Twice As Nice (Croatian Chicken Paprikash and a Warm Boho Salad)

Two New Favorite Dishes

Since I arrived home, I’ve been vacillating between the life I started to eke out a year and a half ago after the fire (sorry to bring that up again) and “life” — after 3-1/2 months in Minnesota — following Mom’s Parkinson’s diagnosis.

Basically readjusting to my space.

Yes, there actually is (or once was) such a place, but some days I forget what that feels like. Between multiple phone calls to/from the care center, my Mom, the Realtor trying to sell Mom’s house from afar, her doctors, home inspectors… let’s just say I’m workin’ on it… a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

Croatian Chicken Paprikash

Thank God for wonderful foodie friends who know me — or at least my love of GOOD foodand who’s recent recipes appealed to my sense of the familiar.

Pictured above is Croatian Chicken Paprikash by Jasmina Brasovic. OH MY! (Be sure to scroll down to her recipe for this on FB.) Even though my grandparents weren’t Croatian (they hailed from nearby Hungary), going back to my “Czech roots” — or at least the flavors that once fed me due to mutual proximity — has been instrumental in grounding me. I sooooo needed that!

Thanks, Jasmina, xo.


Add to that an unconventional side dish: Maple Bacon Kale & Roasted Potatoes by Ally Phillips — a “warm salad” per my Boho friend, whom I know won’t mind that I subbed spinach (minus the chicken broth) and fried leftover baked potatoes in a pinch — and you have some extraordinarily good eatin’ on your hands (or plate), not to mention hearty Comfort Food by genealogical proximity.

Jasmina and Ally both have Croatia in common — twice as nice — plus exceptionally tasty recipes! My Grandma would have LOVED how these lovely ladies “cook.”

Nourishment is more than just eating — it’s food for the soul.


Enjoying trying something new while attempting to get back to the “old,”

~ Kim

10 thoughts on “Twice As Nice (Croatian Chicken Paprikash and a Warm Boho Salad)

  1. Kim…cooking is just so therapeutic. And, this combination of Jasmina’s chicken and the greens/taters is pure comfort love food. I know what you’ve been going through and continue to MARVEL at your strength. xox

    • Ally, my love, I couldn’t have accomplished what I did without family, friends, and FOOD. (Felt like Popeye eating my spinach… :) This was a duo taste treat which can only be experienced by EATING. (Okay, and cooking…) They were both TERRIFIC!!! Loved this Croatian “rooted” combo — know you will, too!

    • Shirley, oh my YES! (Regular paprika AND “hot.”) I need to treat myself to your travel re-caps SOON — looking forward to your Croatia review as soon as you can get there!

    • Jeanne, the cool thing is that thoughts, prayers, and comfort are uplifting commodities available to us when we’re open to receive them. I certainly felt yours. Thank you! xo

    • Absolutely, Azlin! I feel SO blessed to combine “the best of the best” recipes — including yours — all available at my fingertips. Amazing! Ran into town today (a rare break from the lake) and acquired a case of half-pint jars (and goat cheese) to make your wonderful marinated cheese & olives for weekend appetizers, plus ingredients for a batch of ur Persian Walnut Cookies. Goodness, I’m gonna gain 10 pounds this weekend, lol! xo

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