In My Kitchen ~ March 2015

WindsockIn My Kitchen, or just outside of it… is a brightly colored windsock. For 3-1/2 months (going on 4) we’ve been holed up in temporary quarters after an electrical fire destroyed our home (and everything in it), which left us wondering “What are we going to do?” and “Where will we live?” (And where am I going to cook?)

Well, it’s time to celebrate! Behind the rainbow-hued flip flop windsock is our next home. (More on that in a minute.) But first, allow me to express my gratitude to Celia of Fig Jam and Lime Cordial (who hostesses In My Kitchen) for her deeply caring heart, and my daughter, Pamela, for making our plight known. (Love ya, Bebe Girl!)

Thanks to them — and to my IMK friends around the world (and friends Stateside) — your compassionate donations added up to a new stove and a refrigerator In My Kitchen, which will forever remind me of “you” … and I can’t thank you enough! xo

I’d hoped to share some updated photos of the stove and fridge (sorry for the repeat from Celia’s post, but this is it until next month) when I discovered my camera batteries were “exhausted.” I know how they feel! Transitioning from ‘temporary’ (especially when we’re still waiting on running water and propane) has meant hauling buckets up and down the driveway two pails at a time — one “wash,” one rinse — and it’s been slow going. But we’re making progress!

All of our “wondering” questions (and many prayers) were answered in the form of an old adage: “There’s no place like home.” Since we’d lived/rented the lake house for over 7 years and loved the location, we asked our landlord if he’d lease us the lots. (Yippee, yes!) We couldn’t afford to build a house, so we did the next best thing… we moved one.

Here are a few photos from ‘moving day’ as our double-wide mobile home (basically a trailer that’s constructed in “halves,” hauled, and later hooked together) made it down The Hill.

The trick (besides moving it!) was finding a home within our post-fire budget. Some of them are as expensive as newly constructed homes. But, The Man Of Few Words is a handy-man extraordinaire and we eventually found a ‘fixer upper.’ :) Thank you, God!

It took a lot of faith, foresight, and imagination to transform our future abode from this…

…into this:

Okay, that was more of a ‘house tour’ than an IMK peek, but I’m sooo excited about getting back to LIVING and cooking In My Kitchen

and our next HOME! :)

Of course, there’s still a lot of outside work to be done yet.

But, as I said, we’re making progress every day! (Snow & ice storms notwithstanding.)

One of the first things to arrive In My Kitchen was this stainless steel potato masher to replace my Grandma’s antique potato masher — a gift from Liz Posmyk of Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things. (Thank you, Liz, xo!) It’s a high-tech wonder that does a marvelous job of reducing spuds into “fluff” in no time! xo

(Who says you can’t combine nostalgia with new?!)


Also, the cheerful striped kitchen towel (one of four, with 2 sets of bath towels to boot, not to mention assorted goodies!) were from my friend, Ally Phillips. (Thanks, Ally, xo.)

If you’ve ever questioned “goodness” in this world… wondered if it still exists… well… my life (and kitchen) are evidence that it does.

To all of you who contributed to our fundraiser, if there’s any way possible to personally thank you in the coming months, I’ll find it. (I was raised to acknowledge gifts with a thank you note!) In the meantime, thank YOU from the bottom of my heartCelia, Pamela, Liz, Ally, everybody. xoxo!

Enjoying one day closer to being In My Kitchen “for real,”

~ Kim

59 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ March 2015

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  2. It is amazing how much work you’ve done! The place is fantastic! It is really nice that you are done with moving and you’re settling in – this is the best part! Good luck! Thanks for the post! :)

  3. Finally getting around to March IMK’s and then I will have to start gain for April! What a wonderful post, so happy for you and that we could all help just a little! Liz xx

  4. So pleased to hear that you are moving forward and finding enjoyment in your new adventure. How wonderful that you are able to stay at the same location. Looking forward to your future posts.

  5. What an exciting post. I can’t believe the transformation – your husband must truly be very talented. It’s really wonderful that you were able to stay in the same location because that view you have must be a wonderful sight to wake up to every day. Good luck with the move. I’m guessing you’ll be pretty happy to not have to haul water!

  6. I think this is the most inspirational In My Kitchen post I have ever read. Such a feat to have moved the house and I am amazed at how you have such a positive attitude after such a horrific incident. I hope all goes well for you in your new home and am looking forward to seeing many more posts from in your kitchen.

    • Thank you, Luca! There’ve been “good” days most days, but truthfully, every once in awhile I’ve had to “re-group.” I prefer to write about the good ones. ;) It just goes to show how “human” we all are, and how encouragement is one of the greatest gifts on the planet! (IMK is an encouraging community.) Again, thanks!

  7. So wonderful to see the progress in rebuilding your life after the fire, Kim. Talk about restoring one’s faith in humanity – from the site set up by your daughter to the donations from everyone to your landlord’s kindness and also finding that amazing fixer-upper!! Your man of few words doesn’t really need to say much if that is what he is capable of – amazing job so far! Look forward to seeing more and reading about your culinary adventures with the new cooker!! x

    • Selma, thank you! And, I absolutely love the term “cooker” instead of “stove.” When my son was a lil’ tot, he used to tell me: “Mom, you’re a good cooker.” :) Prophetic? I like to think so. xo!

  8. Such a joyful post Kim. Lots of sunshine and happiness after some very tough days. Still plenty more to come no doubt but I can see that things are progressing nicely and there’s lots to look forward to. Thanks for sharing and I’m glad we could help you get back In Your Kitchen. Cheers xx

  9. A stove AND a refrigerator? I’m thrilled for you! Celia IS a dream woman and after meeting her in person a couple of weeks ago I’m more in love than ever. :)

    • Maureen, this whole effort was a dream — miraculous, actually — and I feel entirely blessed. Wish I could join you gals (someday!) for your get-togethers — sounds like great fun!

    • Liz, I can’t tell you adequately what an inspiration it was for ME to have the friendship and support of IMK behind me during this transition. Lots of good vibes floating around this world — especially in the kitchen! Thank you.

    • Shirley, it’s a blessing to have a “fix it” guy who knows how to do things and does them well. Mostly I just clean up after him (ha ha!), but I’m pretty handy with a paint brush, too. Thanks, dear one! xo

    • Vicki, thank you! It was a blessing when I found that windsock — the company’s motto was: “A windsock is like a greeting card into your home.” :) Here’s to symbolic new beginnings!

  10. It’s great to read that you are rebuilding your home and kitchen after such a horrible experience. Wishing you all the best and many hours of happy cooking in the new kitchen.
    Kavey (first time joining IMK this month!)

  11. What an upbeat and heartwarming post. Glad to see you getting ready to move into your new home and test out that kitchen. Growing up we had a fire that didn’t damage the entire home, but we were in a hotel for over 7 weeks so I can feel your pain of wanting to settle into your new home. Makes you appreciate the saying “there’s no place like home” even more!

    • Gretchen, we must have watched the same movies growing up. :) Sorry to hear about your family’s trials and tribulations, too — yup, “waiting” is hard, but at least it gives ya something to look forward to every day. (I’ll be glad when we’re finally moved in though!) Thanks for your comments, xo.

  12. What a lovely post and it’s so exciting to see you setting up your new home. I can see that so much work has gone into those renovations but it sure looks like it’s all been worth it. The new stove looks like a real feature in your kitchen. And that potato masher certainly looks like it would work really well. Great to see you moving forward after such a tragic event xx

    • Charlie, it’s been one step forward, two steps back sometimes… like the day I washed down all of the counters, cupboards, you name it (!) and came back the next day to discover a thick layer of sawdust on everything! (Can’t be mad at a hubby who labors for hours on end oblivious to his wife’s efforts, yet is simultaneously mindful of her happiness — the sign of a solid marriage. ;) We WILL get there — live IN it — eventually. :)

  13. This is all great news. You seem to have such a good outlook on your situation, but I’m sure it’s been extremely difficult, to say the least. Good luck with everything!

    • Mimi, thank you. I’ve been upbeat for the most part, but once in a rare while I have a melt down. ;) A movie line once said: “There IS no normal.” (I’ve found that to be true, especially now.) The beauty of it is being able to create your own normal every day! (And I like to “think positively.” :) Thanks, kiddo!

  14. So pleased to learn you are on your way to your new home. Kindness and giving is beneficial to not only you but to us and it just really warms my heart to see what the donations were able to get you…and how awesome is the stove and fridge!!!
    Warm regards,
    Jan x

  15. Oh, Kim! I’ve be sooooooooooo wating for more photos of the progress! I love the new appliances, the potato masher is fabulous, and I can’t wait for you to get crankin’ in the new kitchen w/all of your long awaited passion to cook and share the food love! More good things are to come, I just feel it in my bones!! Can’t wait to see those boho towels in your bathroom! xoxo love you kiddo!

    • A little encouragement goes a long way, Josephine, xo. In my case, there’s been a HUGE amount of encouragement, love, and support, and my spirit feels buoyant. Thank you!

  16. Such an optimistic post Kim, epitomised by the colourful windsock waving outside your new home. Spring will bring more energy as you begin to shape into your own, courgeous one.

    • Thank you, Francesca! Spring definitely produces an energy surge — yesterday it was gloriously sunny (and a bit warmer, too) and I felt rarin’ to go! To everything there is a season… :) xo

  17. Hi lovely Kim… so excited to see fresh new beginnings for you in your new home with a new kitchen taking shape too!… slowly, slowly, my friend. So glad that you like the potato masher… I know it cannot replace your grandmother’s gadget, but use it with pleasure xox

    • Liz, in case you were wondering… I love the lil’ “tag” that came with the potato masher — I take it off (and put it back on) every time I use it. ;) (OCD?? Nah… just FUN!) So far we’ve enjoyed mashed potatoes at LEAST once a week since it arrived! Your phrase “fresh new beginnings” reminded me that Spring is just around the corner here… another thing to look forward to as we settle in. xo

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