Evidence That I Still Cook (and Hugs to Paris)

In the wake of hearts grieving around the world, I have no words — only pictures to prove that I still cook. Sometimes the kitchen is the best place to be to care for loved ones (and yourself), and a satisfying meal at the end of the day — lovingly prepared and shared, is what it’s all about — whether it appears online or not.

During the past year I’ve come to understand life’s disruptions (although certainly not to that extent) and how much “living life” in the present with precious loved ones precludes posting.

If you’re interested in a particular recipe, please ask. (Hover over the photos for descriptions.) Thanks, xo

Praying for Paris,

~ Kim

24 thoughts on “Evidence That I Still Cook (and Hugs to Paris)

    • Lorraine, I read somewhere once that change begins at home, and I think the kitchen is an ideal place to start. When we feed our souls (and those we love) it inspires us to widen the ripples in the pond (or lake!) Thank you.

  1. And good on you too Kim. there are the important everyday things and there is everything else. Thanks for taking the time out to leave a lovely comment on my blog. What a delicious time you have been having in your kitchen

  2. That is overwhelming evidence that you are definitely still cooking! Yes, the events of the last week have been shocking. When will it stop! We’ve had three terrorism attacks here in Oz in the last nine months. It seems no where in the world is safe from these demonic incidents and that’s very tragic xx

    • Charlie, it seems all we can do is to keep cooking for the ones we love, and deal with whatever else the world throws at us one day at a time. Obviously I’ve been doing more cooking than writing these days — I admire your ability to do both with kids underfoot, too! — but it makes the world a lil’ more sane. xoxo

    • Thank you, Mimi! I suspected that you have a “French Connection” (given your name, and all) and your recent vacation post confirmed that. Hoping your family and friends there are safe and well. Again, thanks.

    • Shirley, I was surprised how many photos were in my archives and a collage seemed the best way to show them. (Your garlic butter prawns are pictured top left — my hubby & I loved ’em!) Thanks, love… destress away! :) xo

    • Maureen, it’s amazing how “technology” (and food) unite all of us — almost instantaneously it seems. Shared pain (and food) make it more bearable. I totally agree with your last statement, xo.

  3. Everything looks so delicious!!!!! <3 living life in the moment/present is my current state of mind! And I am finally at peace! Lovely pictures my dear!

    • Heartfelt thanks, Ally. I’m soooo behind on sharing my thoughts (and/or recipes) here, but I still take pictures. :) The smile on TMOFW’s face is worth all the slicing and dicing… and shows how FOOD can impact the world one person at a time. :) xoxo

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