The Big Reveal

Bourbon Drizzle
Bourbon Drizzle from “Ally’s Kitchen~A Passport For Adventurous Palates”

For months I’ve been hinting about a project I’ve been working on, and here ’tis at last.

Every once in awhile you run across somebody who inspires you to look at life differently. Someone who makes you giddy considering the possibilities in front of you. An instigator… an energizing spirit… an innovative foodie… a kindred soul!

Ladies and gents, if you haven’t already had the pleasure of meeting Ally Phillips, I’m tickled to introduce her to ya…


Ally entered blog world a few years ago, and since then she’s been off and runnin’ — cooking, creating, capturing mouthwatering photos, competing in contests (and winning!) — not to mention writing a one-of-a-kind cookbook.

When this cohort in cooking-dom asked if I’d be willing to edit it last year, I didn’t have to think twice before saying YES. The prospect of combining my love of the King’s English with her unparalleled savvy in the kitchen, sensational stories spanning the globe, and innate sense of adventure was meant to be! Plus I’ve always wanted to work at home in my jammies. ;)

Bonus points for getting a first-peek at Ally’s scrumptious recipes, too! Here’s the Croatian Potato Salad I made for dinner the other night. OH MY!!!

To see what other folks are saying about Ally’s Kitchen~A Passport for Adventurous Palates, check out the “Blog Tour” (May 1-28) here. 

And, for a brief (3 minute) FUN video about the cookbook click here.

Life’s been good ~ blessed ~ and “boholicious” every day! (Thanks, Ally, xo.)

Enjoying multi-talented friends ~ and words,

~ Kim

21 thoughts on “The Big Reveal

    • Yup, and thanks, Mimi! The cookbook is supposed to be in bookstores May 12th, and I read recently that Amazon ran out of ’em! A good sign… :) Thanks again, xo.

    • Elizabeth, I love a good mayo drenched ‘tater salad more than the next Southerner :), … but Ally’s “clean” version inspired me to spread it on everything from salmon fillets to baguettes… entirely boholicious!!! Feel free to PLAY..

    • Oh, Charlie… I just went out and bought auxiliary ingredients today to make the “dressing” again (and again…) — I picture it (and can taste it) over more than just potato salad! Hope you try it. Thanks, love!

  1. Fabulous. I understand the editor’s role more than most. Not only have you done a fantastic job, you have an outstanding ‘easy edit’ to work with. Congrats to both of you. Y’all are awesome.

    • I soooooo agree… I ate the whole bowl. ;) (TMOFW didn’t get one teensy bite o’ your Bourbon Drizzle either, LOL!!!) Accolades to your previous comment about inspiring other folks… yup, that’s what it’s all about… sooooo not about “us.”

  2. KIMMMMMM! I didn’t expect this! Wowzzzeeeeeeeeeee, what a gift, my co-hort, NR, sister in the cookbook world and more! YOU, my dear, were and are the spine in this book, and for anyone else out there who even has the most FLEETING idea of writing a book, be it cookbook or not, YOU are the person to step in, usher them along and stay nailed firmly in place making it happen. It’s a full out WE project, and we’ve got more things coming down the pike! We all just have to stay healthy and full of our juju energy! I’m ever so grateful for this amazing post (well, I’m not trying to be bragadocious, plese know) b/c I hope it inspires others to, yes, follow their dreams b/c they can come true (major elbow grease needed!)…love you girl and our magic carpet is soaring daily! xoxo

    • Ally, being referred to as the “spine” in your book was a major confidence boost, especially after I received my hard copy in the mail — thank you! (We done good, kiddo… and, not bad for a first effort… not bad at all! :) Carry on!

  3. I’ve heard all about Ally’s book and can’t wait to write about it. Your knowledge and talent will be seen on every page. How exciting to do this together.

    • Maureen, “together” is a mere shadow of what’s transpired between Ally ‘n’ me during the past year. We’re Boho buddies, cohorts in crime, and confidantes to the MAX! (As are YOU, my wanna be/wish we were neighbors!) Oh, if only we lived closer… xo.

  4. Oh wow, Ally’s Cookbook Launch sounds totally cool! It’s certainly interesting to learn about her through your intro, Kimby! I came over as soon as your post came into my email! Your blog is just as inspiring to me, dear!

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