The Art of Sitting

The Art of Sitting

The Art of Sitting has nearly become extinct. Few people know how to sit without feeling the vague pressure to do something else.

When did we get in such a hurry?

My education in sitting began at a young age. Later, I succumbed to the busy years. High school activities, first job(s), marriage, parenthood… but, something was missing.

(Mostly sitting down.)

Then came “the trucking years.” All I did was sit, but at least it was scenic!

After I slowed down long enough to stay in one spot, I remembered the supreme serenity that came from sitting quietly and contentedly. Contemplating something or nothing at all. Simply “being.”

I credit my Dad for that late-in-life rediscovery.

Several years before he passed, I began giving him chairs as gifts (not big ones, although the man-sized leather recliner in his workshop was one of his favorites) to express thanks for teaching me one of the most important lessons in life.

Sitting still.

I treasure every moment that Dad & I spent in a fishing boat waiting for a walleye to bite, on the front porch watching corn grow, in the shade of the ash trees “taking a break”, out the dining room windows witnessing a spectacular sunset through the pine silhouettes in the grove, or at his bedside telling “stories.”

Now Dad’s quirky fun lil’ chairs have come home with me. (Wish I’d thought of it sooner… there’d be more.)

The Art of Sitting 1

I’ll be contemplating their significance for some time to come.

Sitting, of course.

Enjoying a less frenetic pace at the lake,

~ Kim

8 thoughts on “The Art of Sitting

  1. I especially love that white chair. We have 8 straight back kitchen chairs from my husband’s aunt’s house and I found a very clever way to repurpose them…you face 2 of the chairs so that the backs become the sides or very high armrests. Connect the 2 chairs along the seats so that they’re joined. Paint a nice bright color and make a cushion to turn the chairs into a bench. That’s my plan…now it’s a matter of getting off my chair to do it :)

    Isn’t it funny that sitting vegetating in front of some foolish tv show seems ok with most people while sitting quietly thinking or even reading is considered wasting time doing ‘nothing’. Since I’ve retired I’ve stopped listening to other people’s advice on how I should best be spending my time.

  2. Such a lovely musing, Kim, and I love your chairs! Glad we could spend a little time together. It’s never enough time to get caught up, is it? Blessings to you.

  3. Kim…you never cease to amaze me how you can take a subject/topic and spin it into something that’s just so thought provoking. Yes, something that makes me think and a lot. I rarely just sit. I need to learn to sit and be quiet, not doing anything. Maybe I’ll start with 60 seconds and build up. And, btw, I love those chairs!! xoxo

  4. The art of sitting has taken a backseat with the addition of a teen to this retired household. Decided tonight to try to take breaks by getting away or a night or so at my wonderful sisters. Wish you were closer. I enjoy your wisdom and beautiful way with words. You and my Amy would get along beautifully. She loves the art of writing. And has often said how that is being lost. Love you sweet cousin.

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