In My Kitchen ~ November 2014

Chocolates from Wayne & Dawn

In My Kitchen are were these spicy, chocolate-y, Tabasco-infused treats that Wayne & Dawn Nix of Louisiana shared with me in September. (See my Running Away From Home post for “why.”) I’m also still drooling over the gluten-free chestnut flour brownies shared by Celia in her October IMK post her most requested recipe to date! (Which says a lot to me, even if I’m a month late mentioning it.) Chocolate is always worth mentioning twice!

Coconut Oil

In My Kitchen… is organic coconut oil. (Sorry for the slightly fuzzy photo, but I’m still slightly fuzzy about what to do with it!) The question foremost on my mind is: “Can I use it like butter in cookie recipes?” The holidays are just around the corner and I’m craving home-baked cookies. What’s your opinion (or experience) on substituting it for ‘other fats’? I love coconut… and fats… (busted, lol!) and I’d really  appreciate your helpful hints, comments, and recommendations on incorporating this new-to-me oil into my holiday baking & cooking. Thanks!

Beef Broccoli

In My Kitchen is the most unorthodox (and most un-Asian?) pairing of flavors — beef, broccoli, and Bleu cheese stir fry. (Sorry, no recipe… it was a “one-time inspiration”… tasty, too.) Remind me to keep a pen & paper In My Kitchen! This dish was soooo playful I couldn’t resist doing the photo in ‘cartoon mode.’ (Life’s too short not to play!)

I’d also like to express my sincere, heartfelt thanks to all of you who commented on my previous posts (minus my usual enthusiastic reply…) — I truly appreciated your caring, sympathy, and concern, but I wasn’t quite up to par yet. Again, thanks! xoxo

And, thanks Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for hostessing this fun monthly event! For details on how to join — or to see kitchens & goodies from ’round the world — please click on the link to Celia’s blog.

Enjoying playing In My Kitchen again,

~ Kim

38 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ November 2014

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  2. Kim I just read Celia´s post . I hope you and your husband are fine and trying to get over this nasty event.
    I read your sometimes your IMK posts, I hope soon you will be back cooking and baking!

  3. Hi Kim,
    Coming on over via Celia’s blog to say so sorry to learn of the loss of your home, I do wish you well for 2015, and from what Celia says, you are a source of inspiration at this trying time. Warmest wishes,
    PS Not seen Tabasco Chocolate.

  4. Not a fan of the Tabasco and chocolate :-) but huge fan of coconut oil…. It fries things really well as it has a high smoking temperature and is a fantastic addition for raw foods! Thanks for sharing! Liz x

  5. oh i really want to try that tabasco chocolate. yummo. i am afraid me and coconut oil do not get along. i still have a big jar of it which i can’t bring myself to use. i did make a recipe with it and ended up throwing it out as i just could not bear the greasy feeling it left on my lips and in my mouth. sorry if this is not what you want to hear! :)) hope you are feeling much better after your stroke. what a shock it must have been. all the best.

  6. Wow, I’ve never heard of that Tabasco chocolate. Not a Tabasco fan myself but I definitely have a stocking stuffer gift on my list for my husband now – thank you!
    I just saw a few recipes with coconut oil in them but I’m going to have to get my brain working to come up with where I saw it…I’ll check my Bon Apetit magazines – could be there. One thing I did see though is that it’s supposed to be great for your skin. Some actress, Lauren Becall possibly had written about using it. You try it first though & let me know :)

  7. Kim, that chocolate looks great, never had any but will be on the lookout now.

    Coconut products seem to be on the rise at the moment and i also have a jar of coconut oil in the pantry. Recently, my busband went to the doctors for the usual checkups- blood pressure, cholestorol and so on. The doctor indicated that the three big killers, in terms of increasing bad cholesterol, were- 1 coconut, 2, palm oil, and 3- hmm can’t remember this one! The point is that not enough research has been done on coconut as a saturated fat to warrant the health benefits people are claiming. ( that goes for all coconut products). A little is not a problem and of course, it is great as a skin moisturiser and hair grooming product.

    • Francesca, thank you so much for your reply! You’re right… there’s so much to be researched, reported on, etc., yet I think it all boils down to common sense. If I end up using coconut oil on my hair & face (I’ve read lots of positive results on those applications) instead of in my skillet, so be it! A few years ago, butter was the bad guy — bacon and coffee, too! Now, the “researchers” can hardly contain themselves on the “good!” Moderation is key… and listening to your body. xo

  8. Hi Kim-
    Adding bleu cheese to most everything is and improvement in my opinion- Love the fun photo!
    I’ve had that chocolate- and I love heat in that venue!
    Thanks for sharing- have you gotten that load of snow they are talking about that is coming down from Canada?

    • Thankfully, we’re farther south (Oklahoma), but my son just left here to drive back to Minnesota and we’re hoping he’ll get there before it hits. (They’re even hinting “snow” HERE, though… yikes!) Time for more chocolate ‘heat.’ :)

  9. Oh how I’ve missed you! So nice to be in your kitchen again, Kim! Thank you for the mention of my brownies, you’re very kind. If you lived within driving distance, you know I’d bake some for you, right? The Tabasco chocolates sound very interesting, and as far as I’m concerned, anything with blue cheese is a winner! :) I’m glad you got to run away for a little while.. xxx

  10. What’s better than McIlhenny’s?? Chocolate from McIlhenny’s! That dish with the blue cheese sounds so good. Different too! :)

    • Maureen, (referring to Uru’s “foodie-lovebaby” comment above) — different is often the order of the day In My Kitchen (aka: “necessity is the mother of invention” LOL!) So glad you & Uru got to meet recently… I’m experiencing Maureen envy. ;)

  11. I have used coconut in combination with butter in cookies which worked. I use it in granola, pancakes, waffles, quick breads, muffins… More cookie experimenting is required on my part! The chocolate sounds great, I love dark chocolate with chili so I sure Tabasco chocolate is great. Thanks for the look in your kitchen.

    • Tandy, I tried it for mushrooms — YAY! I was surprised how ‘neutral’ tasting the oil was… was worried I was going to end up with coconut-flavored mushrooms! I appreciate your tips, thanks!

  12. I’ve seen that Tabasco chocolate but I haven’t tried it. I think I’m also guilty of sprinkling a little blue cheese here and there. Yes, getting a new camera can be good but also create some headaches xx

    • Charlie, it was so delish I even shared some w/my hubby. (What was I thinking?!) Heat, sweet, & chocolate are a delightful combo — as is Bleu cheese on pretty much everything. ;)

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