Something To Write Home About (II)

Letter writers are reporters for the newspaper of life. Columnists of the daily. Chroniclers of the ordinary. Copy editors of dreams.

That last point is perhaps best illustrated in a poem I read recently by j.i. kleinberg, author of the blog chocolate is a verb.

Please take a moment to immerse yourself in it.


“found poem” by j.i. kleinberg (used with permission)

As a life-long letter writer I was captivated by Judy’s succinct description… an explanation, if you will, of why I write letters. (Not that I need to explain myself, lol!) She nailed it and my gut reaction was YES. (I love it when someone unexpectedly defines a part of me that has heretofore been indescribable!) Thank you.

To me, this is what letter writing is about — revealing yourself line by line and sorting out life by the paragraph. (Personally… and preferably with a pen.) No backspace. No delete. Put it out there!

Letter-writing is a soul-baring business and the best letters are those filled with unabashed opinions and juicy thoughts — our true, unedited selves. Somehow, I think poets feel the same way about writing poems, xo.

Dangly Thingy

Fluid lines appeal to me (as does transparency) in letter-writing, poetry, and “dangly things.” (This one happens to grace my current writing space — aka ‘Garden Room’ — courtesy of my late sister.) I gave it to her after she crashed her Harley ten years ago (not her fault!) while she was convalescing in a nursing home for five months with casts up to her hips and shoulders — with a terrific attitude, I might add. It brightened her room, and now it brightens my life. (And I miss writing to her!)

For every letter, there’s a designated “receiver”– someone as willing to read your thoughts as you are eager to write them — whether they write back or not! FYI, I preface or ‘postlude’ many of my letters with an abject apology of sorts: “Don’t feel like you have to respond or keep up with me word-wise.” (Can’t help myself… it’s who I am.)

Letters are our indelible history in the making (if we don’t “tell,” who will?)… a mutual exchange of souls, and as so eloquently stated, “intimate art.”

Long live poets and letter-writers!

Enjoying a lil’ soul-baring,

~ Kim

15 thoughts on “Something To Write Home About (II)

    • Maureen, somehow your comment escaped my notice until this morning — which is another bonus of “real” letters — they can’t slip in without being seen! Sorry for my belated reply. Speaking of which, I’ll be sending you an email later. ;) Love you. xo

  1. This is a beautiful post, Kim. You do have a lovely way with words. I share your joy in letter writing, the lost art. Lately I have been having issues with my right hand and it has made holding a pen difficult. I truly hope it mends soon so I can pull out the stationary and write free flow. Someone once told me, when you express your thoughts through the written word, your soul flows through the writing instrument. Blessings to you this fine summer day. Jeanne

  2. Back in the olden days I used to write a lot of letters and was always so thrilled to come home from school and find a letter in the mail box addressed to me. It does seem to be a lost art these days – I don’t think my kids have ever written a letter, put it in an envelope, stamped it and taken it to the post office! xx

    • Charlie, I never thought I’d reach the age when “the olden days” applied to me (lol), but here we are adapting to technology and new means of communication. I plan to keep writing letters as long as there’s a postal system… and I hear ya on the thrill of finding a letter in your mailbox! Thank s.

  3. Dear Kim,
    Thank you once again for your beautiful words and thoughts!
    These words you write travel from your heart and soul to
    us your (always so excited to hear your thoughts) hearts and soul
    readers, Unedited selves is so what you do best.
    Kind Thoughts
    Maddy xx

  4. When I see your posts in my inbox, yes, I get excited…why? Well, because I know I’m going to read something that helps move my soul. Yes, letter writing, or writing in any form for that matter, is a dying and almost lost art. My Mom used to do the same, Kim…her penmanship was extraordinary even in her mid 80s. I love when I get your handwritten letters, too… I feel that I have gotten a treasure, a gift, something that I should reciprocate in some fashion or format. Thank you for making me the recipient of your soul. I love the dangly in your garden room and know that sis is there xox Love you kiddo!

    • Ally, thank you. Your comment makes me want to start writing another letter to you! Thanks for sharing that memory of your Mom, xo. Penmanship is a vanishing art, too. Love ya back! :)

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