In My Kitchen ~ December 2015

It's A Wonderful Life

In My Kitchen… it’s time to CELEBRATE!

This was our Thanksgiving dinner “for two” — lemon & herb roast turkey breast, smoked ham slices, and his ‘n’ hers dressing. His was “Stove Top” — by request — but I always throw in sautéed onions, celery, and homemade stock. (What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him!) Mine was homemade with gluten-free croutons, the aforementioned additions, “Craisins” and pecans. The Man Of Few Words isn’t real wild about cranberries, but I simply must include a few in “my” holiday menu.

I also dolled up some sides (can’t help myself!) — mashed Yukon gold potatoes with cream gravy, sweet potatoes laced with maple syrup, and pumpkin pie topped with whipped white chocolate ganache and orange-glazed pecans. I love combining flavors! I’m also looking forward to “thinking up” something special for Christmas dinner.

In My Kitchen… things are crystal clear. (Most days, ha!)

My sweet friend, Marla, gave me this set of faceted glassware (originally from Canada) and I feel compelled to bless others with her gift of graciousness.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your thoughtfulness, Marla, xo.

In My Kitchen… is an assortment of table linens — from practical to whimsical to sentimental — courtesy of my lovely friend, Ally.

Life (and dinner) are SO much more fun with this colorful selection to PLAY with. :)

They were tucked between another “Ally gift”… a 48-pound box full of cookbooks!


In My Kitchen… are dinner ideas for days and months to come!

(Truthfully, there were so many cookbooks they didn’t all fit in the picture.)

Thank you very much, my friend, xo. This gift will last all year, and then some.

Coffee Trivet

In My Kitchen… there’s always coffee. (And recently, a coffee-inspired trivet.)

It adds a lil’ pizzazz to our coffee counter, don’t you think?

Whether you’re a java junkie or tea aficionado, a “cuppa” offered with a smile is the perfect warm welcome for impromptu celebrations.

Pecans & Pasta

In My Kitchen… (in the background of the previous photo)  are white chocolate chip pecan cookies — made with Oklahoma-grown pecans.

The cookies are long gone, but I don’t think I’ll run out of pecans any time soon…

I brought home five pounds. (Let the holiday baking begin!)


In My Kitchen… is an 11-quart stockpot. (Yay!)

I’ve been making do with a 6-quart, but it just wasn’t “roomy” enough. This one is suitable for stewing a whole chicken or mega-batches of veggie broth — and, its arrival was most timely — it’s getting chilly here!

Come to think of it, a good-sized batch of chili would simmer nicely in it, too.

Potato Salad in the making

In My Kitchen… (in the aforementioned 6-quart stockpot) some spuds are simmering for another batch of potato salad.

Although potato salad is considered a “summer” food here, TMOFW loves it year-round. (Me, too!)

Potato salad = PARTY!

Recipe Box 2

Last, but not least, In My Kitchen… is a “recipe box” … of sorts!

I was looking for something to house my printed-off recipes and this was the perfect size for file folders — plus, the beautiful carving and patina caught my eye — yes, another thrift store find. Do you have a recipe box? (Or remember writing recipe cards?) Whether you use old-fashioned means or the latest technology, cooking for your loved ones (or YOU) is cause to celebrate!

Please pop in and visit other kitchens around the world (or add your own festivity by the 10th) at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial, hostessed by the ever-welcoming Celia.

Enjoying hearth and home… and holiday dinners,

~ Kim

P.S. The next two weeks are “musically crazy” for moi… 3+ evening rehearsals, dress rehearsal, the performance, and a side gig. If  I don’t respond immediately (or in a timely fashion) I WILL get back to you after that! Thanks ever so much for visiting my kitchen… I’m looking forward to visiting yours. Happy Holidays!

27 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ December 2015

  1. What lovely treasures in your kitchen this month. I love your version of a recipe box, whimsical and practical. My mother has just moved out of the family home to reside in assisted living. When she asked what I wanted to move to my home my first thought was her recipe files.

  2. I love the look of your Thanksgiving dinner for 2 (I’d sneak in the extras too). Those pecans look great and I didn’t realise that Oklahoma was famous for them? You have some lovely friends don’t you with great gifts!! All the best for your performances and have a lovely Christmas too.

  3. Oh I love your kitchen this month, those glasses are stunning and I am very jealous of all those pecans!!!! Yum! Oh and don’t even get me started on cook books… If it wasn’t so expensive to send stuff to America I would send you half of my collection and I would still have too many :-)
    I’m glad you had a lovely thanksgiving for two and I hope you have a blessed Christmas…. :-) Liz xxx

  4. Hey Kim, I love your table and Thanksgiving meal. And those pecans and linen too. I don’t have a recipe box but instead have two bookshelves groaning under the weight of few years worth of magazines full of recipes. Happy December x

  5. Your thanksgiving meal looks great Kim – I’ve never had pumpkin pie but I think I’d love it :) That recipe card holder is just darling – nope, never really written recipe cards, but I do have a few hand scribed recipe books and a few bookmarks on the laptop!! Your kitchen is coming along so well, warm regards and Merry Christmas, Jan x

  6. I love your Thanksgiving Table! It looks very cute and homey. Happy belated Thanksgiving! It’s a lovely season, isn’t it? I love your crystal as well – so pretty. I have a few recipe cards but I’m not quite sure what happened to them all! I need to search for them – you’ve inspired me.

  7. Love your Thanksgivng for two. Whether a large group or small the holiday is still wonderful. My laughed about the Stovetop. That is what my husband requested! We conceded by using Pepperidge Farm and adding onion, celery, sausage and mushrooms! He wanted canned cranberry jelly too but I drew the line there. I made a super yummy honey mustard cranberry sauce which was great that night and on leftover turkey sandwiches. Good luck with all the rehearsals, performance and happy holidays!

  8. Wow, you’ve got so much going on in your kitchen. I love your Thanksgiving dinner and what a friend to give you all those cookbooks! I’d have a pile next to my bed for nighttime reading. :)

  9. I love your style – home cooked, found and created. It really reflects you :) And that you’ve received so many wonderful gifts is fantastic. Love the cooks books.

  10. I hear ya on “voyeurism” Miss Ally! I’m a constant on-looker/ogler of your kitchen escapades, too. As far as living closer to you (and your potential glut of ‘giveaways”) I could get used to that, LOL! You have exceptional taste… and FUN “stuff!” I’m grateful for each and every “surprise package!” Thank you, xoxo.

  11. I love when you post ‘In my Kitchen’ Kim…I kinda feel like an ‘invited’ voyeur! Such wonderful goodies…and I’m so glad you’re enjoying those mismosh of linens and more and cookbooks. I just wish you lived closer…you’d get sick and tired of all the things I’d be bringing to you!! xoxo love you kiddo!

    • Oooh, shoot… “my reply” to YOUR reply ended up as a separate comment below, Ally. I hate when that happens… and sorry for the extra “clicks” to get there. Read on… (Insert uproarious laughter here… we’d have SUCH a great time in “real life!”)

    • Many thanks, Sue Ann! I heard an interesting observation at a ladies’ luncheon yesterday re: “traditional” holiday foods. We don’t cook the same way any more! (No more canned soups, boxed mixes — except for TMOFW’s “Stove Top” stuffing, ha! — or jiggling Jello molds!) We also “eat” better, I think… or at least more “consciously.” :) Best holiday wishes to you and your “traditional” hubby, too! xoxo

  12. Wow Kim your Kitchen and beautiful home is coming along nicely every item contains love and wonderful history.
    Thank you for sharing I am so fortunate to look at Yours, Celia and all the other beautiful bloggers who take the time to share their kitchens. Thank you x

    • Maddy, I feel the same way about YOUR kitchen — and everybody’s on IMK! The stories, history, and LOVE (as you mentioned) behind all the “gadgets & goodies” keep me coming back for more. Thank you, xo!

      I agree, Celia started a wonderful thing, and I anticipate continued frolicking and revelry with Maureen. :)

  13. Thanks for the kitchen tour, Kimby! Love your recipe box. I don’t have one but usually keep them organized in a file instead. That reminds me I’ve to go check them out; I haven’t flipped thru those cookbooks in a long while…. 😘

    • Shirley, you’re SO like me..always accumulating “ideas” for future reference. If I stopped printing off recipes today and cooked all the ones in my ‘file’ we’d eat well for the rest of our lives. :) xoxo

  14. What a graceful table you have set! It looks so inviting. The recipe box is a good one too. Am I right in thinking it is the drawer from an old sewing machine? I keep my recipes in nothing as fancy, simply a book with lots of plastic pockets. Thanks for letting me have a peek into your kitchen.

  15. You are so busy at this time of year, Kim. Best wishes for all your rehearsals and performances. I do love your ‘dinner for two’ Thanksgiving meal. I would want the cranberries in my special meal too. The crystal is lovely and you have a great collection of cookbooks xx

    • Charlie, I keep reminding myself that 9 years’ worth of piano lessons and accompanying choirs since 6th grade (age 12) are part of The Plan — never mind the craziness! It’s all good… I was born to do this. (My ancient body and vehicle may not always agree though, ha!) xo

      • P.S. Tickled that you enjoyed our dinner for two! (Sorry my reply was so one-sided last night… long day!) Do you have a favorite cranberry recipe? (Relish, chutney, or the like?) I want to try something new for Christmas! Thanks, xo.

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