoma, my former state, we recently moved 312 miles north, to Manhattan, KS

    loved your post and the play on music – I do sing while I cook, not always, but often

  6. Kim, Summer is definitely on its way to you. Everything looks bright and cheery. I am with the others, I love op shops and second hand shops. I have a great one in the next town to me that specialises in second hand kitchenware. I am very happy in that shop.

  7. Gosh, I enjoy singing too….. all the time! Hahaha! Simon & Garfunkel certainly reminds me of The Sound of Silence & I love Mrs. Robinson! Thank you Kim, your posts always dig into my wonderful memories!

    • Shirley, thanks for mentioning more S & G favorites! I love those songs, too. Seems like we’ve been signing the same tunes on opposite sides of the world. :) Cool how music (and food) unites us!

    • Celia, that lil’ glass bowl actually has “handles” on either side — sort of a nondescript frosted glass design reminiscent of a small bird with its wings spread? (I took the photo ‘straight on.’) It’s definitely one-of-a-kind and I wish I knew the history behind it, too! No markings that I can see… wouldn’t it be fun if it was Lalique? But, you’re right about contentment and I’m content to fill it with jam or chutney or whatever and “not know!” :)

    • Charlie, I hadn’t thought beyond the flavor that the herbs add (so short sighted and taste-oriented IMK, lol!), but you’re right — they’re definitely good for you. Now I’ll be adding even more herbs to dinner!

  8. Your herbs are gorgeous, Kim!! Our boho souls simply snip and add to any and everything b/c it makes it better no matter what…the chicken is fabulous, the salad divine, and the Goodwill finds wicked! Do I sing when I’m in the kitche…oh, yes, and the food sings back to me! xox

  9. Don’t you just love it when one meal turns into two or three! I am also a professional vocalist and I can’t help but always sing that song when I pass my herbs patches in the garden! Thanks so much for sharing, I ma loving the IMK posts

    • That happens to me, too, Joanne — sometimes songs are in my head for days! Here’s one to take your mind off things… “Who’s the leader of the club that’s made for you and me? M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E! :)

    • Anne, after I read your comment I got a “visual” of you strolling through your herb garden in a pair of Wellingtons, humming contentedly. Music and herbs make a great duet!

  10. I do sing….extremely poorly but I do. Usually alone, I think it’s best that way. I also LOVE all the goodwill stores around us. I actually picked up a white large white button down man’s shirt (say that three times fast!) so I can make a thrifty new top for myself. (sorry this has nothing to do with cooking…but that’s just the way my life has been) :) Hugs to you my sweet gorgeous friend!

  11. Hi Kim! Looks like you are just having too much fun in and out of your kitchen this month! I really enjoy thrifting – it is amazing what you can find! Sometimes my son bursts into ‘food, glorious food…’ from Oliver…Thanks for sharing and have a great June!

    • Selma, your son sounds like a gem — I love that song, too! Appreciation and gratitude for food (and thrift store ‘finds’) are definitely not in short supply in everybody’s ‘IMK’ kitchens. :)

  12. Love the herbs – Simon & Garfunkel, indeed! There are so many interesting things you can find in thrift shops – unique things, things to repurpose, things to rescue and cherish. Have enjoyed window shopping in your kitchen!

    • Debi, I smiled when I read your idea about rescuing things in thrift shops. Sometimes they seem to call out “pick me, pick me!” don’t they? Thanks for your lovely thoughts!

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