The junction of two walls can get old in a hurry.

I know this because I spent much of my childhood sequestered in a little wooden rocking chair — a miniature of the ones you see scattered across front porches in the South — facing the corner for being “naughty.” Although I don’t recall specific infractions that led to my frequent incarceration (or if it was simply a means to keep a curious and evidently willful child out of Mom’s hair — I believe the current vernacular and behavior modification technique is called a “time out”), the experience was made mercifully less lonely with books.

With a Little Golden book in my hands, solitary confinement wasn’t too bad. It occupied my mind, passed the time, and fostered my love of reading. It also catapulted my imagination to places much more interesting and entertaining.

I’m resolved never to face a boring corner again!

Recently I decided to spruce up a few ho-hum corners in our home with some thrift store finds for visual interest. Books find their way into my corners, too — beloved companions during solitary stretches, albeit self-imposed this time.

And speaking of resolve… mid-January the time of year when many New Year’s resolutions fall by the wayside, which is why I gave them up a long time ago. How are yours coming along? If you’re still on course, good for you. If not…

Don’t get stuck in a corner!

Life (and corners) can be as perfunctory — or playful — as you want them to be. Feel free to rearrange.

Enjoying colorful corners in 2016,

~ Kim

26 thoughts on “Cornered

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  3. You’re doing a beautiful job of decorating your new home. You were luck to be given a Golden book when sent to the corner – I wish I’d been given a book to help me pass the time xx

  4. Oh wow, you were a much better child than i using your purgatory to great advantage. i was unceremoniously thrown into my room which i proceeded to tear apart. Facing a wall reading a book makes more sense to me. Anyways, I like the way you think and i wholeheartedly encourage all corners to be colourful x

  5. Happy New Year, Kim. I have resolved the problem of corners by living in a round house. Problem solved. Wishing you a blessed and happy 2016. Love your posts. Sending my love to you, jeanne

    • Jeanne, please pardon my belated reply, but you live in a ROUND HOUSE?! How cool is that?! I’ve driven past many a round barn in my day (rural wonders that we both love), but never a round abode. No wonder you’re so flexible in your “share the love” kitchen! Tickled knowing that you’ve adapted to your “unconventional space.” Me, too, at long last, xo.

  6. Never thought about ‘corners’ before. I, as a recalcitrant child, had to face a wall. Love the ideas and as I look around we have lots that could be filled. Not one for NY resolutions but this year I did commit to using much less single use plastic and I’m going great guns!

    • Maree, I’m smiling at the thought of you being recalcitrant. :) Seems like we both grew out of that phase (or eventually grew up!) Corners are my mini-decorating domain. (The rest of the house is pretty bare yet!) It’s fun to add a touch of color or some sort of “visual” even on a small scale. xo

  7. Ha, ha, love this post. Cornered! xxoo Next up: A Repertoire of Ease

    the Luscious Legacy Project begins again on January 24th! I hope to see you on the roster.

    nourished living | joyful eating | wise business

    • Sue Ann, I’ve read your enticing, well-written “promos” with rapt attention — just can’t commit at this point. (Drat.) We’re kindred souls in the kitchen and word-wise — and life-experience wise! Best wishes to you on your latest adventure… nurturing as always.

  8. What a lovely idea! A great way to make up often neglected space! I am pleased to say so far my resolutions are on track for the most part. I need to work on my art a little more. I am trying to walk more and study more and blog more. Those are my resolutions.

    • Maggie, I love your resolutions and the fact that you’re still on track. (Yay!) ! I signed up for a pottery class this weekend hoping to expand on “first ever” artistic adventures in 2016. (Painting is next in March.) So excited and inspired by multi-creative friends, xo! Walking and blogging more… I hear ya… thanks for the inspiration to do both more frequently, even if I didn’t make resolutions, lol. Sounds like you’ve found your “corner!” :)

      • Haha! I did one or two years without resolutions as I was always failing them! However, I am on track for this year so far! I need to make another 5500 steps for today which is great – half way there.

          • I made it in the end! My sister went for a walk with me – I was off by about 300 steps so I want back out for a quick walk around the carpark next to my house! woo! And yes, each step is a step in the right direction!

      • Ack press send by accident – I would love to do a pottery class! One year I tried to sign up but it was full so I took up woodturning. That was really fun. I love your artistic adventures – really fun and a great way to meet new people.

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