Autumn at the Lake

Autumn 9

It’s been awhile since I’ve taken a “walk about” (mostly due to torrential rains, flooding, and snakes earlier this year) but it was such a gorgeous, crisp Autumn morning I needed to be out in it.

With camera in tow, I trekked down the driveway to gaze at the water…

Followed by a glance up “the hill.”

Autumn 1


Touches of Autumn are becoming more apparent — that tree literally changed color overnight! A blessing and a marvel.

Then it was off to the end of the lane.

Autumn 2

I love trees that tell stories. This one is a stalwart soul reigning over a tangle of untamed wilderness (which is one of the reasons I love Oklahoma so much… it’s still “unsettled.”) The local king of the jungle, so to speak.

Every year our trees surprise, delight, and inspire me with their stories in progress.

I hope to add my own one day.

Autumn 3

Walking was slightly “crunchy” underfoot so I stopped to admire the acorns.

A veritable feast for the squirrels!

Then I ambled through the neighbor’s yard on my way back to the lake and discovered this rustic scene.

Autumn 4

And this…

Autumn 5

Elements of play surround me.

(I love that!)

Near the shoreline, other trees shared their stories about “life in progress.” There’s no competition or hurry to keep up here. You simply go (or grow) — or change — at your own pace. It’s all good.

Autumn 6

And after that…

It was time for a closer look.

Or two.

Autumn 8


Autumn 10

I feel SO close to heaven when I’m wandering about God’s creation.

Closer to Oklahoma.

Closer to “me” — and you.

Autumn at the Lake


Enjoying sharing Autumn at the lake,

~ Kim

26 thoughts on “Autumn at the Lake

  1. Such beautiful photo’s Kim. I felt like I was walking along with you on your beautiful grounds. We’ve really jumped into fall here too and I’ve been amazed watching this brilliant sugar maple in our back yard burst with red and bright orange colors. Those acorns though! Driving along the other day on our back road with the sun roof open, didn’t one come in & bonk me on the head! Thought I got hit by a rock.

    • Diane, it’s a seasonal wonder to hear the acorns pelting our neighbors’ metal roofs… even more so when the pecans and walnuts start in. Some days it’s like a hail storm! Sorry to hear you got bonked by one… oh, the hazards of sun roofs. :) Your maple sounds magnificent, xo.

  2. Your words are always mesmerizing, soft… they gently touch my heart and senses. It’s a beautiful relief from the fast & furious outside world when I’m reading through your words.

    Adorable images.
    Hugs. Love.

  3. My boys and dog were near you last weekend, did you hear them? Scott, David and Gracie camped out on the lake with David’s boy scout troop. Hope they didn’t disturb things for you and your neighbors. They had a blast. I hear you on the snakes. I found one in my yard when I went to take pictures of the turtle in the pond last month. I am forever scarred!

    • Nolita, we had an influx of cotton mouths (aka water moccasins) earlier this year due to the “high waters” and I STILL look around every time I go outside. (Not paranoid, just careful!) I hear ya. :) Nope, didn’t hear your boy/girl scouts (and canine mascot) in our neck o’ the woods, but glad to hear they had a great time! I can put up with “disturbances” caused by the ebullient laughter of children! xo

  4. Count it lucky or not; Singapore has no natural disasters so I’ve never experienced stuff like typhoons, earthquakes or extensive floods. I love that autumn is coming & you guys are able to enjoy the beautiful colours. xoxo

    • Shirley, I’m so thankful you haven’t encountered weather disasters there. Seems like every time I check the Weather Channel, something major is happening somewhere… glad it’s not in Singapore! We’re still enjoying the colors of Autumn — they’ll be at their peak this weekend. :) xo

    • Maureen, I’ve also had the pleasure of experiencing Autumn in New England a time or two — those leaves really POP with color (as you know), unlike here, which is more “subtle.” But, I’ll take Autumn in any way, shape, or form! Sending you relaxing thoughts from OK… xo.

    • Thanks, Charlie! It seems incredible to go on a “walk about” and share what I’ve seen with just a few clicks of a button all the way to Australia! Glad you enjoyed my neck o’the woods. More to come… xo!

    • Thank you so much! I enjoyed your photos, too — looks like your leaves are a bit farther along in their annual costume change. ;) Ours are coming along… their “peak” is usually around Nov. 1st here and I look forward to it! The colors and “feel” in the air are so invigorating.

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