In My Kitchen ~ May 2015

SHB enameled copper keepsake

In My Kitchen is the most intriguing yard sale “find” I’ve ever run across… a small enameled copper trinket box with the initials “SHB” on the lid. (Displayed here on a beautiful handmade doily — one of many sent to me by the lovely Australian blogger, Maree from Around The Mulberry Tree — thank you, xo!)

When I got home, I Googled “SHB” and the only thing that came up was Sydney Harbor Bridge. Could it actually be from Australia? (And wouldn’t THAT be a cool coincidence?!) Plus it was only 25 cents… a steal for such fine craftsmanship.

If anybody has a clue as to its origins, I’d love to hear about it.

Italian Wedding Soup ala Kimby

In My Kitchen is (was) a bowl of Italian Wedding Soup — with a solitary substantial noodle meandering through it. :)

Actually, this was a “combo” creation… I used Chef Dennis Littley’s recipe, a lil’ o’ my homemade vegetable stock, and some tomato & cracked black pepper Pappardelle pasta sent to me by Ally Phillips. (She sent the background tea towel, too.) I just LOVE going to my mailbox!

If you’re interested in seeing these two FUN foodie personalities interact (along with Dennis’ cordial co-host, Susan Serra), please tune into the next G+ episode of Around The Kitchen Table on May 6th. (Good times — and good food!)


In My Kitchen is an absolutely gorgeous bouquet from The Man Of Few Words — hand picked and presented with a boyish smile. xo

That’s what life is all about. (In My Kitchen or otherwise!)

For more kitchen goodies from around the world, treat yourself to a visit to Fig Jam and Lime Cordial. Monthly posts are listed in Celia’s sidebar and I guarantee you’ll love ’em!

Enjoying “normal” life at last,

~ Kim

44 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ May 2015

  1. That would be cool if it was from Australia… and that soup looks fantastic…! What a wonderful man to grow and pick you flowers… so beautiful! Liz xx

  2. Oh how lovely to get flowers picked for you from your special someone. Lovely! Your soup sounds and look fabulous and as for the intriguing initials on your trinket box, I do hope you find out what SHB stands for. I wonder if they would have gone so far as to make it for somebody, personalised with their initials…
    Have a super day.
    :-) Mandy xo

  3. I do hope you find out what those initials stand for Kim, what a cute find indeed. Your soup noodle looks like its doing a fine job of holding the soup together, what lovely presentation. Glad to see your kitchen has found its soul again. Onwards and upwards. Cheers, Kirsty xx

  4. I’m so glad you’re enjoying a normal life ‘at last’. It’s what we all hoped would happen for the two of you. Maybe the initials come from a company name that’s long been out of business? The bouquet is very romantic.

    • Maureen, the support and cheerleading that happens within this group is nothing short of amazing. I wish I could send each and every one a hand-picked bouquet to celebrate our friendship! xo

  5. Can’t believe 25 cents stuff like this still exist, Kimby! Honestly, I’ve never been to a yard sale. Am I living in the mountain or what? Hahaha! If only my hubby would pick me some flowers…..

    • Shirley, you need to come “yard sale-ing” w/me in Oklahoma! I expected it to cost a lot more (the thing weighs almost a pound, it’s so well-made) but I’ll take my blessings where I find ’em. And hint hint to your hubby… my lovely friend is needing some flowers. ;) (tee hee)

    • Francesca, thanks for your hints on its possible origins. The fellow who sold it to me said he bought it in a “box full of stuff” at an estate sale in Tulsa — who knows where the owners travels may have taken them?! It was the only item that caught my eye (between stacks of VHS tapes and lots of JUNK, lol!) Yay for great finds!

    • Joanne, we feel very blessed to have kept the view in “house go-round #2.” I debated about snapping a new header photo for my blog, but the peace & tranquility you described have been a “constant” in our lives and I couldn’t bear to change it. The deck & lawn chairs may have changed, but the lake & mountains haven’t! Soooooo glad you felt the “ahhhhhhhhh….” :) Thank you, xo.

  6. That bowl of soup with that one fluid piece of pasta is a bit of a work of art. I’m glad you took a photo before you ate it! Lovely to see those doilies being re-cycled and given a second life. That’s what it’s all about. xxx

    • Fiona, I had no idea how I was going to fit that noodle in the bowl, so I started “swirling” and plunking meatballs in between. Food “art” or serendipity? Tasty either way! :) The doilies meant a lot to me… it was like getting my Grandma’s and sister’s handmade gifts back from over the years.

  7. I always feel like I’m right ther ein your kitche, luv…and, that soup is to die for…everytime I see it, I start salivating (no joke)…I have to make it! Everything is coming up beautiful roses in your kitchen…love you angel! xoox PS…and surprise boxes are always the best!!

    • Back at ya, Jeanne! I’ve sooooo been looking forward to “responding” — that’s a major part of life, too, eh? You’re so kind and faithful with your comments here… they’ve kept me going. Thanks!

    • Charlie, I keep forgetting that you’re a season (or two) ahead of us here… yup, Spring’s a’comin’ (and apparently you’ve had quite the Autumn “Down Under.”) Hear, hear for comfort food, xo!

  8. Lovely to see that you’re settling in to your new kitchen, Kim. Fascinated by that copper trinket… and I LOVE your wedding soup… and those roses, I can almost smell their perfume from here xo

  9. Kim darling, it all looks so settled and calm and wonderful, and that last photo of your kitchen in the background, looking like you’ve been in it forever, has put a huge smile on my face for the day. Gorgeous flowers from your gorgeous man, delicious soup, and a fine piece of workmanship in the copper box – I doubt it stands for Sydney Harbour Bridge, but you never know! :) Lovely Maree – that doily is gorgeous! :)

    • Celia, you tickled me pink with your comment about my kitchen background… I’m always peering into the “beyond,” too. (There’s so much more to see!) You’ve been an “inside” part of my life (TMOFW’s, too) and we BOTH appreciate it, xo.

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