Meanwhile Back at the Ranch…

Living The Dream

I can’t tell you how glad I am to be home. (Or, maybe I did already.) If so, sorry for the repetition. It’s just that I’m acutely aware of the contentment, relief, and multitudinous blessings that the Universe has continued to dole out since my arrival here last month — without asking.

Pinch me.

Maybe it was that lil’ side table that recently arrived from Jaipur…

Jaipur Coffee Table

I’ve since remanded it to my Garden Room (aka “office”) because it didn’t afford adequate space for cocktails and remotes and whatnot in the living room as my beloved & I attempted to re-acclimate to our long-neglected “mutual space” while we got used to each other once again. (Such is life.)

Plus… feeling selfish, but entirely blessed… I love it so.

That, and it needed some green to offset its rich, dark brown hues. (See it there on the left?) Apologies for the lighting. Every day is an adventure at the lake.

Garden Room update

I still have to break out the paint to transform that bench on the far side of the room to the glory I once envisioned. (Tangerine? It may end up paprika!) Or, as the Monet I dreamed of painting in my Music Room long ago… which has since been converted to a “Tool Room.” My hubby gets to play, too! (We miss our garage.)

In the meantime, I’m relishing creative license — revising dreams daily — and going with the flow.

I wish you the same… and some mighty tasty vittles. (Sneak peek below.)

When life — or your surroundings — or painting projects — don’t work out as planned, feed your soul. Enjoy every bite and every spontaneous revision along the way. It’ll work out eventually!

You’ll know when it’s “just right.”

And you’ll be glad you waited. (Or changed your plans.)

Enjoying flux,

~ Kim

12 thoughts on “Meanwhile Back at the Ranch…

    • Take good care of yourself, Ally! You have SO much to give, but sometimes we have to “give to ourselves” to keep the rest of our crazy lives in balance. (Sent ya a snail mail letter today. :) Hope your soul is feeling fed, xo.

  1. Ha ha Kim! There was a line in the movie The Best Exotic Marigold hotel, “it will all be all right in the end, and if it’s not all right, it’s not the end”. We refer to it often! Just back from 5 weeks travelling and I am sooooooo looking forward to having some space to myself rather than sharing EVERY single moment together. Balance is so important. Jaipur is such a beautiful city, a great example of how busy can still mean harmonious and peaceful. LOVE the sign :)

    • Maree, welcome back! TMOFW & I love that movie, too. :) To quote another movie line: “There’s no place like home.” Life continues to work out just the way it’s supposed to, wherever we are, and I’m thankful for that. (And, for “space to myself” like you.) Thanks! xo

      • Sometimes in the quiet of night we need to remind ourselves of this. I once read a book titled “the grass is always greener over the septic tank”, I’m embarrassed to say I can’t remember authors name and it has always appealed to me as it separates the ‘shit’ from reality. As I type this I have a flash that it may have been Erma Bombeck (?) who I think has passed away since. Life does happen to work itself out, we just need to follow its call. XX

  2. Glad you are enjoying your homecoming. Life sure has a number of unexpected twists and turns. Lately, I have had to dig deep for inner peace. Glad to have love to wrap myself in. Enjoy your summer, Kim.

    • Jeanne, it’s been a roller coaster ride since January. (I like your thought about wrapping yourself in love… ahhhhh!) Will be in touch soon — meanwhile, enjoy your summer, too! xo

    • Tickled you like that rustic sign, Shirley! (Can’t claim any creative input though — found it at a lil’ shop nearby and HAD to bring it home. :) Yup, that’s where it all happens! Thanks, xo.

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