In My Kitchen ~ September 2015

In My Kitchen are the whimsical, the practical, and the elegant.

First up, the whimsical.

The fun-loving side o’ me couldn’t resist this jalapeño relish, especially with the name Cowgirl Kisses. I was in the “moo”d (wanna be cowgirl that I am) for some sweet, spicy heat and this chutney style condiment didn’t disappoint. Plus, cows are cool.

(Humor me and hover over the photos…)

Then there’s the practical.

Everybody’s idea of kitchen basics differs, but for me ramekins are essential. I use them for prep and/or serving everything from soup to nuts. This pair caught my eye at a local consignment store, not just because they were practical, but because they were pretty. (Double blessing!) I’m envisioning all sorts of potential: crème brûlée (with vanilla sea salt, of course), movie snacks, petite salads, single-serving entrées, and more. Thankfully I was in the right place at the right time, and the price was right, too — $2.00 for both!

Some things are ‘practically’ meant to be.


Elegance is one of those subjective concepts, and for some it means dripping with details or gilded in gold. For me, it’s the intersection of sheer simplicity and style.

Imagine my delight when I spied a trio of crystal martini glasses at another op shop in a booth that was going out of business — yup, $2.00 for all three. (Woohoo!) Made by TARNÓW in Poland, their exquisite design fascinated me. They passed my “ping” test, too. (Such a pretty sound!)

Of course, such elegant vessels needed an equally stunning serving plate, so it was back to consignment store #1 where I’d spied a small oval platter “just the right size” for canapés. (The pattern is Petite Bouquet made in Japan.) I thought they made for some interesting international relations over cocktails.

Cocktail and Canapes

It was also an opportunity to try out some new flavors on The Man Of Few Words. ;)

He got past my gluten-free toast points okay (told him it was “garlic toast”… shhhhhh), but he wasn’t real wild about the “dark stuff” (mushroom pâté.) More for me, yay!

However, he couldn’t get enough of the “light stuff.” No wonder why…


Thank you to Celia for hostessing this monthly In My Kitchen event! For more gadgetry, ingredients, and innovative ideas shared by folks from around the world, please visit Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.

Enjoying unexpected blessings in Oklahoma,

~ Kim

49 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ September 2015

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  2. I absolutely adore your ramekins – sounds like the kind of store I would spend lots of money in. Can’t believe I have never thought to serve individual salads in ramekins before – will definitely be doing that this summer.
    Have a beautiful day Kim.
    :-) Mandy xo

    • Nicole, so nice to see you, too, xo! I’m a bit behind on my reciprocal commenting on IMK (some months are like that, ha) — but slow and steady wins the race. :) Off to peruse yours!

  3. Hi, Kim! I’m really sorry to hear that The Man Of Few Words didn’t like the “dark stuff” (the mushroom pâté). As you know, I’m a fan of that recipe. ;) And I thought it was one that folks who aren’t crazy about “fancy” foods might still like. Oh well… Your toast points photo has me drooling, and I’m envious of your latest find: those ramekins!

  4. Kim, Once again you have inspired me with your collection of “things” I too love ramekins and have collected way more than should be legal. I have one I would like you to have. Bought it from an older gentleman who used to own an antique business. He said it was red wing but it is not marked so not sure but it is adorable regardless. If you could send me your mailing address, I will send it to you. Send it to and I will make sure it travels the journey to your kitchen. I have an email address for you but not sure it is current. I look forward to hearing from you. Love, jeanne

    • Jeanne, that is so thoughtful! Red Wing or not, I’d consider it a treasure! Will email you shortly, and if in doubt it’s “me” you can verify things with “N & D.” Thanks so much, xo. Loved your phrase about collecting way more than should be legal! :)

    • Jennifer, these IMK posts have spurred me on to “recreate” what used to be — with new possibilities! I so love this community and its encouragement — and yours. Thank you!

  5. Ha ha..Kim, I can just see Russ’s face and hear his voice lookin’ at that ‘black stuff’! Tooooo funny! I love your finds…those ramekins have the cutest design, and the ping test sure shows you got a treasure! It’s those small things that make our life so full of happiness, and you always make me remember those blessings…thank you, luv! xoxo ~ally

    • Ally, I’m thankful Russ at least “tries stuff” (especially after I wax on about its glories with every bite, ha!) but he’s also forthright about his “opinions” and I respect that. (The looks on his face are bonus points!) Every time I bring home a “treasure” I feel a lil’ bit more like me, yay! I’m also tickled to live in a region rife with flea markets and thrift stores, xoxo! Oklahoma is known for its “horse trading.” :)

    • Agreed, Glenda! It just dawned on me that “Op shop” may not be a familiar term to my U.S. readers (I’ve been hanging around IMK so long I picked up the lingo, ha!), but they’ll catch on. :)

  6. I sense some cheeky shenanigans here Kim! The glasses or gorgeous and I love the name ‘Dirty Martini Dip’. Some people are so clever to come up with such good names. Mushroom pate I could fight for! xxx

    • Maree, I’m generally 100% frank about “what’s for dinner” (and what’s in it), but now and again I “edit” to coax TMOFW to break out of his culinary rut, ha! So far the only folks you’ll have to fight for mushroom pate’ are Jan (a gluttonous wife) ‘n’ me — I’ll make a double batch! :)

  7. You do have some lovely things this month. The ramekins are so pretty and yes, very useful. I would love to try the cow girl kisses – such a fun name. And your photo of ‘the locals’ is gorgeous xx

    • Charlie, one of our neighbors up the hill and around the bend has a herd of Brahma cattle (or at least that’s what I think they are) grazing in a pasture alongside the road and they’re so cute! I’ll let them know you think they’re gorgeous next time I drive by — actually, I’ll blow them a couple of “cow girl kisses” from you. :)

  8. What a beautiful view you have! I am curious about the jar of jalapeños, you should check out my pickled jalapeño post, they are sort of sweet as well and very easy to make.

    • Many thanks, Liz! I used to “fuss” with my photo set-up more (backdrops, props, etc.) but that all changed in a hurry last year. These days it’s pretty much “throw it on the table and hope for good light.” :) It meant a lot to me to know that you “noticed” my simpler style (necessarily so) and still found it appealing. Thank you! Very encouraging!

  9. You make the simple things so special. My favorite browsing is in 2nd hand and “antique” stores. Brings out the nostalgia in me.

    • Jeanne, Russ ‘n’ I knew we were “old-er” the day we poked through an antique shop and recognized half the stuff as “things from our childhood” or “I used to play with that at Grandma’s!” Nostalgia is a lot of fun, isn’t it? :)

    • Thanks, Ania! Bargain-priced blessings serve two purposes: 1) They restock my kitchen (slowly, but surely) within my budget; and 2) it’s twice the thrill to find pieces that appeal to my artistic nature. I appreciate your encouragement, too — a blessing as well!

    • Maggie, right now those are my only two! I’ve been using some lil’ glass containers that are doubling as ramekins (until I can find more) and I wish you the very best in searching for yours! They’re “out there” waiting for us. :)

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