Thankful Thoughts

Autumn at the Lake

Perhaps this year (more than most) I have umpteen reasons to be thankful.

Oodles of ’em. Blessings beyond measure!

First and foremost is my health.

When you can’t move the left side of your body (or play piano or type with both hands or walk without dragging one leg) it gives you pause. A loooooong pause. Thanks to a lil’ (a LOT?!) of Divine intervention, I count myself among the miraculously restored.

Then, just when you thought everything that was important in your life (aka the “things” you thought somehow defined you) disappeared in a matter of hours, you begin to assess what’s really important to you. I’m talking’ about memories.

(I’m telling you, it’s memories!)

Make and/or create as many as you can — while you still can — for yourself, your family, and your friends. When it comes down to it, you can’t take it with you — but you can leave a lot behind.

Comfortable seating also helps…

Comfy chairs

After almost a year of parking my tookus on a lawn chair (and squirming midway through a movie) I begin to realize how many folks have less… much less… and my gratitude meter spiked a bazillion notches.

It also made me more discerning about what I really need (or that “w” word… want…) besides the clothes on my back. The day our recliners arrived I nearly did cartwheels in our living room — ever mindful and grateful to HAVE a living room — but I didn’t want to overexert myself.

Sometimes a nap is in order.

A place to rest

This Comfort Zone (since relocated to an adjacent corner) was courtesy of my late sister. I’m ever mindful of and thankful and grateful for it, because I’ll never forget her contribution to MY life (refer to memories above) and it feels like a HUG every time I crawl underneath the covers… ahhhhh. Again, make some memories… you never know who (or when) you’ll touch someone because of it.

Then there’s the “personalization” aspect.

Everybody has their own idea of what rocks their world, hoohah! For me, it’s vibrant colors tempered by neutrals…. a visual shock with a side of sedate. :) While I’m not completely sold on the hue yet, it’s coming along… and it may end up more “paprika” by the time I’m done… this was the first coat.

Accent wall

Since I brought up the topic of RED, I might as well show you my Thanksgiving pumpkin pie early. It’s TMOFW’s favorite pie, and there’s no reason to wait (and/or stress) until Thanksgiving morning to jockey oven space. Plus, I made it the “old fashioned way” with this red-handled egg beater — a  gift from my sweet friend Jurine, xo.

Yup, the manual kind.

Totally less ‘spatters’ that way! Plus, my man is enjoying his “just desserts” a few days in advance — whatever it takes to rock HIS world — and, I don’t have to clean pumpkin pie batter off of every counter top and appliance within a four-foot radius. (Can you relate?!) FYI, I might not be as ambitious about the whipped cream on Thursday… just sayin’.

Pumpkin Pie the old fashioned way

Last, but not least, I’d like to leave you with something unexpected cuz that’s how life has turned out for me. Sometimes a wander through the neighborhood produces a totally unanticipated delight — and something as simple as a late-season dandelion perking up its rowdy head makes me smile. (Remind me to do that more often.)

All of which leaves me counting my blessings and giving heartfelt thanks — for it, and for you.

Isn’t that what “Thanksgiving” is all about?

Autumn Surprise

Here’s one last Autumn look at the lake. It’s been GORGEOUS and I’m grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

I appreciate YOU and your contributions to my memories more than I can adequately express. I love you all!


Enjoying untold blessings — savoring each & every one,

~ Kim

29 thoughts on “Thankful Thoughts

  1. You are one of the strongest people I know. I never thought about some of that strength coming from your comfort zone. Lovely post.

  2. Dear Kim,

    Happy belated Thanksgiving! I do agree that we have so much to be thankful for when looking at all the troubles around the world. You live in a beautiful part of the world and the lake just seems so serene and calming whenever I visit. Have a blessed Christmas and New Year!

    • Dear ChopinandMysaucepan, so glad you sense the “peace” here (despite the chaos in the world.) You’re welcome anytime! Hopefully we’ll have the deck built next summer (multi-level, woohoo!) More room to perch cocktails on the railing. ;) (with James Bond theme music in the background.)

    • Thank you, Sherry! “Into each life a little rain must fall” (as the ol’ saying goes) — the trick is to still be amazed. ;) I’m grateful for your comment/observations — those kind of things keep me going! xo

    • Thanks for your vote of confidence, Amanda! I almost second-guessed myself on the “red” but I really do love it. (As evidenced by every other splash o’ the same color throughout my kitchen!)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Kim,absolutely amazing post!
    I agree with your previous reader how nice it would be to have a Thanksgiving day of sorts here in Australia. I tend to be thinking of the past year as we watch the fireworks in Sydney on New Years Eve and very thank full that i’m here with family & friends.x

    • Maddy, I’ve long admired New Year’s Eve fireworks photos from Sydney — truly a spectacular way to ring in the New Year — and the new! Looking back is a good way to “learn from experience” but looking AHEAD is the best way to GROW! Thankful hearts exist in both realms. :)

      May you combine the best o’ both — and possibly lobby for an official “Oz” Thanksgiving Day! Unfortunately, the history associated with the U.S. holiday isn’t much cause for celebration, no matter how “nice” they try to make it out to be. I live in Oklahoma, where most of the “indigenous” folks ended up getting shuffled after their land was taken away, horrific injustices meted out, etc. — not by choice. Still, the intent behind the “day of thanks” is lovely — and that’s what I hold on to — giving THANKS for EVERY blessing. We can’t always dictate our path, but we can find joy and gratitude along the way — wherever we end up, or how! xo

    • Oh my dear Azlin! If this past year was any indication of what’s to come, I’m gonna need one (or more) of your original Singapore Slings before I hang on for the ride. :) xoxo

  4. What a beautiful post, Kim. I love your grateful and generous spirit. I’m so pleased to hear that you have received a miracle with regards to your health. I love the look of your pumpkin pie. I do wish you and your family and very wonderful Thanksgiving xx

    • Charlie, thank you. You’re such a prolific writer and I’ve been rather “hit or miss” (and self-doubtful after I’ve written something — can you relate?!) I’m glad I hit the publish button, if only for your comment, xo. Yup, I’m a walking, talking (and talking… and talking…) miracle, LOL. Praise God! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, even if AUS doesn’t celebrate it. xo

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, Kimeee, my beautiful amazing friend. Yes, we have SO MUCH to be thankful for…most importantly, our health and each other. I love all the things in this post b/c they bring a warm glow to my heart. You’re always mindful of what counts most xoxo ~ally

    • Ally, YOU remind me to celebrate the small things… BIG things… and everything in between. (With panache and personal touches “just becuz.”) Life’s too short not to! xoxo

    • Bernice, I have to resist that temptation to cocoon myself away. (Life is so much more tolerable “undercover”, LOL!) Sounds to me like you’re yearning to create your own Comfort Zone — go for it! :)

  6. Lovely! I think we should begin a thanksgiving day in Oz. I tend to do it internally on occasion, but there are many who could benefit from a little introspection on how lucky we are as individuals and as a nation. Beautiful autumnal shades :)

    • Maree, I think Thanksgiving is a mindset more than a calendar date :), but you’re right… officially designating an Oz holiday (or anywhere else in the world) might give folks pause to be grateful… and take one step closer toward “world peace” — if only for a day! xoxo

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