In My Kitchen ~ August 2015

In My Kitchen is Vanilla Bean Sea Salt — a gift from my friend, Ally, xo. I think it’ll make a tasty addition to the sugar cookies The Man Of Few Words loves — or custard or vanilla pudding (or any other ideas?) — provided I stop “taste-testing” it every time I open my spice cupboard!

Kitchen Goodies 1

In My Kitchen is a bundle o’ love from Minnesota (which explains my absence in July… missed you, xo!) — a loaf pan, a pair of dish cloths, and a bamboo utensil set from my Mom — plus some of the many cookie cutters shared by my sister-in-law, Laura. Thoughtfulness abounds at home and around the globe!

Garden Gate Napkin Holder 1

In My Kitchen is this adorable lil’ “Garden Gate” napkin holder. I found it at my friend Tammy’s equally adorable shop and couldn’t resist combining nostalgia with functionality. It brought back memories of swinging on our garden gate (anyone else enjoy that simple pleasure as a kid?) and makes me smile every time I look at it.

Deviled Egg Platter

In My Kitchen is a Red Wing Pottery deviled egg platter (circa 1950s) that belonged to my sister. Red Wing Pottery has a huge showroom in Red Wing, Minnesota (where else?) and I’ve shopped there a time or two — a mecca of dishes, dinnerware, and collectibles — you’d love it! My Sis most likely discovered this at a flea market or antiques shop. :)

Although it has a few chips and dings, its one-of-a-kind beauty and design obviously appealed to her — and me!

Don’t we all have chips and dings? I think they add to our uniqueness.

Goodies from Jeanne

In My Kitchen is an array of goodies from my cousin Jeanne, xo! They arrived by mail and it was so much fun poking through the packaging and discovering each treasure. I’m thankful to finally have steak knives (seriously, have you ever tried cutting a piece of meat with a paring knife?) and the colorful serving plates and canapé forks were a welcome addition, too. I feel like I could actually entertain again!

Love Trinket Box 1027

Last but not least, In My Kitchen is a trinket box — the first “pretty thing” I bought when we moved into our house. The saying on top caught my attention: “Love is sweet, given or returned.”

That’s what In My Kitchen is all about! To join in and/or view the love shared each month from kitchens around the world, please tune into Celia’s blog, Fig Jam and Lime Cordial. PLEASE NOTE: things are running a lil’ differently at Celia’s”In My Kitchen” this month (details in her blog post linked above) due to unexpected family obligations for our hostess, and also due to the sad loss of one of our dear IMK friends, Selma…

Yup, “Love is sweet, given or returned.” Take care, Celia, and rest in peace, Selma, xo.

Enjoying thoughtfulness, discoveries, and memories,

~ Kim

64 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ August 2015

  1. I’m really interested in your vanilla salt Kim – have heard of sugar but looking forward to your vanilla salt recipes! I’ve never seen a devilled egg holder plate before – perfect soloution to keeping them upright :) See you next month for #IMK

    • Nicole, I’ve basically been “subbing” vanilla salt for regular salt in cookie recipes (chocolate chip, sugar cookies) and it’s added a “depth” to them that’s intriguing. I also tried sprinkling some on top and LOVED it! (A lil’ dab’ll do ya though.) IMK is such a source of fun and inspiration, isn’t it? :)

      • Sounds interesting – I must keep my eyes open for vanilla salt. #IMK is so much fun, full of inspiration and such a wonderful way to meet new people who all love food as much as each other!

    • Chef Mimi, I frequently make a “small batch” of deviled eggs (3 eggs, halved is plenty for our 2-person household) but I look forward to toting that platter full of ’em to a potluck or church dinner. In fact, you just solved my “what to bring” question for next Sunday. :) Thanks!

  2. Kim what beautiful treasures (from loved ones) you have in your kitchen. Love vanilla bean salt, especially on scrambled eggs. I make my own vanilla salt… it so easy. The garden gate napkin holder is just gorgeous as are your little canapé forks. I don’t mind a few little dings either :)

  3. Vanilla bean sea salt, wow – I am curious and liking the garden theme napkin holder, Thank you so much for coming by and giving us the opportunity to peek into your kitchen

  4. So much love in your kitchen with so many incredible gifts. Wonderful! I love the idea of your salt, think I would taste test it each time I opened the spice cupboard too.
    Have a superb day.
    :-) Mandy xo

    • Thanks, Mandy! I made sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies yesterday (used the vanilla salt in both) and did some more “taste testing,” too. :) It passes the test on all accounts!

  5. Oh my, what lovely things you brought back from the midwest! Love, love, love the Red Wing devilled egg platter. And, yes, I remember endless hours swinging on my grandmother’s garden gate – great to have a napkin holder that reminds you of those simple pleasures.

    • Thanks, Linda! I never thought I’d be “starting over” at this stage, but there’s a sense of adventure (tempered by “wisdom”) that makes it even more fun the second time around!

  6. Hi Kim, I have so many wonderful plates that have a few chips and dings in them, especially ones from my nana, so yes I agree with you they add character and show the love…! Vanilla Salt??? is is salt or sugar? Wow it seems a bit startle to me, anyway, I would be interested to try it :) That box is precious! Thanks for sharing, we did miss you last month :) Liz xx

    • Liz, it’s actually SALT! (I’ve heard of vanilla bean sugar, too, but haven’t acquired any or made that yet.) (“Note to self”… ha!) So glad you have a few precious relics from the past — chips & dings & all! For whatever reason, that reminded me of the ol’ saying “you are what you eat.” I’m thinking: “You are what you keep!” Here’s to keeping treasures. :) Missed you, too, xo!

    • I hope you can find some, Faye! (If not, Gretchen from “Feeding My 3 Sons” said she keeps a jar of sea salt with a vanilla bean in it on her counter.) Isn’t IMK a great source of ideas?! :)

    • Kari, I forgot to mention (and photograph) the sleek looking clear plexi-glass tray that my Mom “gifted me” with at a kitchen shop we went visited. (Mostly because it’s in constant use all over the house — out of sight, out of mind, I guess!) I didn’t realize how much I relied on trays until they went AWOL… next post maybe. :) Glad you liked the rest of my goodies. Thanks!

    • Thanks, Dee! There have been so many “potential ones” through the years and, ironically, this was my first! Good things come to those who wait, right? Hope you find “yours” soon!

  7. Love the deviled egg plate, how cute! I keep a jar of sea salt with a vanilla bean in it on my counter. I love to use it for so many things, especially on top of caramel or cookies. Something about the salty sweet combination I guess.

    • Oooooo, Gretchen, I love your idea of “homemade” vanilla sea salt, and also putting it on TOP of the cookies. (I was thinking “in” them.) Salty-sweet appeals to me, too. Maybe both?:) Thanks! I’ll try it!

    • Glenda, I still have empty cupboards! My new “IMK” environment is a constant source of inspiration and an “excuse” to visit thrift shops (like I need one, lol.) I’ll be bringing home treasures for years to come — YIPPEE! Glad you liked my napkin holder… was wondering if I should have called ’em “serviettes?” ;)

  8. I have a devilled egg platter tucked away somewhere… an op-shop find which I love as well.
    And yum, vanilla bean salt. My G.O. loves plain sugar cookies as well. I will look for this.
    I’m pleased to see so many gifts, pre-loved gems and pretty things in your kitchen :)

    • EllaDee, I love your term: “pre-loved.” I honestly think that love passes on to us in the finished dish or while serving it. YAY!!! Dig out that devilled egg platter and have FUN with it! :)

    • Josephine, right now it’s on my counter waiting to be added to chocolate chip cookies and half a batch of sugar cookies for my hubby’s lunch box. Will keep you posted on other inspirations. :)

  9. You certainly have a lot of wonderful things in your kitchen this month. I love the devilled egg platter – I’ve never seen one like it; it certainly does look like something from the 1950’s. And your mother bought you some beautiful things while in Minnesota xx

    • Charlie, that platter makes me wanna bust out my June Cleaver pearls (if I still had ’em, lol!) and an apron and ‘house dress.’ Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong decade, but I still carry on. :) My Mom has a thoughtful streak a mile wide — always on the look-out for “kitchen stuff” for me — never mind that she gave up ‘cooking’ years ago! :) She loves having me “cater” to her, literally. xo

  10. What lovely things, Kim. I especially love the Red Wing egg plate but all are fun and would be a welcomed addition to anyone’s kitchen. Glad you got to visit with your family. I can be difficult being so far away. Sending Summer love to you. Jeanne

    • Jeanne, thank you. “D” and I tried to arrange a visit while I was there, but family came first for both of us, so… NEXT time! In the meantime, it’s a treat sharing my “goodies” with the world. Glad you liked the egg plate. Keep spreading the love! xo :)

    • My pleasure, Joanne. I smile from start to finish re: your IMK posts, too! Cooking should be — and is — FUN, as you so aptly demonstrate each month. The lil’ treasures we discover add to the mix and “personalize” it to enhance our enjoyment — and best of all others’! That’s what it’s all about, yes? Thanks for peeking! :)

    • Shirley, I could just see you making use of that platter for your creative appetizers — you have such a wonderful gift for “presentation.” :) I’d never heard of vanilla bean sea salt either (until it arrived) but I fell in love with it — it smells just like fresh vanilla bean pods — YUM!!! xoxo

  11. Lovely post Kim, good to see you settling into your new life with things that have a history and the patina of age. Beautiful sentiments expressed at the end of your post. xxx

    • Francesca, thank you. I love that word “patina” and I think IMK has developed a patina of its own — such a loving, caring community with the soft glow of age, experience, and friendship. Thanks again. xo!

  12. Everything in your kitchen, Kimmee, speaks to me…all these pieces have a personality of their own…that’s what’s so wonderful about our kitchen, especially if we have those stories behind the objects and special things. I especially love that napkin holder and Red Wing deviled egg holder…just fabulous! Always feel like I’m right there w/you thanks for letting me peek in!… xox love you sweetness

    • Ally, you ARE here with me in spirit — and in my food! :) I can’t wait to “meet” your kitchen someday and hear the stories behind your culinary treasures, too! xo

    • Hi, Charlie! Thanks for your suggestions for the vanilla bean sea salt… mmm… indeed! :) I had creme brulee for dessert during a “girls day out” when I was in Minnesota and had forgotten how much I love it (probably a good thing or I’d eat it every day, ha!) — thanks again! xo

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