In My Kitchen ~ June 2016

Smoked Salmon Mousse and Wilton replacements

Sometimes all it takes is one photo to encapsulate my state of mind (and everything else) In My Kitchen… a combo of the old and new. But then, isn’t that what life (and IMK) are all about? Integrating your past with your present.

Pictured above: Smoked Salmon Mousse (recipe coming soon) on cucumber slices with dill from my fledgling herb garden (!) served on a mid-1950’s tray after my recent foray to Minnesota, plus a Wilton tip (or two) to pipe the filling.

2-4-1 bonus!

The point of this brief essay (bearing in mind that our hostess, Maureen, is still recovering from back surgery and our next IMK isn’t slated ’til September) is this:

Live life to the fullest and tastiest to the best of your ability. Get what you need (or can afford) to make it happen, or throw a few relics into the mix just for fun. And never, ever look back. Forward momentum people!

Make each day and meal your own, even if it only consists of appetizers. (Make ’em just for you!) Eat what YOU WANT to keep you happy and forward moving.

If you’d like to join (or peruse) this world-wide gathering of Kitchen-philes, please see Maureen’s In My Kitchen side bar (or post your link) by June 10th.

Enjoying eating smoked salmon by the pound ;),

~ Kim


38 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ June 2016

    • Liz, I’m so happy “in my kitchen” — just like salmon & cucumber, we were made for each other, too. :) The mousse recipe is in the post that follows this one (Smoked Salmon Extravaganza) — or type mousse in the search box. Enjoy! Thank you.

  1. yay to smoked salmon and mousse. i make a wicked salmon dip myself with lots of reduced cream and cream cheese- very retro and very fun. yes it is wise to look forward but hard sometimes too:)

    • Sherry, you’re right about how difficult it is to look forward when the past permeates our lives — especially in our kitchens! Your retro salmon dip sounds delicious.

    • Much appreciated, Kari! The only person I was trying to impress was myself (lol!) and most days I fail to follow my own advice (LOL), but as I said… never look back. Each day is a success in its own right just by LIVING it! xo

  2. The power of pleasure is so underrated Kim. In today’s world weighted by ethics, morals and economy we lose sight of our deep personal needs. Simple pleasures are important.

    • Sandra, I loved your observations… so true. I think the thing I enjoy even more than trading “kitchen goodie” photos and updates on IMK is reading the stories, thoughts, and philosophies about life behind them. (Thanks for yours!) Such a diverse, intelligent, thoughtful group, xo.

  3. Nicole, sometimes I read through my posts afterwards and think they sound so “preachy”, but that’s what was on my heart and mind (and kitchen counter) at the time. :) Thanks for your affirmations. Looking forward to your post! xo

    • Shaheen, older serving pieces have such character, don’t they? (The same could be said for us, lol!) That was the first time I’ve piped anything for a long time… thanks! xo

  4. Pingback: Smoked Salmon Extravaganza – a little lunch

    • Thank you, Karen, and congratulations on your blog-iversary! Loved your photo re-cap… thanks for sharing the “treasures” you’ve discovered along the way. I never imagined how far-reaching blogging would turn out to be or the genuine friendships that would result either. Isn’t it grand?! Best wishes on your new adventures. :)

    • Thanks, Moya! I’ve been a lil’ short on “serving dishes” since last year and I’m tickled to finally have a pretty one or two. (More to come!) As for the smoked salmon & cukes… always a perennial favorite. Thanks again!

  5. Nothing like cucumber and salmon and nothing like trying to remember to be positive and forward moving

    • Francesca, one of the recipes on my must-make list is your Moulin Rouge Tomato Soup. Tomatoes are almost at their peak here and I’ve been “imagining” cooking it/tasting it since the last IMK. (SO sorry I can’t remember who shared your recipe but my taste buds took note!) I’ll share some of my cucumber/salmon mousse rounds with you if you’ll grace me with a bowl of your soup in the meantime! :) xo

  6. That’s beautiful and I love the dish too! You are so right about doing the right thing. I should have listened better 6 weeks ago. :)

    • Oh, Maureen… if I could come down there and cook for you (or make you follow doctor’s orders) I would! But I just KNOW you’ll “do the right thing” during our IMK break, and bravo for insisting on a hiatus. (Take care of yourself, “neighbor.”) Somehow I think we were all ready for a breather. Good call! (And thanks for the compliments, xo.)

    • Thank you, Charlie! Today I “tuned in” to your lovely Mother’s Day recap post when a storm blew through and I had to shut down. (Dang it!) Will comment asap, and way to go on your studies, exams, and family fave potato salad… drooling. Beautiful!

      • LoL! You’ve mixed us up again.
        I’m Charlie from Canada, not from Austrailia.
        I’ll have to figure out something so you can keep us straight :~D

        Have a Joyful Day :~D

        • Charlie (from Canada!), my apologies. I’d forgotten that I can “hover” over your name (above your comment) or even click on it (which takes me to your Joyful Kitchen page on Google, yay — just followed you!) Again, sorry for the mistaken identity and I promise to keep my “Charlie’s” straight from now on! Thanks for your patience and good humor. :) BTW, your Salmon Wellington recipe sounds soooooo good! Thanks again.

          • LOL! Don’t worry, some days I don’t even know who I am myself. :~D

            Thank you so much for following me!! This is my first step to having a blog.

            The Salmon Wellington is so good! I don’t even like Salmon, but I can’t turn this down.

            A little bit of work, but so worth it. If you do all the prepping, and the small steps the day before

            it goes fast.

            If you give it a try, let me know how it turns out and if you like it.

  7. It’s just 7.50am over here in Singapore, & this is the first thing I saw when my emails came in, Kimby! Now I’ve to look for food to ease my hunger panks after seeing your yummy food shot! TGIF, my dear! xoxo

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