In My Kitchen ~ August 2014

Baileys Chocolates

In My Kitchen (and dangerously close to disappearing when this photo was taken) are were these Bailey’s Irish Creme Chocolates. ‘Nuff said.


In My Kitchen are the first new potholders I’ve had in years. I liked the ‘wine design’ and they make me happy when I use them. Funny how the ‘kitchen warriors’ we oft put to work for us can become so sadly and sorely neglected. I will pay more attention to you, lil’ potholders, I promise!


In My Kitchen (many times over) is this marvelous tasting Pesto Genovese. It’s Chef Dennis Littley’s recipe (and fault for addicting me, lol!), and I’m probably going to turn green from eating so much basil… but I can’t help myself. Thanks, Dennis!


In My Kitchen (or rather, out on the deck) is a bowl of cantaloupe. A colorful bounty of produce makes me grateful and gleeful. How about you?

Many thanks to Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for hostessing this ever-expanding monthly peek at kitchen gadgets and yummy stuff from around the world, xo. (Check the side bar on her blog for more links, or to add your own — and please say hello!)

What’s in your kitchen?

Enjoying IMK and new goodies,

~ Kim

© 2014 Kim Bultman and a little lunch

45 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ August 2014

  1. Hi
    Great Post…
    I love pot holders too and cannot stop myself from buying when I see them at the stores.
    I have a huge collection out of which I use about 5 on regular basis , while the rest I do not being scared that they might get stained .. I love just looking at them and knowing that they are mine.

  2. I love those pot holders and just got some new ones finally myself. I was the only one who could safely use my old ones since, like old friends, I knew just where the weak spots were. Mine were mitts that I had to put on just the right way to avoid the holes.
    Now you’ll have me looking for those chocolates. They will make the perfect gift for a friend of mine and if I’m ordering I should probably get some for myself.

  3. Kim, chocolate and Baileys, moments of pure bliss. Love the pot holders, very handy to have. Pesto can be quite addictive and is a favourite in my kitchen too. :)

    • Maureen, welcome to the addictive personality club. ;) Blog world has made it entirely too easy to discover potentially addictive flavors! (But we love it so….) xo Thanks for dropping in, ‘neighbor!’

    • Dear ChopinandMysaucepan,

      I have a number of kitchen towels with singe marks from my attempts at draping. ;) Potholders work best for me, and for protecting my piano playin’ fingers! I hope you find a pair that tickles you, too! ~ Kim

    • Tandy, believe it or not, I got them at “the dollar store.” (There are several discount stores here — the one I went to was “Dollar General.”) I’d be happy to pick up a pair and mail them to you! Let me know.

    • Sherry, it’s so much fun learning about the regional differences of ingredients, produce names, etc. — no matter what they’re called, they’re tasty. Your oven glove sounds cool — and colorful!

  4. I have this amazing oven tea towel that I got when I was a school and it is just about to die… I have looked everywhere for another, but I’m yet to find one! Maybe I should post the old one for an in my kitchen to see if anyone could find one around the world for me :) Thanks for sharing! Liz x

    • Liz, that’s a great idea! If anybody can find one or at least point you in the right direction, it’s this IMK bunch. Best wishes on replacing your beloved tea towel… they’re like dear friends, aren’t they? xo

  5. Oh, you are so right about those hard-working and always neglected potholders! Mine look nastily disastrous, and show every sign of well-worn and used~~from burns and stains (that won’t come out even w/washing) to actual holes! Love what’s trending in your kitchen…I’ll take it all, Miss Kim!! xo

  6. Love the new potholders! Adorable! In my kitchen (right at this exact moment) I am trying to ignore the fact that I have so many/much tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, kale, collard, rainbow chard, zucchinis…OH MY WORD…today is a blanching, freezing, canning kind of day…I see the light! ;)

  7. Kim, the potholders are so pretty… always good to have plenty of those! Thanks for the peek into your kitchen xo

    • Thank you, Liz! When I brought the new ones home and subsequently dug deep into my ‘catch-all’ drawer for substitute trashcan liners — aka plastic ‘grocery bags’ — I discovered a few potholders I’d forgotten about, purchased at our church thrift store last year for a mere pittance (Southwestern themed and entirely adorable!) How quickly we forget… and yup, “plenty!” Still, I agree with you, the more, the merrier! We’re sooooo blessed, aren’t we? xo

  8. New potholders! Yes, they do become tatty so quickly (after so many washes), but I’m always reluctant to replace them. I can understand your excitement with the new ones. Love the wine theme. That cantaloupe looks so cool and refreshing and looks perfect in that lovely bowl.

    • Debi, why is it that despite washing (and/or meticulous care) potholders fall apart? Methinks it has something to do with manufacturing these days… aarrggh. I hang on to mine until they absolutely CAN’T be used… at least not with good conscience. ;) So glad you enjoyed my latest ‘wine’ potholder motif, and the cantaloupe, too!

  9. I should get my self some potholders, I just grab the first thing to hand, usually a teal towel, then one or either my hand, or the cloth gets burnt! Chocolate with liqueur, yum!

    • I’ve tried the tea towel method, Sandra, but unfortunately I have a tendency to start things on fire… or burn my hands! Thankfully, chocolate-filled liqueurs are a ‘handy’ consolation. ;)

  10. Kim, what a pretty little bowl you’ve got your canteloupe in! (We call it rockmelon here, btw) I’ve just noticed that they’re part of the set you showed us in November – so nice that you’re still getting so much use out of them! The dip sounds very moreish and can I just say, the person who initially thought of putting liqueurs into chocolate has a lot to answer for.. ;-)

    • Celia, it was neat to learn that you call cantaloupe “rock” melon there… I’ve encountered a few of those during my day, but I’m getting better at picking out the ripe ones! ;) Also, thanks for noticing my continued enjoyment of that set of November dishes… very observant! Pleasure is found in lil’ things… and gifts (including your online friendship) are much appreciated! xo (P.S. LOL re: the liqueur-filled chocolates!) Did you have something to do with that?!

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