In My Kitchen ~ October 2016


In My Kitchen (at last) I’m HOME. (Hopefully for longer than I’ve been this year.)

My sister used to tease me that I liked anything “shiny, sparkly, pretty, ooooh, ahhhhh.” Guilty as charged. She and I amused many a shopkeeper with our audible admiration. “Shiny, sparkly, pretty, ooooh, ahhhhh” is FUN to say out loud… try it!

I do like baubles… In My Kitchen and otherwise. Especially when they combine form and function. Take this mini-grater (above) to zest citrus, shave grated cheese atop pasta & salads, and/or sliver garlic when I’m not in a “smashing” mood. (I’m soooo in need of TLC… so is my garlic.) You already know how I feel about ramekins., lol. :)  The more, the merrier!


In My Kitchen… are antique treasures. (Grandma’s flour sifter, scoop, and the cutest lil’ salt & pepper shakers with their matching toothpick holder… not quite as “shiny” but I love their patina and memories.) Grandma had a mega-flour bin — a pull-out, tin-lined cupboard that accommodated a 50-pound bag of flour!

I loved watching her scoop “just the right amount” of flour (without measuring) and shaking her sifter to make homemade kolaches, cinnamon rolls, and bread.

As for the S & P shakers and toothpick holder, they were fixtures on her stove-top. Now, they’re fixtures on mine.


In My Kitchen are replacements… or rather, a flatware pattern that I liked so much thanks to a church friend who gifted us with a set of four after our fire (hate to bring that up again, but it’s been a reality I’m dealing with til 11/11/2016 when our insurance claim runs out.) Two years… can it be?! Basic utensils are overlooked.

I love ’em! (And my stove and fridge, thanks to YOU… gratitude and hugs.)

My culinary life, health, and HOPE wouldn’t be what it is without ’em!

In My Kitchen… are these aprons. Rick-racked trimmed ala Grandma. You have no idea how much these recent additions mean to me. (Or maybe you do.)

I’m SO grateful for replacements — “treasures” — IMK friends, xo! Hopin’ to get around to everybody’s posts in the next few days as time & unpacking allows.

Many thanks to Celia and Maureen (former hostesses of this monthly forum) and Liz, author of Good Things (our new hostess with the most-est) for sharing your immutable, affable IMK spirits as you adapt to LIFE. (Goodness, aren’t we all?) I love that about this place! Thanks for being “real.” If you’d like to read more IMK posts or share your own kitchen frolics, please contact Liz at the link above by the 10th.

Enjoying being In My Kitchen once again….

~ Kim

40 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ October 2016

  1. I love your treasures. And I am a sucker for shiny things too. How nice to have your Gran’s scoop etc! I have a very old flour sifter of my mum’s that I treasure :)

    • Sherry, it’s nice to know you’re a member of the “shiny” club. :) Not only do we eat with our eyes, we take delight in every implement used to create the meal. Twice the fun! xo

  2. I wish I was into cooking when my great-grandmas passed, they had some amazing kitchen gadgets (they passed when I was young) Treasure your new treasures Kim, they will last forever :) So missed everyone so much over the past couple of months, it’s great being back for #IMK. How good are aprons? I just love them and I don’t think I could ever be without them again – I think I have about six or seven in my drawers xx

    • Nicole, as they say: hindsight is 20/20. Sometimes we don’t recognize the “value” of things until later. But, it sounds like you have “good vision” now (me, too!) and I plan on passing along these “treasures” to my kids someday… with stories attached. Seems like everything in our kitchens tells a story, yes? :)

    • Isn’t that the truth, Lori?! When we stop to think of moments (i.e. our living history) measured in cups of flour, it’s immense! Thanks for your perspective on that. :) xo

  3. Welcome back home again Kim, hopefully to a more stress-free Autumn. Your positive outlook radiates “sunshine” in each post as you share thoughts, memories and kitchen treasures.

    • Dee, thank you kindly, ma’am! While I was away, my hubby also hung up my “Simplify” plaque… my motto for days to come. :) Workin’ on it… gettin’ there (slowly, but surely)… and enjoying IMK breaks more than you know! Thanks again, xo.

  4. Hey Kim – I have exactly the same cutlery. We had a set and then I boosted the numbers by buying some more at a 2nd hand shop. I wouldn’t say ‘timeless’ (like Grandma’s scoop) but I would say ‘classic’. I use my little grater for nutmeg.

    • Fiona, I like timeless things, too — classics that have staying power (and appeal) throughout the years. Cool that you have the same cutlery! Dare I say we’re getting to be “classics” too? ;) xo

      • P.S. For some reason your comment initially ended up in my Spam file (shame on you, WordPress!) Had a notion to “look” there today (it’s good to follow up on notions) and there ’twas. Sorry for my belated reply!

    • Sandra, believe it or not, it’s been a struggle trying to incorporate so much of the recently (immediately & unexpectedly imposed) past with my present, especially starting with a clean slate (literally) & figuring out what to keep or not amidst the ideas and vision of what I “think” I want my kitchen (and life) it to be like. Though I’m not much of an evolutionist, I like your term! The “twain shall meet” (IS meeting) at last… and I greatly treasure the relics that remain. Thanks, love. xo

  5. Welcome back Kim and lovely to see that you have come along way since disaster struck two years ago. Your Grandmas old and not so shine utensils are absolutely gorgeous and a priceless treasure to have in your kitchen. Love grandma’s apron too, all so special. Thank you for sharing :)

    • Ally, my love! Get out your waders (and pen & paper & camera) and keep chronicling this latest challenge in your life. SO sorry to see that the storm surge is up to your front door! FYI, I’ve been working on a “snail mail” letter to you, hopefully mailed in the next day or two, and provided the Post Office lives up to its motto. (They don’t mention anything about HURRICANES!) Take care, sweetness… you’re welcome to feel safe here ANYTIME! xoxo

    • Thanks, Kari! Right now we’re on opposite ends of the care-taking spectrum — you, just starting out with your young ‘uns, and me, caring for my elderly Mom. But we have “caring for our families” in common (no matter what age) and I loved that you “understand” what it means to be reunited with my kitchen at last. Yes, ma’am! Cooking brings it all home. Cute aprons are a plus. :) xo

    • Shari, I’ve had a busy couple of days and hope I’m not too late in replying to everybody’s IMK posts, including yours! (I love that about IMK… everybody is so understanding about LIFE, xo.) Tickled to see your comment, thanks! Yup, Liz will do well… :)

  6. Hello lovely, welcome back! I loved seeing your grandma’s kitchen things, so nice to have those treasures, Kim. Thank you for participating in IMK and thank you for the very kind shout out, xxxx

    • My pleasure, LIz! So glad you’re continuing this forum. Goodness, you live up to your cyber name… Bizzy Lizzy. :) Way to go on your book, too! I’ll definitely be ordering a copy — my grandparents hailed from Austria/Hungary. Good eating and stories! Looking forward to it.

  7. Oh Kim, How absolutely wonderful you are back home!!!
    Love your beautiful mementos……..
    Have not had my PC for quite a few months so have missed out so much:(
    but your back and looking forward to your writing & blogs,xx

    • Madison, I’m here (finally!) and SO looking forward 2 catching up w/everybody, including YOU! Thanks for ur verbal hugs, kiddo. We’re kindred souls across the pond, xo. ;)

      • P.S. I totally hear ya on being away from your PC… not to mention “no signal” on my phone for months on end. Aarrgghh! Are we that cyber-dependent?! (Yup… LOL!) But, the world is a nicer place because of our need to “connect.” Love ya… xo.

  8. I love your grandma’s things and I do understand what it all means to you. I’m so far away that I have nothing from my grandmother and only a teacup of my mother’s. I have envy. :) Glad you’re home.

    • Maureen, you more than most can understand how anguishing it is to be “away” from friends, family, IMK, & internet — not by choice. Hope you’re feeling MUCH better! Glad I’m home again, too — let’s hope third time is a charm. ;) Tickled to see your reply! A good sign. xoxo

    • Shirley, dear sweet FAITHFUL friend… I just returned home after another 6 weeks away. (Story of my life this year.) Family obligations ‘n’ all that, without reliable internet connection as you noticed. I’ve missed you, too! Glad to be back, and glad you love your ramekins as much as I do. :)

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