Musical Chairs

Lyrical Chairs

You don’t get to be my age and cultivate a sense of contentment by hanging onto things, but every once in awhile I miss my chairs.

They were a part of my life. Part of me.

I even dressed them up on occasion. ;)

Deck the halls... and chairs

Then along came my friend Marla for an impromptu “Girls Day” gathering at my house — with a surprise in tow.

Marla is a piano player. A dear friend. Someone who “gets” me.

Lookie what she brought!

The Chair

A friend of hers was clearing out some things when Marla spied “The Chair” and asked what she was going to do with it. In a moment of generosity, this cast off went from “throw-away” to “give-away.” I’ve been doubly blessed by generous hearts.

Despite the fact that it has no seat (that’s on The Man Of Few Words’ honey-do list) this gem is rife with possibilities. What color fabric? What kind of cushion? As I search for the “right” ones in the coming months, not only will I be merging past with present, I’ll be forging ahead. What an extraordinary gift… the sense of “connection” and promise.

Truly, I’m not defined by “stuff,” but I do recognize the value in treasures… and this chair is definitely one of them. So is my friend. xo

Enjoying an unexpected piece of my past,

~ Kim

18 thoughts on “Musical Chairs

    • Maureen, you KNOW it! Right now I’m imagining “lake colors” for the chair covering… some sort of “swirly” or amalgamated print that will do justice to the scene I love above (and within reach of my piano.) I promise to post photos of the finished version as soon as I find the fabric! Thank you, xo!

  1. I remember your post on musical chair sometime ago if memory serves me right. Wonder if kids still play them these days with all the gadgets around. Lol!

    • Shirlley, you ‘n’ I are supposed to play a game of musical chairs whenever we get together, but if I recall, you’re better at it than I am, ha! ;) The post you’re referring to (“Cake Walk”) was actually a look back at my annual school carnival & ensuing antics involving musical chairs, but I also posted (last year, I think) “The Lyrical Life” — similar photos. What a memory you have, and how nice to know that you noticed and recalled, xoxo! You’ve been “with me” for a long time, and I can’t thank you enough. xoxo Much appreciated, my lovely friend!

  2. I remember your musical chairs. What a fabulous friend you have to give you such a thoughtful gift. I do look forward to seeing it when the man of few words has weaved his magic xx

    • Charlie, as with any “honey do” list (especially when married to a handyman), it’s entirely subject to TMOFW as to when and how he weaves his magic! There’s an old saying in the trade: “The plumber’s wife is the last to have her toilet fixed.” (LOL!) I’ve waited many a year for “home improvements” … but… I’m willing to wait a lil’ longer, cuz I know it’ll be PERFECT whenever he gets around to it. (Will post photos of “after” when the day comes, xo) I’m tickled that you remembered my musical chairs… it’s time for a new melody. :)

  3. Ohhhhh, Kimmmeeee! I’m soooooooooooo happy…I remember that beautiful chair! And, having another is just an amazing gift…friends are such treasures. Can’t wait to see what you select for the chair covering…hummmm, I just might start some looking on my ideas!! xo

    • Ally, apologies for just getting ’round to replying to your comment… crazy month (as you know)… but “continuity” sees us through — things like “The Chair.” I think we need to look for those anchors in our lives — things & folks who ground us & inspire us. To me, you’re one of them. xoxo

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