Triangulated (A Tasty Trio)

I must live in the Bermuda Triangle.

Every day I chart my course, set sail, and end up somewhere else. The phone rings, a text demands urgent attention or an email requires immediate action, and whoosh there I go. So much for goals! (I suspect you’re in the same boat.)

Thankfully, I love triangles.

My fascination with three-sided shapes hearkens back to high school Calculus  — mostly because the words ‘Pythagorean Theorem’ intrigued me — and by some quirk of fate, I ended up in advanced math. (Insert chuckle and/or Bermuda Triangle here.) Despite my  verbal affinities (and/or innate proclivity for naivety, lol), I managed to pull an A. But, just because I fared well grade-wise doesn’t mean I knew what I was doing. (I still don’t.) Welcome to my life! :)

Some folks assert there’s an alternate reality, but I say: this is reality. Do the work, even if it’s not what you planned. (Surprise!)

There are greater forces than our “to-do lists,” but ya never know what God (or the Universe) has planned for you to “do” on any given day. The trick is to fit your dreams between interstellar cracks wherever and whenever  you can.

Which brings me to three unexpected flavors.. Good things come in 3’s, yes?

Tapenade on Toast Triangles 2

Bermuda Triangle Tapenade

(Adapted from 3 recipes: Wolfgang Puck’s Black & Green Olive Tapenade, Real Housemoms Three Olive Tapenade, and Olive Crostini by Simply Recipes.)

1 baguette sliced in 1/2-inch rounds, or triangles made from gluten-free bread, brushed with EVOO — or excess chive oil from this post. Waste not, want not.

1 c. Kalamata olives, pitted (if need be), halved

1 c. large green olives stuffed with pimentos (I used Mezzetta’s Martini olives marinated in Vermouth)

1 c. large black olives, pitted and halved (ditto on “if need be”)

3 cloves garlic, peeled and coarsely chopped

2-3 Tbsp. capers, drained (I tend to lean towards 3 Tbsp. :)

1/4 c. chopped fresh parsley

1/2 Tbsp. dried basil (fresh is best, but still workin’ on my herb garden)

1 Tbsp. freshly-squeezed lemon juice

A dash or two (or three!) dried ground oregano and thyme

3-4 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil

Preheat oven to 400º F. Place baguette rounds — or bread triangles — on an ungreased baking sheet lined with foil for easier clean-up. Bake 10 minutes or ’til lightly browned. Set aside on a wire rack to cool.

Pulverize all but the EVVO in a food processor until chunky. (Resist the temptation to over-process.) The same applies to life; we often over-process or overthink. No need!

Drizzle in EVOO until mixture reaches a spreadable consistency. You’ll know “when.” (If not, it’ll still taste good.) Slather tapenade on toasted bread or baguette slices. Enjoy!

Refrigerate leftovers for up to a week. Or, mix ’em with marinara and a bowlful of al dente pasta for a fab side dish or main meal before then. Salad & bread optional.

Crab Cakes and Marinated Asparagus Salad

The other 2/3’s of this Trio (even if they aren’t triangular!) are Chef Dennis Littley’s “My Famous Crabcakes and Kevin Lynch’s Grilled Asparagus with Marinated Roasted Red Peppers, Feta, and Kalamata Olives ala salad shown above — one of Kevin’s many alternatives. Thanks, gentlemen, xo! My taste buds were SO tickled — and yours will be, too, after you click on the links.

FYI, I scaled down all three recipes to meet TMOFW’s appetite (and mine lately) with our ongoing HOT streak. (100º+) Sorry for not including the conversions, but as I tell my kids when they’re facing life-altering decisions: “Do the math!”

Enjoying isosceles living,

~ Kim

17 thoughts on “Triangulated (A Tasty Trio)

  1. Your recipe can wait, let me savor your write-up first :) You’re witty, smart and a little weird …I adore positive weirdos :) and how I adore reading your posts…

    Your tasty trio recipe is interesting enough, will try it, for sure.

    • Nusrat, “weird” has been my middle name since high school. :) I never fit in, and I don’t expect to anytime soon — unless by some chance I actually do end up in the Bermuda Triangle! Glad you liked my take on life (and food)… wherever they lead. xo

    • ChopinandMysaucepan, SO sorry I didn’t reply to your earlier comment about putting a piano in one of my “corners” (too much time away…) but thank you for commenting on that and this! You’ll be happy to know that I finally replaced my metronome. :) I love the “click!”

  2. Very clever way to lead in to the tapenade. That looks marvelous as do those crab cakes. I’m always impressed with people who understand math. It was always a great frustration to me made even worse by having a father who was a true math genius. He could take the most complex math problem and just ‘see’ the answer in his mind. Somehow he was able to visualize steps to the answer but they were never the way I was taught in school. I actually think that if I had listened to his way I might have been able to do better but then part of our math grade was always showing the steps.

    • Diane, my teacher made us “do the math” in our heads… often with a #2 pencil poking us in the back as a “prompt”. (Definitely not a current-day teaching method!) But, I’m grateful for his confidence in that 90% underutilized part of our noggins, and he also shared a stellar Tom ‘n’ Jerry recipe w/me after I graduated. Remind me to post that during the holidays — no math required! xo

  3. Maths and I do not get along. Congrats on gaining an A in advanced maths! I too, chart my course but often end up somewhere else. I do love your Puck recipe – looks like a great appetiser xx

    • Charlie, maths and I get along on an “interesting” (but not necessarily interested) basis. The only application I’ve done recently (in my entire adult life) is to halve or quarter recipes as needed to avoid dreaded leftovers. ;) Wolfgang’s recipe is marvelous — do hope you try it. (Or make up an equation of your own!) xo

    • Ally, apologies for my late reply. (MN trips and interruptions ‘n’ all…) I’ll sail thru the Bermuda Triangle w/u any day… maybe your friends will lend us their yachette? ;)

    • Dennis, one of the few consolations in life lately has been incredible food! (My hubby smiles at my “audibles.”) Your crab cakes were SO delish! (Kevin’s grilled asparagus, too.) As for the tapenade, well, you know me ‘n’ olives…. :)

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