Cookware Debut

Fish Poached in White Wine 1

Humor me and hover over the photos…


I didn’t realize how dependent I was on my cookware until I had to use somebody else’s… a conflagration of pots and pans with mismatched lids. Gotta love ‘cabin’ cooking!

Since last November every meal has been a challenge and I’ve been doing my best trying to maintain normal life (and meals) with the implements at hand.

This feast, however, was accomplished in my newly arrived stainless steel cookware (with lids that match!) and I couldn’t help but debut it with something spectacular.

Fish Poached in White Wine 2

Who else to turn to but Julia Child?

Fish poached in white wine… ahhhhh, yes… life (and eating) is good.

I love her technique for “napping” the fish with the reduced stock — in this case thickened with cornstarch (due to my gluten issues) rather than a beurre manié.

Nap Time

The best way to share ‘how to’ is for you to check out Mastering The Art of French Cooking from your local library — if you don’t already own a copy — and turn to pages 208-211. (I don’t want to plagarize.)

All I can say was that it was fantastic… and, what a blessing it was to finally have the ‘right’ pan to cook with.

Some things are worth waiting for.

Enjoying reading, new recipes — and cookware!

~ Kim

20 thoughts on “Cookware Debut

    • Elizabeth, Julia’s sauce alone (not to mention her fish-poaching recipe and tips) were worth the effort… and FLAVOR! We’re still working on “house 2” — hopefully able to move in early next month. Thanks, sweet friend!

  1. You seem to be managing very well despite how difficult it must be. This reminds me of going to a holiday house where you open the cupboards and there’s very little in them. I’m glad you’re able to prepare for yourself a home-cooked meal and I do hope you’ll be in your new home very soon xx

    • Charlie, I always got a kick out of holiday houses (aka vacation cabins in my neck o’the woods), but it was only for a week or two. Three months is trying my patience… and I so appreciate your understanding. xoxo!

    • Shirley, a good pan (or two) makes cooking so much easier — and fun! I think we’d have a fabulous time hanging out at a kitchen store together… can we say “all day?!” :) xoxo

    • Uru, I’ve been missing ‘kitchen world.’ In the meantime, I’ve been living (and cooking, and baking…) vicariously through everybody else’s. Thank goodness for foodie friends! xo

  2. I can’t live without my cookware… I’m sure your new pans are going to become second nature soon :) And I love Julia… but have never made this recipe… now it is on the list :)
    Liz xx

    • Elizabeth, I loved your thought about cookware becoming second nature. (Pauses for the profundity of it to sink in…) I’ve felt out of my element for 3 months. Here’s to second-nature soon, woohoo!

    • Ally, I haven’t hit my ‘writing groove’ yet, but the eatin’ sure has been good! (Plus, I’ve been a lil’ distracted with a side project… :) Yay for matching lids!

    • Diane, sooooo true. I can punt with the best of ’em (hee hee), but having ‘tools’ that aid and abet the eating outcome (and cooking process) is a HUGE plus. Thank you, xo.

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