In My Kitchen ~ June 2015

In My Kitchen… are a bounty of blessings, but rather than describe each one at length, I’m deferring to a brief summary:

Colorful, appetite-appeasing, and soul-satisfying — especially the spices!

I’m so thankful to have a variety again.

In My Kitchen… is the cutest lil’ mortar and pestle.

I hope to have a large one someday, but for now it does the trick.

I’m prone to mix and mingle. :)

In My Kitchen… (or adjacent to it) is the ideal spot for growing herbs indoors.

Technically it’s a breakfast nook, but I’m not much of a breakfast eater so I renamed it “The Garden Room.”

I will be eating my way through these…

Things are coming along nicely!

I was thinking of painting the board on the bench a gorgeous tangerine or sunny yellow… what do you think?

For more delightful descriptions and a plethora of fascinating gadgets, please visit Celia at Fig Jam & Lime Cordial where you can peruse kitchen goodies from around the world — and add your own, if you wish.

Enjoying a more flavorful life in my kitchen,

~ Kim

64 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ June 2015

  1. ooh I like the window sill plants, i’ve never had much luck growing things indoors! Great mortar and pesto too. It’s a good month for IMK!

  2. Pleased to hear that you are building up your spice cupboard. I’m sure that we are all guilty of holding onto ground spices for too long. Nothing is better than fresh herbs.

  3. love your spice collection, however it reminded me I forgot to buy some Old Bay seasoning when I was in the US. Oh well, will have to return… I love a good mortar and pestle too. Glad things are getting back to normal for you xx

  4. Lovely to see your kitchen growing in more than one way. Like Francesca my spice cupboard look shambolic… an Australian thing maybe. I admire your order, and those colourful & delicious meals :)

  5. I love fresh herbs, I have them dotted all through my garden as well as a little collection of them outside my kitchen door, so very handy :) Thanks for sharing this month! Liz xx

    • Liz, your herbs “dotted all through your garden” (and your collection near your kitchen door) sound just delightful! Our soil (clay) and climate (HOT) are difficult to nurture my favorites… hence the indoor garden. So pleased you stopped by the lake for a visit! :) Thank you. xo.

  6. Hi Kim! Oh I’m loving your herb nook in the gardening room. I love the idea of a faux board suggested above too. Why restrict yourself to only two colours when you could then change it as season and mood dictated?! :-)

    Your spice collection is enviable!

    • Lisa, I thought that dual-sided board was a stroke of genius idea, too. (Might just have to have The Man Of Few Words make a few more of those faux boards… “lake colors” appeal, too — turquoise and steel blue come to mind…. although I think tangerine and/or yellow would offset the herbs better.) Glad you liked my “Garden Room!” Thanks, xo.

    • Thanks, Tandy! Just added some fresh basil and rosemary (an outside herb) to some all-day-simmering spaghetti sauce for dinner… ahhhh. I love ’em, too! Thanks again for stopping by, xo

    • Celia, I’ve been in a “writing mood” lately and you’re most gracious to consider my “incoming.” (Take your time!) Glad you can see our changes — but the lake view, thankfully, remains the same. :) xoxo

    • Jan, my spices were most cooperative for their photo debut (with a lil’ rearranging by moi… ;) — I wish they looked that way all the time, ha! Life is good indeed — maybe not quite the way it was (and it may never be), but, it’s GOOD nonetheless. Thanks so much, xo!

    • Amanda, thanks to an ingenious artist friend o’mine I’ll be able to incorporate your “yellow” vote into my life (and kitchen), too. (Tangerine was the forerunner.) I just put in a “honey-do request” today for The Man Of Few Words to “size a piece of wood” to my bench top — one side of which I’ll paint tangerine and the other yellow. Best of both!!! Thanks so much for your input & comment — I agree with you that sunny colors make spaces seem brighter!

  7. My vote… tangerine for your bench colour. I’m sure it would make you smile every time you walk past it.
    Tell me Kim, the Old Bay seasoning tin in your spice cupboard… what do you use it with? I’m ever so curious, as I have seen this spice on sale now at our local Costco in Canberra. Cheers, and have a lovely month, Kirsty

    • Kirsty, Old Bay seasoning is primarily used on seafood (crab, shrimp, etc.) since it hails from the Chesapeake Bay area in the Eastern U.S. — but it’s delish on so much more — oven fries, burgers, eggs, veggies, you name it! I love their spice blend so much I even take “sniffs” sometimes just for the sheer pleasure of it. :) Thanks for your vote, too — I’ve settled on tangerine! xo

  8. I too hope for a bigger mortar and pestle one day. I love your garden room. Wondering how I can create one in my kitchen somewhere although with winter here and it always being so dark in the kitchen I may leave that until it’s warmer and I too have loads of spices. Funny though how I usually keep using the same ones over and over.
    Have a wonderful day.
    :-) Mandy xo

  9. I love your attitude. I am sure that your new kitchen will be a happy sunny place because of what you have experienced. There is no doubt those herbs will grown better with yellow or tangerine keeping them company.

  10. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my IMK post. I spy the Old Bay Seasoning, it is something we don’tget in the UK and i hope to get my mitts on it one day. I envy that you are able to grow herbs indoors too, my home is so dark

  11. Wow Kim, that is some excellent looking food in your kitchen. I’m jealous since I’ve been doing everything except make food lately…too much wedding stuff.
    You’re so lucky to have a nice sunny place to grow herbs indoors. I’ve got a couple of spots and I’ve tried to grow some but unfortunately I have an indoor cat who eats everything as soon as it sprouts. Can you believe this guy ate an entire pot of chives? Since when does a cat like chives?
    Love the idea of a nice bright color for the bench!

    • Your chive eating cat tickled me greatly, Diane! Good taste knows no bounds. :) You’ll get back to cooking soon enough after the wedding (it’s a lifetime “volunteer” occupation, lol!) In the meantime, know that your friendship and outlook on life tickle me as much as your cat! :) xo Take care.

    • Thanks, Sandra! It’ll be fun to post an “after” pic of the bench once I get the tangerine paint. I appreciate your vote, and thanks for stopping in to visit.

  12. Tangerine for the bench, is my vote! I love breakfast nooks. One of the houses I lived in whilst in college had a breakfast nook. It was my favourite place. I love what you have done with yours though!

  13. Gosh, look at those spices! Everything’s so handy, Kimby! It’s really nice to be growing your own herbs & just plucking them fresh from your garden :D

    • Shirley, I’m not a gardening expert by any means but it TASTES so good to sprinkle a fresh herb here and there. :) I also can’t live without a bunch of spices… one of my faves is Chinese 5 Spice, which I’m sure you’re familiar with, xo! Every day is a new flavor adventure In My Kitchen. :)

    • Many thanks for your encouragement, Chef Mimi! I despise dwelling on “the past” (although we can learn from it) and hope to move my posts into forward-thinking & cooking venues as I go along. Again, thanks!

  14. Very soon your herb garden will be magnificent. I love to have a lot of spices in my cupboard too – handy! I also find it essential to have a mortar and pestle xx

    • Charlie, thanks for your confidence in my herb garden (and/or herb growing abilities, ha!) Since that photo, I’ve added a mint plant (oops, it might already be there — see how much attention I pay to them?!) Thyme, oregano, and sage are on my “want” list. Any other suggestions? xo

    • Debi, an artist friend of mine suggested painting a “faux board” sized to the bench instead of painting the actual wood on the bench. That means I can have yellow on one side and tangerine on the other — whatever suits me on a given day! I agree, either color would be happy. :) Thank you.

  15. The very first online purchase I bought was a M&P like that and it came from USA. It seems like a thousand years ago now and it cost me probably 10 times more than what it would at the many local suppliers these days. Love the herbs and think I’ll let you decide on the colour to paint as I’m colour illiterate! VAn’t cope with arty-farty stuff, but those colourful orange/yellow bowls that show up from an IMK post Nov 2013 look pretty darned good. Coming together nicely :)

    • Maree, so far the “vote” has been leaning toward tangerine (my first inclination), but whatever color it ends up to be will be a day brightener, as is your comment. xo :)

  16. Mortars and pestles of all shapes and sizes are always handy. I have a small one I use when I just want to crack a few peppercorns or grind a small amount of sugar. Nice to see Summer has arrived.

    Always interesting to see what’s happening. xxx

    • Fiona, I tend to make “one time” batches unless I’m feeling particularly ambitious. (My hubby is content with salt & pepper!) Good things come in small packages. :)

    • Joanne, thank you! I’ve enjoyed a number of dishes with “microgreens” until my fledgling herbs produce enough leaves to make pesto, chimichuri, etc., but in the meantime, they serve as lil’ garnishes. :) Tickled that you noticed my progress! xo

    • Thank you, Lizzy! The best part is unseen… I finally got my computer transferred to our HOME, instead of running up & down the driveway ten times a day to our temporary abode! Now I can fully enjoy my visits to IMK and cyberworld… and I am! :) Thanks so much for your TLC & support, xo.

    • Francesca, the spices only ended up looking “organised” for their photo debut, ha! Most of the time I grab and go, and put them back in whatever order. I love your term “shambolic.” :) Yes ma’am!

      • Shambolic is a good one- it describes my pantry very well. I’m not sure if it’s in the dictionary yet, but many Australians use it. I might put pantry on today’s list!

  17. I love the idea of a yellow bench. It must be so much fun to set up a new home the way you want it after all the suffering you’ve been through. xx

    • Maureen, it’s indeed like the proverbial “clean slate” — or artist’s palette and blank canvas — and I’m determined to have fun with it. Though I still miss some of the lil’ things that expressed the former “moi,” the sky’s the limit! These days the only suffering I’m experiencing is “champagne taste on a beer salary.” (Remember that old adage?) I have more ideas than money (or furniture, ha!), but, one day at a time… The bench was a gift from a dear friend (we’re sitting on the matching “couch” in our living room) and I’m ever so grateful. Thank you, xo.

    • Bernice, our “other house” was shady, too — or burned ’em up in direct sunlight. Now all they have to do is survive my lack of a green thumb, ha! I keep trying — hope you do, too! Thanks for coming by. xo

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