In My Kitchen ~ July 2014

Lox & Bagel Pizza 2

(Kindly hover for the hocus pocus ;)

In My Kitchen… is Lox & ‘Bagel’ Pizza.

This lil’ combo was a rainy day project, and a mighty tasty one, too. (Recipe follows.)

I was craving smoked salmon (when am I not?!) and when it rains my oven is on!

In My Kitchen… is fresh tomato pasta sauce.

With a smidge of fresh basil and oregano, a few cloves of garlic, a grind of the pepper mill and a pinch of sea salt, standing over the stove soon leads to sauce-dom!

But when the sun is shining…

In My Kitchen… I’m nowhere to be found.

Our dear friends brought over a mouth-watering shrimp boil and I ‘filled in’ the rest — salad greens & homemade Ranch dressing with a kick (thank you, Colleen!), Tandoori chicken skewers (thanks, Dennis!), a delectable dipping oil with focaccia, my beloved olives ;) and the quintessential dessert: chocolate chip cookies. A picnic table repast!

By the way, I did discover a couple of ‘finds’ since the last IMK. Look closely and you’ll see a glorious lil’ copper pot doubling as a serving tray for the aforementioned cookies, plus a pair of rustic-looking placemats in the first photo. Long live thrift stores!

Okay, here’s that pizza recipe…

Lox & Bagel Pizza

1 (7.5 oz.) gluten free pizza crust mix, prepared per pkg. instructions
4 oz. cream cheese, softened
2 Tbsp. light cream
2 oz. freshly grated Parmesan
1 small fresh tomato, thinly sliced
1/2 small Vidalia onion, thinly sliced
Smoked salmon
Green onions with tops, sliced diagonally
Fresh basil, cut ala chiffonade (ribbons)

Heat oven to 450 degrees. Make pizza crust as directed (or not — I subbed Feta cheese for the recommended grated Cheddar.) Press dough onto an ungreased baking sheet to form a thin crust with slightly raised edges.

Mix cream cheese and cream until smooth; spread over crust. Top with tomato and onion slices. Sprinkle with Parmesan. Bake 13-15 minutes.

Top with smoked salmon, capers, green onions, and basil. Eat!

In My Kitchen is a monthly event cordially hostessed by Celia of Fig Jam and Lime Cordial. Please see the links in her sidebar and do pop in to say hello — kitchens from around the world are at your fingertips!

Enjoying summer fun in my kitchen — & out,

~ Kim

© 2014 Kim Bultman and a little lunch

69 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ July 2014

  1. Love when you find kitchen stuff at a bargain. It looks like I may have a similar copper dish but the handles are a little different. Love the homemade pizza looks so delicious. 😍 And I agree it is hard to be indoors when the weather is nice.

    • Moya, thanks for sharing that you have a similar copper dish — please note my friend, Purabi’s, explanation of it above. We’re onto something good!!! (Blessings.) Time to head outdoors… ;)

  2. This pizza is for my son! He looks forward to every weekend to eat bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon (not much time on weekday before going to school). I had never heard of this topping for the pizza and I’m just brown away by this creative idea! I LOVE IT!

    • Nami, thank you! I was craving lox & bagels and this was the closest I could get with what I had on hand. ;) I love it when inspiration turns out so tasty! Hope your son enjoys every bite, too!

    • Celia, apologies for my belated reply to your IMK comment… life! An online friend informed me that the copper pot I happened upon is an Indian karahi — made for sauteeing & such — and the handles allow it to be “suspended over a fire.” Doesn’t that add delicious possibilities to its present use as a “cookie server?” ;) I learn so much from IMK… from you… from everyone. LOVE IT! (And what a blessing it was for 50 cents at our church thrift store — I didn’t know how precious it was when I purchased it!) I love it when that happens.

      P.S. Just counted my tomatoes today in the “pot”… 8 of ’em (bigguns!) vying for my attention. LOL, several are destined for Fried Green Tomatoes… can’t help myself. ;) Thanks again for this fun, fascinating (and may I add flavorful?) forum! xo

  3. That copper pot is a fantastic thrift store find, I’ve been looking for one myself plus vintage Pyrex in those beautiful pink and turquoise shades. Not much luck unfortunately!

    • I’m a happy girl when I run across finds like that! Haven’t seen any of the pastel Pyrex here either. I’ll be listening for your shout of joy when you discover one! :)

  4. I’m glad Glenda asked what a shrimp boil is! Sounds a wonderful way to while away an afternoon with friends :)

  5. great post Kim. it is a bit chilly here in brisbane at the moment tho still very bright and blue sky and sunny as usual. we have pizza chains here that have GF pizzas on the menu so never a problem if you can’t be bothered cooking. yes i love a good old op shop find too. (what you call a thrift store as you probably know already) .

    • Glenda, it’s kind of an all-in-one-large-pot affair that begins with small red potatoes (skins on) boiled about 10 minutes, followed by carrots (added & boiled about 10 minutes), followed by sliced onions (added & boiled yada yada), followed by segments of sweet corn on the cob (same deal) and finally shrimp (cooked ’til just tender.)

      There’s also ‘seasoning’ involved at the outset — our friends added a ‘pre-made’ seasoning (or you could add a bouquet garni or whatever tickles ya) and THEN, you cover your picnic table with foil or brown paper, drain the water, and dump out the contents in the middle! (Sorta an informal Southern feast… and sometimes crab legs, lobster, or crawfish are subbed for the shrimp.) Be sure to have melted butter and S & P on hand… it’s good ol’ messy, tasty fun!

    • Shirley, there are a lot of decent “frozen” pizzas on the market, but homemade (gluten-free or not) is soooo much better. Wow! You’ve never baked a pizza with that growing boy around?! You ARE a fab cook! (But I already knew that.) ;)

    • Maureen, we’d love to have you & your beloved over! Picnics are a way of life here in the summer (40 mph winds notwithstanding…) and any opportunity we can eat outside is pounced on eagerly. Thanks for your comment, my sweet friend!

  6. I hope your gluten free regime is going well my friend! Though with pizza as delicious as this, surely itr is ok? :P
    And your kitchen looks wonderfully stocked… may I visit? :)

    Choc Chip Uru

    • Uru, my kitchen, pantry & cupboards usually look like Old Mother Hubbard’s, ha! (I generally ramp things up when we have company, but there’s always ‘enough’ in between, xo.) You’re welcome anytime! As for the gluten free… a necessary evil, my friend. Still kickin’ & screamin’ about that, but Lox & Bagel pizza helps… ;)

  7. What a delicious look into your kitchen!! I do love a good ol’ boil of any kind, shrimp, crab, lobster. All good choices. I’m going to have to subject my Aussie household and friends to one as soon as the weather warms up. Really beautiful pizza as well!

    • Lobster would be my ultimate ‘boil’ Lauren — yum! (But the shrimp was tasty, too.) I forget you’re in the middle of winter there! Yes, I’m sure your guests will love it. Thanks for stopping by the lake, and for your pizza compliment, too! :)

  8. Life’s funny. I knew of shrimp boil but had never tried it as it’s not an ‘Aussie’ thing. Last week I went to an event and they did a massive Louisianna Shrimp Boil with spiced butter, on the paper on the table etc. Delicious of course. Coincidental then that you should write about it. Thanks for the tasty tour!

    • What a cool coincidence, Fiona — so tickled you got to experience a shrimp boil! The spiced butter sounds intriguing (we just used plain ol’ butter) — if you have a minute, I’d love your interpretation of that! Thanks.

    • Elizabeth, we happened upon this place ‘on a wing & a prayer’ 5 years ago and haven’t looked back since. (Not with that view!) We feel very blessed, and I’m pleased as punch that you enjoy it, too! It was meant to be shared… :)

    • Charlie, I think the thing I’ve missed most since going GF is pizza. (Okay, lox & bagels, too!) I was really pleased with the Chebe brand pizza crust mix — will definitely be making more pizza! Thanks for your comment about the chicken skewers and picnic, too — so, soooo tasty! I love it when I get to eat what I cook. ;)

  9. I forgot you were doing gluten free! How is that going? Have you noticed a difference in how you feel? I’ve never had lox but heard of putting it on a bagel with cream cheese, which I really want to try some day! This sounds like a really fun way to eat it!

    • Veronica, thanks for asking about my GF experimentation… I’m MUCH better w/o gluten than with! (Trust me, I’ve suffered for untold days during my lapses… all in the name of ‘research’… LOL!) Live and learn… or submit! As far as I know, lox is an ‘uncured’ form of salmon (what you’re looking for is ‘gravlox’ — but in a pinch, regular ‘ol smoked salmon will do. Just look for the stuff from Nova Scotia!

  10. That’s one good lookin’ pizza…and the spread is divine! Love the salmon, capers, green onions, cream cheese….evvvvreeeeething! And, your new treasure for the thrift store~~score a big one!! That’s why I love you so much my Boho sister, you eat and live like you mean it!! xoxo

    • Ally, Ally, Ally… half of what’s pictured is BOHO! (Gee… wonder who I learned that mindset from?!) Life — and dinner — are so much more fun since I met you! xo

  11. Oh I do wish I could swing by for a slice, okay made a couple slices…that is one great pizza! Terrific friends you have and with the sweltering weather we’ve been having in Massachusetts, I’m with you on NOT being in the kitchen. I love thrift shop finds but I’m now in the process of taking a look at what I have and putting it in consignment.

    • Diane, I imagine you get more humidity than we do, but our temps (100+ all summer!) dictate alternate cooking and eating environs whenever possible! I also love your idea about reviewing your props — I’m thankful to have a church thrift store where I regularly find (and “re-donate”) stuff that’s served its purpose! Best wishes “weeding out!”

      • I think sometimes the humidity gets to me more than the heat – that & the when there just isn’t a breeze to be bought.
        In our little town, we have a shed at the dump (ok, recycle station if you will). You can put anything in there that could be useful to someone else & volunteers help out. I love to sew & found that I’d accumulated a little more fabric than I’ll ever use in this lifetime so I measured it out & pinned the width & yardage on each piece. It was gone before the day was over. I can’t stand having things go to waste & love knowing that someone else will make good use of things.

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