Comfort Zones

Comfort Zone

The first day of Autumn has come and gone and I’ve officially entered my Comfort Zone. “A place or situation where one feels safe and at ease without stress.” (Definition courtesy of Google.) I’d add: “An area within your soul that feels like you’ve finally come home… a sacred place that nurtures creativity.” 

Whenever I listen intently to my soul (particularly this time of year) that “still, small Voice” speaks volumes. It also guides me to some amazingly comforting, creative places.

My kitchen ranks right up there as a Comfort Zone, followed closely by my piano bench. (Sometimes it’s this trundle bed, courtesy of my sister.) Other days, Comfort wraps its loving arms around me in the passionate embrace of cooler nights and invigorating mornings. I feel wide awake. Rarin’ to go. Or, content to simply “be.”

Autumn isn’t a dying season to me — it’s full of renewed possibilities — and I need to (must) take advantage of it.

That said, I’ll be spending more time offline than on in the coming weeks as I renew and “regroup” — and possibly take a nap (or two or three) on that trundle bed. Ahhhh…

Where (or when) is your Comfort Zone?

Enjoying everything Autumn,

~ Kim

7 thoughts on “Comfort Zones

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  2. What a lovely post Kim. I wish I had a cozy trundle bed like yours and I can see why that would be a great comfort zone. I haven’t had much time to be in mine but I’d say that my sewing and crafts room is where I really feel comfortable and in touch with the things I love to do.

  3. No way do I look at Fall as ‘dying’ either, my sweet…it’s our time of dormancy to reflect and respect where we’ve been and what we want to do moving forward. Our kitchens do give us that bubble wrap of love and comfort~and I know your piano bench ranks right up there tying for 1st place! How wonderful to have two so diversely different, but both creative outlets for your genius…offline means I miss you though!! But we have cell phones ooxo Love you my Kimmeee girl ~ally PS…I LOVE that wrought iron bench!!

  4. My kitchen is also a source of comfort, especially when there’s some aromatic cooking going on. I do hope you enjoy your off-line time and get plenty of rest in your places of comfort xx

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