Frozen Pineapple Cilantro Mojito

Cilantro Mojito

One of the most refreshing beverages I had last summer was this Frozen Pineapple Cilantro Mojito. (Just brought home the ingredients to make a batch this weekend… and yes, I know it’s only Wednesday… some things are worth the wait. ;)

Now that our temps have soared to 100º F, I’m ready for more. (Cocktails, not heat!)

Credit goes to “Baking A Moment” and this recipe. Many thanks! Ahhhhh…

Enjoying a lil’ heat relief,

~ Kim

21 thoughts on “Frozen Pineapple Cilantro Mojito

  1. I love this idea of frozen cocktails! Would be a great fit for my BSFIC blogger challenge, actually, if you fancy joining… I think I may have to make some of this one!

    • Allie, my pleasure! Sorry it took me a whole year to re-post your recipe… I enjoyed them all last summer, too. :) (Thank goodness for “drafts” archives… ha!)

    • Maureen, how I wish I could sent a lil’ heat along with my reply. It’s funny to think of you in “winter” and me in the throes of summer… but you know what that’s like from your previous U.S. residency. Stay warm, my friend!

  2. Yikes! You’ve hit 100? We’ve gone from down in the 50’s up to high 80’s in a matter of a week but I’m hoping we can be spared the 100 degree stuff. This sounds like a great refresher though.

    • Diane, a constant 100 is better (and more consistent to tolerate) than bouncing up and down the thermometer like your recent weather… although it is somewhat disconcerting to see it “cool down” to 92 degrees (!) at 8:30 in the evening! Whew… summer’s here. Bring on those mojitos! xo

    • Charlie, welcome to summer in Oklahoma! (Two years ago we set a record for 90 days in a row above 100 — sometimes as high as 115!) Mojitos… frozen mojitos… YES. :) Will try to send some heat your way in the throes of winter!

    • Adam, I don’t like “sweet” cocktails either, except in the case of my first honeymoon (long story) when I asked the veteran bartender to “sweeten up” my Manhattan — not realizing the vernacular of the day (mid-70’s) meant throwing more BOOZE in it, LOL!) Adjust the “sweet” level to your liking — booze OR whatnot. ;) By the way, I love that you call your wife “your bride”… makes a girl feel good, no matter how many honeymoons they’ve been on. ;)

    • Liz, I keep forgetting that it’s “winter” there… but I love that we “see” the world from two entirely different perspectives (with mojitos in common!) Here’s to warmer temps for you… and LESS WARM for me. (We’re in the throes of 100 degree temps right now.) Enjoy this whatever season… xo!

  3. I don’t normally like mojitos as I don’t like mint: however, I LOVE cilantro. Will have to try this. Cheers!

    • Luca, this is so funny and timely… another friend just emailed me stating that she can’t STAND cilantro! But, I’m with YOU.. I love the stuff. Hope you’ll try this… it’s soooooo good. Cheers back!

    • Ally, my dear, good things come to those who wait… except (truthfully) I might get a head start on those mojitos, LOL! It’s been 100 degrees here lately (or upper 90’s minimum) and a cool blast on our “faux deck” (for now) would be welcome relief til you get here “someday.” Lookin’ forward to it!

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